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  1. av1

    Anwar El Ghazi

    This. Was average in the championship, was always going to be poor in PL
  2. av1

    Dean Smith

    We'd all settle for that.
  3. av1

    Dean Smith

    I didn't say we are ok, I said it's ridiculous to claim that 'its been obvious for months we are going down'
  4. av1

    Dean Smith

    If only there was a system that determined the 3 worst teams so far this season.
  5. av1

    Dean Smith

    How many have had the whole spine of the team ripped out?
  6. av1

    Dean Smith

    My point is that certain numpties have claimed that it's been obvious for months we going down - and yet we are outside the bottom 3. Those same people have claimed that we are getting worse - The form table makes a mockery of that aswell. Luck has nothing to do with it - see above. Predictably most of the nonsense is from the same posters who have been against Smith since his arrival. Strange that.
  7. av1

    Dean Smith

    Really? We lost our keeper. Our best and most influential defender. Our best and most influential midfielder (I consider Jack as an attacker) And our only 2 strikers meaning that we played a number of weeks without one. Nope, luck has nothing to do with it.
  8. av1

    Dean Smith

    And yet there are 3 teams below us. If only there were a few mitigating circumstances! Oh hello, you can spot it aswell.
  9. av1

    Dean Smith

    Don't let facts get in the way of a good moan mate.
  10. av1

    Dean Smith

    As we currently sit outside the relegation zone how has it "been clear for months" that we are going down? Dear me..
  11. av1

    John McGinn

    I get your point but from memory Jack looked completely shot after an hour or so for the first few games after his return, and whilst he works hard his game isn't as much about work rate as it is with McGinn. I be surprised if he didn't get a few games in with the kids before we see him in the first team tbh.
  12. av1

    Wesley Moraes

    One has scored in the PL, the other hasn't. So yes, Wes.
  13. av1

    Wesley Moraes

    He was also clearly in right place 5 times. Adams has either not been in the right place once, or he can't hit a barn door. You are talking absolutely rubbish.
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