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  1. "we" did not ground Lambert down. He was out of his league and his CV post Villa confirms it.
  2. @sir_gary_cahill is absolutely not a troll. Overly optimistic with a strange opinion of bog standard youth players, yes. But not certainly not a troll.
  3. av1

    Kalvin Phillips

    100% agree. If not Phillips this is exactly the type of profile we should be looking for.
  4. av1

    Jack Butland

    I think VT conducted it's very own journalist honey trap a few years ago
  5. Where does the money go at your place? You seem to bring in huge amounts of money every year in sales and i wouldn't imagine your wage bill is out of control so why haven't you got the money to have a real shot at promotion?
  6. av1

    Wesley Moraes

    I'd like to think a bit of common sense was applied, 2 midlands clubs in a semi final so how about playing the game at a ground in the midlands? But then i remembered that the FA applying common sense is extremely unlikely.
  7. This is apparently direct quotes from Tammy in the daily mail, reported via villareport on twitter. Here Tammy Abraham: “In the second half of the season we knew we had to win almost every game to have a chance so we went out to every training session up for it. There were times I nearly gave up but Jack (Grealish) would be in my ear.” Abraham: “When he was injured, he used to phone me telling me to keep it going for him until he got back because he believed he had a chance. In January, all the Wolves stuff came out and it was something I looked at but I am so pleased I stuck with my gut instinct.” I think that absolutely confirms that Chelsea were prepared to sell him in January. It doesn't mean the new manager won't have different ideas of course, and it certainly doesn't mean he will be returning, but I'll stand by my previous comments that i don't think Tammy will be at Chelsea next season.
  8. I know the exchange of cash filled envelopes is not uncommon in the world of football but i can't see us paying £7m more than a guy is worth simply to get a permit?
  9. Come again? He has just been purchased for £22m so his market value is..er..£22m Or are you assuming that Purslow is still pissed up after promotion so chucked Brugge an extra £7m as a good will gesture?
  10. I agree with most of that. The only slight difference (thinking about the long term) is that I'd be tempted to loan Davis out to get experience rather than having him sit around as 3rd choice. So the perfect scenario for me would be to sign another striker, sell Hogan (if anyone is stupid enough to take him), loan Davis out and keep Kodjia as 3rd choice.
  11. Will always be Collymore for me. I was absolutely sure Stan was going to fire us to the title. Conversely i thought big Dion was a pretty uninspiring signing which shows what i know about these things.
  12. I think that's the sort we will go for, in that i don't see another £20m striker coming in. We have done £20m on what will surely be 1st choice, so I'd imagine the next step would be a cheaper back up in the £10/12m bracket.
  13. av1

    Jack Butland

    The keeper is most important position on the pitch imo, and Jack Butland would be a huge improvement on what we have. On top of that he is still young so would retain his value should the worst happen next season. It's a no brainer for me.
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