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  1. Palace absolutely here for the taking. If we fail to win this, we absolutely deserve to go down
  2. Is there a risk of points deduction in the championship due to backdated FFP or ‘dodgy’ stadium sale? Sheff Wed did similar and they are about to be hit with a points deduction
  3. Anyone that could do better than relegating a team spending this much... actually, that’s probably anybody then. Not terry please, him and dean need to be shipped out and the door slammed shut behind them
  4. Good job Dean. Get him and terry out and start again
  5. dcdedi

    Dean Smith

    Worst manager in premier league history?
  6. Sack him! Sack him!!! Before next game. Give terry the last 4 games and give him the job if he keeps us up, ship him out if we go down
  7. Smith should have been sacked at Christmas. Makes my blood boil watching the same crap every week and junk excuses will come flowing again. Utd 2-0 up and not out of first gear. Against a Villa team who spent £140m in the summer. Smith needs to go and we need to start again with a manager who has premier league experience
  8. dcdedi

    Dean Smith

    Warnock would have been perfect for the last 6 games
  9. Agree. Compare what Farke has spent to Smith. I’m struggling to find a comparable. Absolutely abysmal management staff... smith, JT etc all need to go
  10. Smith should have gone at Christmas. Many people said it and were shot down in flames for saying so. The result could be disastrous. Highest net spenders in the league and we get relegated. Brentford flourish and come up. Bruce underperforming in mid table
  11. Sack this clown tomorrow morning!!!!!!! Months too late. Second highest net spenders in Europe and this is the result. Pathetic and utterly embarrassing
  12. Disgraceful. 2nd highest net spenders of ANY TEAM globally!!! Clueless tactically. Get rid of smith for last few games of the season, he will take us down
  13. Change it!!!!!!!!! Second highest net spenders in Europe over the last 2 transfer windows and this is the result. Getting outclassed by southampton while we love smith for what he is done, we have to accept he is not good enough at this level
  14. We need the points and I hope we show some real guts and tact and play like we should. Surely a loss and smith’s a gonner
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