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  1. So did Neil Taylor, doesn't mean he'd be any good on the wing
  2. av1

    Tom Heaton

    Steer was not "exceptional" last season. He came in a did a decent job during a keeper crisis. He has always been a 3rd choice and the minute the final whistle blew at Wembley Smith was shopping for a replacement. He isn't good enough for the PL, if you can't see the difference between Heaton and Steer you are watching the wrong sport.
  3. I disagree. Of course there are some prats in the crowd, I've got one behind me. Every week me and son have a competition to guess how many times the prat shouts 'rubbish Villa' But i think the vast majority of the crowd are behind Smith 100% most the guys around me (apart from the aforementioned prat behind) are of the belief we should keep Smith even if we go down, so i think it will take a good deal more than a couple of losses to turn toxic.
  4. The Brazilian fella that took his place has a pretty impressive record thus far 1 start 1 screamer
  5. I'm sure there is already a home support thread. On Micah, he largely played (or rather didn't) under shit boring managers alongside bums like Nzogbia and Lesscott. We are are very different club than the one he is used to.
  6. Agreed. Though we are yet to pick up any points I've seen enough to give me optimism for the rest of the season.
  7. av1

    Tom Heaton

    Another bad game? He was brilliant against Spurs and has made 1 mistake, lets not start pretending he has been throwing them in every week. He is a top class keeper that made a mistake, shit happens. So you're not a fan of Heaton? That in itself is strange, however: A bloke that has been 3rd choice for pretty much his whole career is "easily good enough to play in the PL" I don't know what you're watching pal.
  8. av1


    I have had a few notifications today so all seems to be back to normal
  9. av1


    Above is a screenshot of my latest notifications, the latest being 9hrs ago. I have stumbled across 1 like which was 1hr ago on page 65 of the Elmo thread.
  10. av1


    I have cleared my browsers cache and cookies. I am viewing the site via my android phone using Brave Browser. I have just also logged into the site using the huawei browser and I'm still having the same issue. Edit. I have also viewing via 4g and wifi.
  11. av1


    I seem to be having a few notification issues over the last few days. Whilst browsing on my phone (android) i have noticed that i get a '1' flash up next to the menu bar to indicate a notification, but when i click on it there is nothing new in my notification menu. I happened just now, and whilst browsing through the site i noticed that @Keybladehas liked one of my recent posts in the Elmo thread which isn't showing in my notification panel.
  12. Agreed. I'm sure it's completely coincidental but like against Spurs, Jack wasn't at his best in a game last season (can't remember the opponent) that Southgate attended, so maybe he is just trying to hard? Jack is a fantastic player and will be crucial for us this season. Yes he hasn't been at his best for the first couple of games but he certainly hasn't been as poor as some are suggesting imo. He is getting used to the step up like everyone else, but i believe he has more than enough quality to do so. Like the rest of the lads it may just take a few weeks to get into the swing of things. I'm not worried at all.
  13. I think he is a good player, maybe just needs to get up speed a bit more and be a bit stronger on the ball. On Saturday i said to the guy next to me that he looked quite heavily set bloke so it's not that he is a lightweight player, maybe just not used to such a physical league.
  14. av1

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Nor me. Elmo like Taylor has been solid. I really do believe that both Targget and Guilbert will ultimately offer the team so much more due to the limitations of Taylor and Elmo going forward which invariably isolates the wingers, but just because i want them replaced doesn't mean they are shit.

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