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  1. I think people overlook this when talking about “diving” I don’t like how the game has changed in this regard, but it has. I agree, he was looking for it but in today’s game it’s pen. I look at few of yesterday’s decisions and wonder if how the same incidents would have been awarded if they happened for the other team.
  2. Great 1st half. As great as his goal was for I’d like to see a little bit more defensive awareness from Traore, a bit more involvement from Barkley, and I think we can win this.
  3. 100% Prat’s like this shouldn’t be allowed to games. I also think there is a big difference between someone coming into this thread and saying “Anwar wasn’t great today” and messaging the guy personally to tell him he’s shit.
  4. Yes but Elmo is happy being a squad player, Guilbert isn’t. Elmo has no resale value, Guilbert does.
  5. I’ve never actually watched him play, or seen any rumours about him in the press, but the boy Armstrong at Blackburn has scored a bucket load this season. Anyone watched him play?
  6. The day Collymore signed I said he would fire us to the league title. I was sure that he was the last peice of the jigsaw. I think everyone that was there that night felt the same. The atmosphere was incredible as his goals were going in.
  7. Maybe we should create our own super league
  8. If Madrid somehow manage to get through this City will destroy them.
  9. In a parallel universe where Villa are the best team in Europe and UTD are 10th in league 1, I’d still not be confident going into this fixture. There’s just something about these bastards. Winning this would be the icing on top of a fantastic season.
  10. I don’t watch much European football so I don’t know what Madrid’s squad depth is like, but looking at this first 11, Ramos, Benzema, Kroos, Hazard, it looks like a really ageing team in key areas.
  11. No problem with squaring that to another striker, but refusing a shot in order to square to a CB. That was poor from Werner
  12. Agreed. Cash is clearly first choice so barring injury a back up is going to be required for maybe 5/6 games per year. Elmo is still relatively dependable and in an emergency can fill in at CB. he’s also a great team member (not saying Guilbert isn’t, but you can see from the sidelines that he’s a proper team player. All things considering I’d probably sell Fred.
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