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  1. av1

    The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    Frampton it is
  2. av1

    Lewis Grabban

    Great performance today. If only we had this bloke available from the beginning of the season..
  3. av1

    Josh Onomah

    Played really well today.
  4. Itsa shame Burton aren't a bit closer because they have a nice run in. Burton Sunderland - A Bolton - H Preston - A
  5. Barnsley Leeds - A Forest - A Brentford - H Derby- A Bolton Wolves - H Burton - A Forest - H
  6. av1

    New Manager Speculation

    I think Marco Silva will be our next manager. Xia spoke highly of him after the pre season friendly.
  7. av1

    Steve Bruce

    Our biggest problem is that we don't have a style of play, thats why we look like headless chickens when a couple of players are out of form. By your own admission that is on Bruce.
  8. av1

    New Manager Speculation

    Marco Silva
  9. av1

    Steve Bruce

    How about Danny Cowley? Doing a fine job at Lincoln, only a matter of time before a bigger club come calling.
  10. av1

    Now it's nearly over, what next?

    If memory serves, didn't Dr Xia have a hard-on for Marco Silva after our pre-season friendly? Still out of work.
  11. av1

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    His cowardice in the tackle is doing my head in.
  12. av1

    Steve Bruce

    Must go.
  13. av1

    Match Thread: Norwich v Villa

    Get ready for all the strikers in the 2nd half.
  14. av1

    Match Thread: Norwich v Villa

    A big problem with this team is that there is too many players scared to put their foot in.
  15. av1

    Henri Lansbury

    Wasn't very impressed tonight. Seemed to pull out of too many challenges for me.