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  1. av1

    Dean Smith

    Midfield is still a bit of a problem for me, Hourihane and McGinn basically play the ACM role leaving too much space between themselves and Nakamba.
  2. av1

    Keinan Davis

    Needs a loan for me.
  3. Yesterday's decision was objective at best, which is not the "clear and obvious" purpose behind it's introduction. It seems to me that VAR are looking for reasons for reason not to award a goal, it's a farce. The unwillingness to overrule the referee (in most situations) is also laughable. In my opinion this halfway house approach does not work, we either scrap it or go full bore with the ref and the VAR team discussing their thoughts together, similar to rugby. I'd rather scrap it.
  4. Fair comments, though as well as being new to the team, the few times he did start he did so Infront of Taylor, and I won't go over old ground because I know we have similar opinions on that. I'd like to see him given 3/4 games to see what he can do. 100% agree.
  5. Agreed. Though if we do bring another striker in in January I'd be more than a little bit tempted to loan Davis out. He really is at the stage in his career were he needs to playing, and you'd have to assume his opportunities would be limited further if we sign another forward. Maupays movement did impress me yesterday though.
  6. Whilst he hasn't shown to many moments quantity thus far (which is to be expected of a new player) El Ghazi is so inconsistent that you would assume Trez isn't a million miles away from a starting place. What I did like during his little cameo yesterday was just how direct he is, I think it maybe shows a level of confidence that is maybe missing from El Ghazi. Could be an important player for us this season.
  7. An assist and a goal from our fullbacks yesterday than, huge upgrade on what we had.
  8. Jarrod Bowen fits that bill, and his contract is up soon.
  9. Villa v Brighton Palace v City 2 massive VAR decisions not mentioned once on MOTD. Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories but really? Not one mention.
  10. The biggest cheer at VP today was the Brighton restart, that says it all.
  11. av1

    Keinan Davis

    Won't make it at this level imo
  12. An Asian guy and a ginger guy walk into a bar.... hang on, wrong thread
  13. Indeed, I wasn't criticising him, just saying I didn't think he was at his best. The kid is a good player though
  14. I really don't know what to make of Conor, i said to the lad next me today (between his goal and then it being ruled out), that I'm not a huge fan, but then he just keeps scoring to prove me wrong.
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