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  1. Is he available for wolves ? My first game back at VP since Leicester in December 2019 and would feel much happier if Martinez is in goal rather than steer
  2. It’s clear who it is the sun have pictures of him in handcuffs being led out of a nightclub. Without naming names it’s arguably there best player and a guy many Villa fans wanted in our team at by the eve of the transfer window closing. Should point out it’s alleged at the moment but if true difficult to see a way back for him not many clubs in this country would risk the PR of having a sex offender in the squad.
  3. I think Everton is a prime example of how having lots of money doesn’t mean success unless it’s used well. They went down a path of just buying players seemingly for the sake of it and bought to many of the same type with no plan, spent a fortune and are arguably worse than a side (us) that were in the championship three seasons ago. it’s not just about money it’s money and planning which I feel we have done exceptionally well in the last 2/3 years
  4. Arsenal looking at Calvert lewin or Watkins to replace lacazette!!! Strikes me as incredibly optimistic of them that they could afford either of those two before we even get to the question of trying to convince them to join a fading force like arsenal
  5. I had no nerves about seeing him start, yes I love the guy anyway even before that magic header but as a defender doing his job of defending I really see no problem with him. Where I think people get nervous is with the ball at his feet because he isn’t as cultured as mings of konsa but if he just plays nice and simple and lets his defensive work do his talking then he is such an asset to us. Throw into the mix both defensively and attacking it makes us do much stronger at set pieces because he hardly loses a header. Our new set piece coach must be desperate for him to play
  6. Kane is a disgrace at the moment for Spurs which I love but my good as a team Spurs really are pathetic. Also when will every new Spurs manager stop thinking they can get deli Alli to playing? The is nothing there he has average ability and a well below average attitude which equals waste of space. that being said now I have stated all of that Spurs will probably be rampant against us and Alli and Kane will both get goals and assists and prove me to be the fool I am .
  7. As a 40 year old man I probably shouldn’t have a favourite player but I do and for the last 2 years It’s been Hause. Not because he is the best player but because whenever we call upon him he gives everything and never ever lets us down and I have to say he really is turning into a good premier league defender. as for the team including all the staff I think that was a perfect performance against Utd. I thought to a man we either matched or out thought and out player Utd. Top marks to all involved today and hats off to deano, shakey etc UTV
  8. For 20 years old I think he is superb but we have to realise at that age he is unlikely to dominate every game from start to finish but he really is developing the attributes to be a key weapon for us. I look at him compared to Gibbs white at wolves who is a bit Older and a player i like but Ramsey for me is already a better player then him
  9. Excellent against Everton, I think we need to be realistic about mings, he will make the odd mistake and if he didn’t we everything else he offers he would probably be wanted by Utd or city. In my opinion he is better than John stones who is also liable to make an error probably more often than mings. What mings has in spades for me is great strength of character and that’s why the gaffer made him captain.
  10. Nuno at Spurs for me, they are a pathetic team and he is making the usual new manager mistake at Spurs of thinking there is something to be got out of dele and dier and the isn’t they are awful. I actually feel for him a bit, his best player has checked out waiting for city to buy him but I think to many more 3-0 defeats like the last two weeks and levy will pull the trigger and I’m sure given he is 9th choice I doubt he is on a Jose style contract and payoff
  11. Man City have the classic problem that they are now a tourist club with all the glory supporters and the real fans don’t number enough to half fill the ground. In the penalty being over turned that would 100% not have happen if it was the other way around. On VAR as a whole we seem to have accepted it ruining games and stopping us supported that fund thus game celebrating anything and then you see a an awful refs decision getting to get turned and the pundits get erect about VAR working as it meant to by taking 5 minutes out of the game, ignoring the piss poor decision in the first place. If we had anywhere near competent officials we wouldn’t even need VAR
  12. We really do look so disjointed playing 3 at the back. So far it looks like a team with players shoehorned in for the sake of it like axel and watkins
  13. Love this formation sign all the wingers then play wingbacks thus making them obsolete
  14. If he keeps progressing as he is the alarms in the sun newspaper office will start ringing “good player not playing for a sky 6 club”. I imagine it will start with he needs to move to a club like Spurs then when they realise he is too good it will be city or Utd every few days demanding him
  15. Not often you see an attacker used as a wing back it’s usually a full back with an attacking mentality. Playing him wing back Would for me be a really poor use of him and the attacking flair he has
  16. This seasons Sheffield Utd?? They look a really poor frantic disorganised side to me but I’m sure they will scrape enough to stay up but it does remind of when the pundits last year were saying up until about October don’t worry about Sheffield Utd they will be fine once they get there overlapping fullbacks going. By October when they hardly had a point it was I can’t see them stopping up. Interesting to see how it pans out
  17. Nothing negative to say about Conor can’t fault his effort or commitment and seems like a really decent guy too. Good luck to him and maybe in years to come see him back as a set price Coach
  18. Thought the premier league wasn’t releasing any players for Argentina
  19. I felt the idea of improving on last seasons finish was unlikely but after 3 games I think it’s no chance of happening and I don’t think given we have a net profit of around £5 million on transfer fees the club has any intention of trying to push for Europe this season. The club clearly knew Jack was very likely to go this summer and spent that money ahead of time which is fine but if we want to push we need a bit more quality. if you take a look at last years results we beat Liverpool and Chelsea at home arsenal twice, Spurs Leicester and Everton away that’s 21 points from those sides. History tells us we don’t beat those sides that often and this team does not give me the confidence we will pull off those results this season and we need even more points to get close to Europe and I’m struggling to see where they come from given we have 1 point from 2 promoted teams. this isn’t a dig at Dean or the board given where they dragged us from, it’s more a question of what are ambition really is, perhaps I should reserve judgment until the window closes
  20. Anyone else having trouble finding the game on a bird like American tv network ?
  21. Yep with this and the Everton player from Iceland’s case going on doesn’t put footballers in a good light at the moment. Feel Mendys career is over now and probably a long sentence coming up
  22. Does anyone actually think McKennie is a serious link? Can’t see it at the moment if I’m honest and just to add into the mix with Jack going I’m a little bit underwhelmed by our business. Really like the look of Bailey and Ings but not sure where emi fits in but losing Jack and still being £5 in profit makes no sense. Big sides spend consistently year on year I know we spent big first year back and spent a fair bit last season but that’s what it needs to be to keep progressing and with Jack gone that’s a big backward step that we need to sort out
  23. I must admit I wondered if axel could play there he always seems decent on the ball and good defensively plus he is strong and quick
  24. Not wishing to be critical but young Watkins and el ghazi as options on the left are not acceptable for me given the quality we had on the left last year. Granted I imagine Bailey will play out there most of the time but those other options are not really options for me, they are the kind of options that end up in the result we got on Saturday
  25. Not to sure what people expected of him on Saturday but given for the most part we pumped long balls up to him I thought he did okay. When we played into feet I thought he had good movement and link up so more to come I think
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