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  1. My company has done the same, and I kind of understand the reasoning. Should we get back to "business as usual" in October (used as a example rather than a prediction) and the whole workforce had 26 days annual leave that they need to get in before Xmas, it would be a mess. It's not ideal, but I'll understand it. On another note. About 50% of my team have been furloughed today. I've already had calls from guys that haven't, 'if they are getting 80% for sitting at home, I'm effectively working and putting myself at risk for 20%'
  2. Why are we always keen to take 1 extreme stance before getting all the facts?
  3. Done 6 weeks ago you say? But not till the end of the 2021 window? Make your mind up pal.
  4. Agreed. This season is over, and I have doubts about next season aswell.
  5. Exactly. 10/20ml into an old bottle, its not a lot but could be interested. I guess you could create something to your own taste. Say you love a peaty Laphroaig but wonder what it would taste like with a hint of sherry cask for instance, you pop in 10ml of Glenfarclas or something like that. You Taylor it to your preference.
  6. I guess it's far to say then that situations like these being out the best and (sadly) the worst in people
  7. Me too. I'm going to start with an infinity bottle soon. Could be fun
  8. Whilst I'm sure we may have all seen/experienced people being idiots over the last few weeks, has anyone else felt that generally people seem to be being nicer to each other in the last week or so? I've just got back from Tesco in Dudley and whilst the queue to get in was bloody huge, social distancing was being respected and everyone seemed pretty good natured. It was the same when I finally got in, everyone just seemed polite and friendly. It just seems like most people are really starting to understand the severity of what's happening and are pulling together. It's nice to see..
  9. Lagavulin 16 is pound for pound one of the best around imo. I live literally over the road from a Tesco and always looks for the offers, sadly I've never seen Lagavulin on offer. Highland park 12 always seems to be on offer though, I don't think I've ever paid more than £25 for it and its a great whisky, certainly at that price point. Talisker is another that always seems to be on offer and don't think I've ever had a bad Talisker, 57 degrees north is stunning, but more expensive. Whilst I don't (can't afford) to shop at Waitrose for groceries, I have found there whisky selection to be very reasonably priced and they have a really good selection. At the moment my go to bottles are: Dalwhinnie 15 Ardbeg Uigeadail Springbank 10 Talisker 10 Deanston 12 - Ralphy named that his whisky of the year. It's wonderful, and from memory only cost about £35.
  10. Thanks for that, can't wait to try it. If you like a big of peat and spice Talisker 10 is currently on offer on Amazon, absolutely fantastic. Here Also anything from Cambletown. Springbank is wonderful.
  11. I love Ralfy and did watch his review before buying. What are your tasting notes mate? I think I'll like the Glen Dronach aswell judging by the notes. Whisky is for sharing so you'll always be welcome here pal. Slàinte
  12. Just ordered these. Bunnahabhain 12 Clynelish 14 Glen Dronach 12 I'm a huge fan of bunnahabhain but haven't tried clynelish or Glen Dronach. Any reviews?
  13. Same here, apart from fact that I went at 18:00 was freezing my balls off Doesn't global warming have the potential to kill millions aswell?
  14. Me too, and I think I'd be safer if I rejoined
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