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  1. Ross McCormack

    Agreed Dave.
  2. Impersonator Darren Farley

  3. Josh Onomah

    Can't agree mate. I thought he was atrocious.
  4. Scott Hogan

    I've previously posted almost eexactly the same sentence in the Hourihane thread. Both players that seem to transform with confidence. Long may it continue.
  5. Jack Grealish

    Agreed. This might sound like a bit of a criticism, but i also get a bit of Arsenal attitude from him, ie, he tries to almost walk the ball into the net. There have been a few accasions like today (in the second half) when he has had more than one opportunity to shoot and tries instead to go round the whole backline. He was great today so i dont really want to spend to much time picking out negatives, its just that i think its one area of his game that I'd love to see him work on.
  6. Jack Grealish

    If i were Jack I'd spend every spare hour of every day practicing shooting. His is becoming a very important player for us, he needs to start adding goals to his game now to really move on to that next level.
  7. Steve Bruce

    The second half was poor, but we could also have easily scored 2 or 3 goals ourselves. It wasn't a great half of football but i put that down to the game being won. I'm normally one of the most pessimistic of fans, but at no point at all today did i think the result was ever in doubt.
  8. Josh Onomah

    I know the kid isn't a left winger, but at least run about a bit ffs. A nothing player.
  9. Birkir Bjarnason

    I thought he was ok today, and offers genuine competition to Whelan and Jedinak for that DM spot. Overall though i think that's a terrible selection of players and I'm pretty sure the lad from UTD (if he is as good as reported) will have that position nailed down within weeks of joining.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Good selection, great result. If I'm going to nitpick i thought he got the (Onomah - Adomah) substitution wrong. Onamah was always going to be next to useless on the left wing. I thought the obvious choice would have been Davis for Adomah. Jack out to the left with Davis and Hogan up top. Overall though, very pleased.
  11. Jack Grealish

    Shoot ffs
  12. Pre match thread

    Tend to agree with BB. He obviously isn't as good defensively, but maybe offers more offensively. I really don't think we need, or should be playing with a specialist DM at home to the likes of Barnsley.
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I can't see us finishing outside the top 6, but I'm not confident of finishing top 2. I think if we go up it will be via playoffs.