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  1. If I see one more person of Facebook use the term 'baby mother or baby dad' I'm going to go insane. Tramps End of rant
  2. This isn't a "we're better off without him" post before anyone jumps down my neck, and I'll be absolutely gutted when he leaves, but Jack being so far ahead of anything else in the squad - I think creates it's own problems. You can see every single player on the pitch looking for Jack as soon as they receive the ball. It's painful to watch and so easy to defend against. To be clear again, I'm not blaming Jack for anything, but we need to start being a team instead of a 1 man show.
  3. I was chatting about this yesterday to a friend that isn't a football fan, and I recalled a thought from Wembley last season when I thought to myself: 'This is why I do it'. Being consistently shit is draining, but every now and then I'm reminded why I love it. And even though this season has been largely awful, there has been 1/2 of "those moments" Everton at home springs to mind, the atmosphere was incredible. But like @villa4europe earlier, though I love my club, I've hated football for years. I genuinely can't remember the last match I watched that didn't involve ourselves (or the odd England game). It must literally be years.
  4. av1

    Dean Smith

    Agreed. I was sure we would stay up after the first couple of months of the season, we competed well in most games. Things have deteriorated quickly, and only appear to be getting worse.
  5. av1

    Wesley Moraes

    Exactly Nik. The way I see the Davis v Wesley debate. Davis - for all his ok work in holding the ball up (and let's be clear, ok is all it is), his finishing is appalling. It doesn't matter if you're up against Buffon or Big Dave from the Hare and Hounds, if you can't hit the target you won't be prolific at any level. Wesley Has scored in the PL. And given he is new to the country in an appalling team, I'd go as far as to say that his return of 5 goals pre injury is quite decent. I'm convinced that a season in the championship will be the making of the kid. It's absolutely night and day imo.
  6. av1

    Pepe Reina

    I'll start with the caveat that I missed the game on Saturday, and also acknowledge that he's had a couple of shockers, but I have so little faith in Nyland that he'd probably still be my number 1.
  7. av1

    Pre match

    There goes the hope of them playing the kids
  8. av1

    Pre match

    I hate missing any games mate, but it's a fair point. It's not been great has it. None the less, I'm a positive character by nature. 2-1 win
  9. av1

    Pre match

    Is this one of the free to view games?
  10. av1

    Dean Smith

    Block him life is easier .
  11. According to the tinternet. Cooper, Bradley (1975) The star of the 2018 melodrama A Star Is Born Duvall, Robert (1931) Oscar-winning star of Tender Mercies Eco, Umberto (1932) The author of The Name of the Rose Gillette, King Camp (1855) Inventor of the disposable safety razor Isaac, Oscar (1980) Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Jones, January (1978) Long-suffering wife Betty Draper on TV's Mad Men Juan Carlos, King (1938) King of Spain, 1975-2014 Keaton, Diane (1946) Woody Allen's co-star in Annie Hall Manson, Marilyn (1969) Whitefaced shock-rock singer of Antichrist Superstar Miyazaki, Hayao (1941) The animator who made Spirited Away Mondale, Walter "Fritz" (1928) Vice President of the United States, 1977-81 O'Donoghue, Michael (1940) Writer / performer on Saturday Night Live Ramone, Phil (1934) The legendary music producer of Billy Joel's 52nd Street Reeves, George (1914) Superman on the 1950s TV series Shah Jahan (1592) The Mughal emperor who built the Taj Mahal
  12. Too many stupid people in America, so Trump.
  13. av1

    The Apple Thread

    You wonder how they get away with it. Half hour ago I nearly clicked 'buy now' They must be loads had in by it.
  14. av1

    The Apple Thread

    Gone with Currys in the end, I got a tenner discount aswell which helps. Still, for £115 I'd expect the things to massage the boys ears. Flaming heck. And yes, I'm old and uncool.
  15. av1

    The Apple Thread

    I thought so mate. When something sounds to great a deal it normally is
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