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  1. We need the points and I hope we show some real guts and tact and play like we should. Surely a loss and smith’s a gonner
  2. dcdedi

    Dean Smith

    Totally agree with this. In the ground was the same...so plainly obvious. His crappy tactics have cost us so many points this season. I love him for getting us out of championship but he’s the worst manager in the league and needs to go
  3. dcdedi

    Dean Smith

    He’s got to go!! Tonight! these owners will really impress me if they do the right thing for the club and sack him, now. He will take us down, just not good enough at this level. He should go now, he will go down in history as a legend for getting us promoted but it’s the right time to get rid now for the benefit of the club
  4. I’m so devastated I’m looking at this website for inspiration. Let me just randomly outburst: crap rubbish crap pathetic embarrassing awful rubbish angry elmohamady Garbage annoying devastated crap
  5. Leaving the ground now. dean smith is not good enough at this level. Bang average manager and simply his changes cost us the game today. absolutely devastated but mostly pure anger at the incompetence on the touchline
  6. Need to stop hoofing it and start passing
  7. We are worse under Smith than Bruce. Playoff finalists last year to this tripe after a rollercoaster summer. I didn’t love bruce’s style of play but had more faith in him than this clueless muppet. From ‘too many Desmond’s’ to absolute trash. Hoping owners see the light
  8. F OFF smith. Never hated a manager as much as this cretin. From playoff finalists to this absolute kack.
  9. F off dean smith. Worst manager we’ve had for a very long time
  10. Sack the ginger clown joking about too many Desmond’s a couple of weeks ago. Useless Pratt should never be near this football club
  11. Dean Smith is absolutely woeful tactically. get rid of this utter retard
  12. This forum is massively addictive, but also pointless. It's inpossible to predict what will happen in the last 4 games. Leicester and Hull have been written off before and look at them both now. I do think there is a lot of overconfidence on here though, we are in massive trouble and our goal difference doesn't help. For me, Sunderland are the key team now, we finish below them and I fear the worst
  13. They should fine him two weeks wages for what he did today and use that to compensate the fans tickets for those of us who went today. Ruined the game. He has been shit since arriving. F off back to Fulham
  14. Can't believe more people are screaming for Bent to start. Granted, he has been off form for 2 years now and was poor at fulham too, but we pass the ball more this year than the last couple of years, so he will get more chances as he makes proper strikers runs. Like him or not, he was a consistent scorer in the prem up to 2-3 years ago and I just don't understand why he isn't getting more game time, bearing in mind we have only scored 5 goals this season!! Gabby is great, but not good enough off the ball. He or Weimann will never be prolific goal scoters. Start Bent against Southampton and Burnley please!!! Give him a run!
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