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  1. Aside from everything mentioned, the thing I like most about this is the timing of our transfers. The approach and targets are allowing us to get in early, and in previous seasons, this has been the domain of Fergie and the richer clubs. Now I'm not talking here about the amount being spent. Its about the fact that they had their business lined up to get a lot done early on. To me, it was a sign that those clubs had a plan. With this now happening with us, albeit with a different level of player, it wreaks of controlled, structured thinking. That can only breed confidence. The other thing which is symptomatic of this change in approach is the vibe on VT. Whilst Lambert will have his fans and his detractors, the threads complaining about why we're failing in attracting players who were too good, or too expensive, or too money driven, have dried up. I haven't seen many, if any, posts on here complaining that we're not in for targets that are being linked with Spurs, Everton or Liverpool for example. OK, its early in the window, but I feel fans have bought into the model. OK, seeing other clubs sign amazing strikers or supreme midfielders leaves a slight 'if only' in my mind, but I'd not swap what the club is presently doing for that. Someone posted earlier that they'd rather see our young team beaten, having played with fire in their bellies, than a bunch of overpaid mercenaries. That really sums it up for me. The whole Olympics thing left me really pissed off with footballer theatrics rather than just winning through fair play. I now look at the Villa squad and can't wait to see them on the pitch. Yes, skill is fundamental in the game, but it can unnerve teams when they play against young, hungry players who don't stop running and hounding. I hope for this in the coming season with a dose of good skill on top.
  2. The Grove is on Maple Road in Surbiton. Not too far from me. Its changed hands many times and not sure it shows the live matches on a Saturday. Or there's the Spring Grove in Kingston, but again, not sure it shows live Saturday matches.
  3. So will the USA and Japan both get a medal? :?
  4. My wife to be is from Blewbury, near Abingdon, so that now makes the C&B aspect of Oxfordshire that bit bigger :-)
  5. Dunno if its ever been done before, (probably been done or discussed to death so apologies), but instead of 'Welcome to the Hotel California', we could sing 'Welcome to the Holte End Aston Villa'? Something like that anyway...
  6. Yes they know they gave him too much rope and it won't happen again ! Also whilst not privvy obviously to the exact details the contracts we are offering the likes of Hogg / Bannan / Clarke and Herd / Lichah are far more keeping with their progress and the current climate . To think NRC is looking for 50k a week which is at least 12 times what Hogg is probably on makes you think a bit clearer how things have spiralled out of control from average players demanding ridiculous weekly wages everywhere not just Villa ! The whole thing will come tumbling down for a lot of these so so players though . If NRC is looking for 50k then is it a pretty sure bet he will be on his way? Dunno where to though. That's a heap of cash in the current climate, although I suppose no contract buyouy might make it possible.
  7. I think KMac knows he won't get it, but has tasted the big time and wants more of it. So by interviewing for the role, he is now moving into upper management circles. This just could be a move from him to alert Championship clubs to a new direction he's prepared to take? Would be a shame to lose him from the reserves, but I can't help but feel that he might want to move up from the reserves level now.
  8. It has no bearing on his ability as a manager, but I liked the way he conducted himself in the post match interviews as well.
  9. Unless they realise that Man City will most likely take the other CL place next year so they're banking the cash and only making minimal improvements this year. Would be in keeping with Levy's management of the finances. Not to say that they won't try to get 4th, but currently looking unlikely for us, them, Plop and Everton.
  10. Am on the fence about Sven. At least he wouldn't have a huge buyout clause santioned by Randy and has good scouting links. Southgate would be a joke after his departure comments, let alone his ability as a manager. Hiddink I can't see happening, but Jol would be good.
  11. I believe the latest way to up your post count is to say "This.". I think that would be appropriate here. Doesn't matter their name or nationality. Just win us something. This
  12. Mumford and Sons - The Cave Quite unlike my normal taste but I like this. Good melody and crescendo
  13. Veloman got it spot on. One-riff wonders. Thing is, these threads are pointless. We all like what we like and hate what we hate, it's pretty much impossible to change peoples' minds on that. Everybody on here knows my antipathy to (most) 80s bands, but I'll be the fiirst to admit that that's a function of my age; if I'd been 16 in 1980 instead of 1970, I'd have probably loved New Order, The Smiths, etc. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. What I really CAN'T understand is people who have no love of music at all. I can't imagine living without it. That sums it up for me
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