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  1. Promotion, record breaking winning runs, cup finals, 6th in the PL - that's Deano for you. Absolutely pathetic post.
  2. av1

    Dean Smith

    Last season the narrative was that we only won games we should win and couldn't lay a glove on the big teams. We have made huge strides.
  3. From looking like a competition winner to becoming a very important first 11 player. I can't think of any player that has gone from one extreme to another so quickly. Brilliant today.
  4. av1

    Douglas Luiz

    I think that too mate.
  5. av1

    Ross Barkley

    Otherwise known as "doing a Gardner"
  6. Agreed. Compare what we saw tonight to this. Pickford TAA Maguire Ming's Chilwell Winks Rice Sterling Jack Rashford Kane Manager - New
  7. The world is finally taking notice.
  8. 4yrs in the job and Kane and Pickford are the only 2 guaranteed starters. He doesn't know his best defence, his best midfield, or even his best formation. Part of me just thinks the guy is coward, both in terms of his formations and constantly awarding undeserving caps to young players, it's almost like he is hanging on to the "building for the future" excuse. I'll never be convinced that this guy is a manager. Absolute chancer.
  9. It would be an absolute travesty if this generation of players are wasted by Southgate. How has this chancer hoodwinked the FA and press for so long?
  10. av1

    Douglas Luiz

    May be an unpopular opinion but I think this kid is a long way from the City. Can't see him going back.
  11. That's such a good stat.
  12. av1

    Dean Smith

    The achievement keep coming. * Promotion at the first time of asking * Record breaking winning run * Survival and Cup final in 1st season back * Winning first 4 games for the first time * Winning the first 3 away games for the first time in 20 odd years * 5 wins from the first 7 The bloke has, and is doing a fantastic job.
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