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  1. av1

    Time for a takeover

    Rich people get rich because they can sniff out good deals. A cheap (relative) acquisition with PL pedigree. I give Xia very little credit for "identifying" our new owners. We were always a big opportunity for lot of investors.
  2. av1

    Time for a takeover

    I live in the black country so used to work with some wolves fans. The last time they were in the PL they all, very seriously declared that wolves were the biggest club in the Midlands. The most delusional set of fans in the country. Infact, your name isn't Danny is it mush?
  3. av1

    New Manager Speculation

    It's strange because i was actually a bit jealous when Derby got Lampard, yet I'm really unsure about Henry. There is no logic at all to that really, because neither have any experience. I guess I'm just looking into more seen as its my club rather than Derby.
  4. av1

    New Manager Speculation

    No. You don't quit a job in order to lool for another one, you quit because you've already found another one. I'm beginning to think the same.
  5. av1

    Jack Grealish

    Our valuation would still be cheaper than Palaces valuation of Zaha.
  6. av1

    Jack Grealish

    I think the club will try. Although the situation makes its understandable, i don't think new owners would want their first bit of business to be selling off the best player, who also happens to be a local lad. Ultimately i think Jack will want to leave. I never understood this nonsense notion that we would have to flog Jack against his wishes. Villa fan or not, Spurs are sadly a much bigger pull atm and i imagine Jack os already practising cockney slang, and counting the bees and honey.
  7. av1

    Ritchie De Laet

    I can't remember the game (maybe Wigan in the cup but I'm probably wrong), bit RDL played CB last season and looked relatively comfortable. I'm not suggesting we use him as a CB, but having the ability to play in a couple of positions could prove useful.
  8. av1

    New Manager Speculation

    Be it Villa Park or elsewhere, I'd imagine Henry has already accepted a job offer. You don't give up a £4m a year job to go and look for another job, you give it up when you've been offered one.
  9. av1

    Jack Grealish

    I couldn't give toss about Jacks career, or his chances of a England call up should he leave. I support Aston Villa not Jack Grealish.
  10. av1

    Time for a takeover

    The whole of your post was good mate so sorry to cut to the first line, but this is what matters. Yesterday there was a real possibility of going bust, today that has gone. Today is a good day.
  11. av1

    Steve Bruce

    To be fair Dave, I don't know of a single fan that was unhappy about Dr Xia buying the club from Lerner, and look how that turned out.. Lambert was shafted, so was Remi Garde, but that doesn't completely excuse the poor job they did. Lambert (imo) was crap, irrelevant of the constraints. His career after us also suggests that.
  12. av1

    Time for a takeover

    Agreed, i actually couldn't read it and gave up after about 3 posts. I've got no idea what goes into creating a website but it's clearly not easy, so hats off to Limpid and the rest of the team for VT.
  13. av1

    Steve Bruce

    If it's young and hungry we want , this fella is out of work
  14. av1

    Villa and FFP

    I was about to reply to your initial post about Nike. Nicely corrected Sir
  15. av1

    Jack Grealish

    Why is it that everyone presumes that Jack wants to stay, and is being forced to leave kicking and screaming against his will? The situation is grim, and i don't need to tell you what i think of Xia, but even if weren't in the financial mess we are, Jack would probably have jumped at the chance to play for Spurs anyway. Jack won't leave because he is being forced out, nor will he leave in the belief that moving is for the greater good (it terms of his transfer fee helping us out), he will leave because he wants to.