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  1. I think we will play a strong side but there will be a couple of people rested. Tammy is obviously injured, McGinn has to be taken out due to the bookings situation, and i think Whelan will be rested. I'd also be tempted to rest Jack and El Ghazi. I'd go with something like this: Steer Elmo Axel Mings Taylor Jedinak/BB Lansbury Hourihane Adomah Davis Kodjia
  2. Muapay is some player, if memory serves he did a interview earlier in the season saying he wanted to play for Smith again.
  3. Yes. First leg is Saturday (5 v 4) then the return midweek (4 v 5)
  4. av1

    Tyrone Mings

    Villa fan and racing expert Rupert Bell is looking into it as we speak.
  5. Leeds are 6 behind Norwich and 3 behind Sheffield United, and both have a much better goal difference (10 and 11 respectively). Baring a miracle top 2 is already over for Leeds, and United play Ipswich at home next week. They will know their fate before we play them on Sunday.
  6. Poor, but then so is Green imo. Our best front 3 would be: El Ghazi Tammy kodjia
  7. Or rest the first 11 and let the kids carry on the run. @sir_gary_cahill deserves it for his dedication to rhe youth set up
  8. av1

    Dean Smith

    What i loved about the MON era was the fact that i went to every game (probably Man UTD aside) thinking that we had a chance of getting a result. You don't win them all of course but the hope was there and even when we got turned over i never felt like it was down to want of trying. That is exactly how i feel again under Smith.
  9. In his post match interview here commenting on some of the one touch football in the second half, Smith said something along the lines of: 'I don't care who we play if we play like that' I agree. We are going up.
  10. I can see all 3 dropping points on Monday to be honest. I Think beating Millwall will be enough.
  11. av1

    Dean Smith

    Over 10 thousand posts and you still don't know how VT works Sir?
  12. I don't know why given their form, but I'm more worried about baggies in the semi final than Leeds or UTD in the final.
  13. I'm looking to replace chrome as my android browser as seems to be consuming a hell of a lot of battery. Via browser and Brave browser seem to have good reviews, can anyone recommend a good lightweight android browser? Edit. Just noticed a thread dedicated to browsers so I'm not sure if this should be here,. Apologies if not, mods please delete if this should be elsewhere.
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