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  1. I think Cissokho would be an ok option at left back in the championship. Gana has done enough to convince me he can be effective with better players around him. The jury is still out on Veretout as apart from a few moments here and there, overall he's looked decidedly average. But everyone else you mentioned can f*#k right off.
  2. Sorry for your losses, Stevo and AlwaysAVFC. Cancer took my dad. Cancer is a rocket polisher.
  3. This is from Louis C.K. yesterday. I found myself reading it in his voice. https://m.facebook.com/TheLogicalLibertarian/posts/1126058400761446
  4. I agree with you to the extent that the GOP need to try and save the party. To reject Trump and detoxify is one way to go, but that means playing a very long game and potentially mean they are out of office for 16 years. I personally don't think they will do that. For me the leaders of the GOP opened Pandora's box by choosing Sarah Palin as a Vice-Presidential candidate to run with John McCain. Up until then the party had always kept it's lunatic fringe under control to a certain extent but they always needed those nuts to get elected (G.W. Bush had Karl Rove vacuuming up the evangelical
  5. What an awful year for him and us. I miss Benteke
  6. Benteke just fell over for a penalty. Don't like that, looked like he did an Ashley Young.
  7. Robert Huth is a complete thug. He just assaults opponents strikers and gets away with it.
  8. I think I might actually watch a champions league game if Leicester were playing in it.
  9. Excellent post Terry. Exactly where I am now.
  10. The primary elections are very separate from the real Presidential contest (as I'm sure you know.) So anything can happen in the general election....................... "President Trump, Mr. Putin is waiting to see you" Trump does have the nomination, unless, all candidates stay in the race therefore he would be unable to attain the required number of delegates to automatically become the GOP nominee. That means there will be a 'contested convention' when essentially the Republican higher-ups will decide the candidate. In that case Trump admitted last night last he won't be their candidat
  11. If you read what I posted I said that the beginning of a Pearson tenure wouldn't unite everyone. Just from this forum it obvious he's pretty marmite.
  12. Pearson will be a very divisive figure if he ends up at Villa. Whatever happens in the end, certainly the beginning of a Pearson tenure at Villa would not unite everyone behind the club.
  13. Just turned on the Middlesborough vs Wolves. The ground is about 1/4 full and the football is pretty shite. Will VP be this empty next year?
  14. Choose life or choose Villa (and you'll be forgiven if you end up on hard drugs.)
  15. How about a shared revenue system? Someone buys a NY Yankees hat and every team in Major League Baseball gets a cut. Ironic that in the land of capitalism some of their sports are run in a socialist way. Could this sort of shared merchandise revenue system work in England when our new domestic league is formed?
  16. Absolutely unbelievable. Only at Aston Villa can the 'Press Officer' i.e. the guy who's is meant to control the flow of information and present the image of the club to the world, loose his cool and look like a complete amateur. It's Pete Colley FFS - he's hardly the brain of Britain. How hard is it to hire someone with some PR skills?
  17. Those morally upstanding folks at the Premier League and FA will get right on that.....
  18. Man I miss the big guy If we weren't going down there was always a slim chance he might have come back even if it was on loan (after the season he's having at Plop.)
  19. This. Doesn't matter who the manager is until Lerner is gone.
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