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  1. Still feels to me like paper talk by journalists that don’t have much to write about so chuck in some lazy reports about bids being made. I will start to take it more seriously if a bid actually materialises. I see to remember an official bid going in for Harry Kane prior to the euros but nothing further seemed to happen with that. In truth I’m surprised that isn’t more of a story for the papers to make stuff up about given the numbers City would have to pay for Kane it seems far more attractive a story to me. on another note, if they do start dropping offers in for Jack why would we accept anything other than way over market value. If I own a house which is worth £200k that I really like and I don’t want to sell and someone knocks on my door and says I want your house I’ll pay £200k that deals not happening so it’s got to be way over market value to get my interest pricked. So if jacks value is £100 mil why would we sell him for that given we don’t want him to go and we don’t need the money.
  2. People like Danny mills and Danny Murphy, Paul Merson are in this mentality that the only ambition you can have is to want to play for the top team and win medals. Reality is some players have different ambitions (not many granted) like Matt le tisser or Steven gerrard (I know he won trophies) to see it through with there home town club and become legends. I am not sure if Jack feels that way but he is half way there already. Who is the last legend at united? Cantona maybe.
  3. On a different note than England players Daring to have a holiday. The prospect of Kane to Man City seems more likely and I would imagine that deal will cost city around £250 million with fee signing bonus and wages over I’m assuming a 5 year deal. Regardless of who you are I don’t see them then going and dropping probably the best part of another 190+ million on Jack even if they shift some players which given the wages they pay I imagine is easier said than done.
  4. Not actually sure what the aim of this article is. Some young lads spent there annual leave in Greece and had a few drinks, didn’t get into trouble and were pleasant to others around them. Is the point to say that they spent more than most normal average people on the drinks they had?
  5. I’m happy to look paste the cap purely to hear somebody outside of this country and maybe outside of Birmingham talk about villa with passion and knowledge about what we are as a club these days also hear is his story about why he supports villa. It’s a good read https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/becoming-an-aston-villa-fan-how-a-peruvian-kid-in-england-fell-in-love-and-became-a-villan/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Agreed, it’s the real city fans that went to games 20 years ago when they were in league 1 know what Villa are about. The tourist that have now gone from supporting Man Utd to Man City are the arrogant ones but they will also be the first ones to disappear when the football cycle sees them on a decline which will happen as it does to all clubs, you only need to look at Man Utd and arsenal or Liverpool from the 80’s
  7. I think he was calling her out for not supporting taking the knee then saying how appalled she was at the abuse so it’s the Hipocrisy of her actions that mings rightly called out. The ides she is an awful human can be up to others to decide
  8. Is anyone’s else a little worried about Jack for this coming season? He has been sensational for us for at least 4 years now but im not convinced he is over his injury and with the come down from the euros I worry he might dip a bit this season. Although saying that I still think he will be our best player purely based on the fact he is a fantastic world class footballer.
  9. As a man this guy seems like an immense human, love it when the tv are saying “England & Aston Villa’s Tyrone Mings puts the Home Secretary in her place over gesture politics” Shame Priti Patel hasn’t got the good grace to even do gesture politics much less “real politics”
  10. Probably do a better job than Alexander Johnson and co.
  11. I think the only game he got things absolutely right was against Germany. I thought we were a bit lucky against Denmark but after that game we won and made the final. I thought he got almost everything wrong in the final, I was happy that Shaw scored but I instantly thought it’s too early he is going to try and defend this now. I thought his subs were poor, saka was a lazy choice because of a couple of ok performances but last nights performance I thought was so woeful he looked like a completion winner. Rice going off made no sense unless he was injured. Mount I thought was anonymous for the whole game (and the semi final) and Jack should have been on at least half hour earlier. Lastly and this isn’t hindsight I said to my wife I hate it when managers bring on players just to take penalties because it almost never works.
  12. I thought this watching him last night. We (Villa) are set up to get the most from Jack as our best player, England are not so times when the ball would go to Jack if it was Villa it doesn’t it goes the other way therefore looking less effective in and England shirt
  13. I think courthnio is a good example, who I’m there right mind would say he was worth £120 million it really strikes me as lazy running of a club that used to bring through xavi, inesta etc. I have looked at Barca for the last 6-7 years and thought how they operate now makes very little sense to me which is also how I used to view us until Our owners came on board now it all seems to make sense
  14. Never going to start a competitive game while Southgate is in charge
  15. Why would Man City wait till after the euros to bid for Jack but feel perfectly happy bidding for Kane in the group stages. Sticks of no games on for a couple of days so nothing to talk about. I can’t see Man City buying both him and Kane, that even for City is a huge outlay on fees and wages we would be talking a commitment to around half a billion pounds on two players not accounting for the other massive earners like sterling and KDB. I would say it’s one or the other and Kane seems more likely.
  16. According to the papers or the sun at least if that counts. Jacks agents have reached an agreement to let him out of his villa park jail and release him to join the club he supported as a boy Man City. Luckily that house he bought in Manchester last year before his dream move to his beloved Man Utd will be a good base for him
  17. If I remember right the ref dropped his yellow card Gazza picked it up and as he gave it back pretended to book him and the ref then booked gazza
  18. Also I think appointing Christian Perslow is a master stroke. He clearly understand and is on board with fully delivering the vision that these guys have and collectively the seems a plan to actually deliver it.
  19. I do find the Spurs thing funny. They had 4-5 year’s of champions league football with a manager (poch) who over achieved with a fairly average squad. But the reality that seems to have been forgotten is that they are mid table premier league club at best and I would imagine the average league position over the last 20-25 years backs that up. This is why the phrase big 6 irritates me as it’s a phrase made up by the London biased press but it gives the impression they are a big club. Leicester and wigan have both won the FA cup since Spurs were last in the final. God knows how many different teams have won the league since Spurs did. Simply put they don’t win anything even with one of the worlds best strikers in there team. Thankfully I can see the big decline back to normality returning. Also throwing it out there I wouldn’t be surprised if levy was a key driver behind the super league because the stadium had **** them.
  20. Given that Spurs are getting turned down by every manager possible at the moment would you expect any player to want to sign for them.
  21. Biggest problem I saw with Engels was his pace or lack of it. I think this league was just to quick for him but I won’t fault his effort. I’m also on the bring back Axe bang wagon he is wasting a potentially very good career at Utd where they don’t rate or appreciate him.
  22. Agree Foden might not start but seeing Southgate operate over the last 4-5 years I would say he will pick rashford who for me wouldn’t even be in the squad on current form
  23. I wanted Villa to by him about 10 years ago. Always seems a good player to me and if a bit inconsistent.
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