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  1. Just now, Villanun said:

    It's not like Norwich have played brilliantly to score, although the goal was well taken. For some reason we've struggled to make anything stick, we can barely seem to string two passes together and we'e given up possession under almost no pressure whatsoever. This is simply not good enough at this level.

    Mulumbu is man marking Grealish out of the game. Simple but effective

  2. 1 minute ago, JAMAICAN-VILLAN said:

    Just watched the pre match comment and Bruce said he feels Kodjias best performances have come from out wide. Said Gabby has been chomping at the bit etc was left out last week because of tweaked ankle, pace and power yada yada. Manager still think she has pace and power but VT has told me different so who knows?

    Note: He looks leaner (Gabby)

    So Bruce basically agrees with me. He's a great manager. ;)

  3. 2 minutes ago, Richard said:

    Kodjia wasted out wide, agbonlahor is just useless. Oh dear 

    I don't think Kodjia is wasted out wide he can be very effective in that position.

    I feel the same as you about Gabby, but let's not forget the last game he started people were commending him for his work-rate and contribution. Let's hope he does his job for the team and has a positive influence.

  4. Name Home Team     Away Team
      Birmingham 1 1 Ipswich
      Blackburn 1 2 Brighton
      Bristol 2 1 Brentford
      Burton 1 2 Huddersfield
      Cardiff 1 1 Wolves
      Fulham 2 0 Rotherham
      Leeds 1 1 Reading
      Norwich 1 1 Villa
      Wednesday 2 1 Barsnley
      Forest 2 1 Preston
      QPR 1 2 Derby
      Wigan 1 3 Newcastle


    Phew just bloody made it. Can't have you lot getting another free week out of me!

  5. 1 minute ago, pacbuddies said:

    Seriously if we can't beat shit like Wigan at home with the likes of Kodjia, Adomah and Ayew available to us what the hell are we going to do in January when they sod off to play in the noddy cup of nations?

    Gabby of course

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