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  1. The guy is class. I guess you could say this about all players, but i sense the bloke is the sort of character that would even grow a couple more inches in front of 40k fans singing his name. Like Watkins, Cash, Traore, and Barkley, I can't wait to get to villa park and show these guys some love. Probably two sentences and that warrant a Kenneth Williams gif..
  2. No, only one reason - his isn't good enough..
  3. av1

    Wesley Moraes

    Whilst that was certainly the case, I think there was a little element of not understanding the English game. It felt like (and I'm sure I commented on this before his injury) whenever he tried to put himself about he was penalised, so he started hitting the deck and still got nothing (and rightfully so btw). I think a lot of that frustration was simply not understanding what is and isn't going to be tolerated in England.. That just comes with experience I guess.
  4. Really really pleased with how the window has gone. The club have dobe a great job.
  5. I'm in K7. I think I paid £420 for my own and £79 for my sons. Worked out about £53 pm
  6. I paid 50 something pound a month for mine and my boys season ticket. I reakon £15 a game means I'll probably be paying more to watch us on the box than in person
  7. Sadly, even if they sacked him they would probably go with another plonker like Aidy Boothroyd. Now "project big picture" has been defeated, can we concentrate on a "project FA revamp"
  8. Probably better Agreed, the bloke is an absolute fraud.
  9. Southgate is a absolute fraud of a manager.
  10. I absolutely hate to be a negative glass half full prat, but today the Euphoria has been replaced by a nagging that I wasn't in the stadium to see it
  11. Always maintained that he is at his best playing deeper. Great tonight
  12. av1

    Ross Barkley

    Teams can't just double up on Jack now.
  13. av1

    Dean Smith

    Almost too difficult to process. Incredible
  14. Absolutely different class Beating himself up in the interview over the one he missed. Proper striker.
  15. Trez and Watkins have run their bollocks off today.
  16. Another shift today. Well done lad.
  17. If Allison is out for a while we should borrow them one of our keepers as an apology for tonight
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