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  1. av1

    Dean Smith

    For the Leeds fans that don't understand the meaning of shithousery, don't turn over, the Newcastle game has just started
  2. av1

    Dean Smith

    Cut him some slack, it ruins your day when your team lose.
  3. av1

    Dean Smith

    When other teams work so hard to get a result it shows character in the team, and also shows that the players will run through walls for their manager. When we do it it's shithousery
  4. Me too. Looks tenacious and comfortable on the ball.
  5. We look far more organized and solid than In previous week's. Keep it up lads.
  6. I said earlier in the thread that he's a WTF player, and I stick to it
  7. Very. It's only one app so not the end of the world really, it's just strange.
  8. This is probably the wrong thread but it seemed like the best place to ask. I've just had Sky installed at home and I've noticed that the PL app I use for my fantasy team won't open over wi-fi. I've not got a problem with any other app. Anyone have/had the same issue?
  9. av1

    Ross Barkley

    So by your reckoning, if we didn't have Barkley we'd currently be on 50 points? which would put us in second place. 6 points behind City with two games in hand. Have a lie down pal.
  10. Must be 300m Yuan. And still 299m too fecking much..
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