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  1. Any streams for this? I want to watch bit not badly enough to pay £20. Edit: @Amsterdam_Neil_D thank you.
  2. I wonder how much our league position in January will determine our outlay?
  3. Very optimistic about the rest of the season. 1 or signings in January and I think we will be comfortably mid table
  4. av1

    Dean Smith

    It's also a joy to go into every game knowing the manager is trying to win it. Every manager will tell you they try and win every week of course, before setting up with 10 blokes behind the ball. He is an absolute breath of fresh air and is doing a wonderful job.
  5. av1

    Anwar El Ghazi

    Looked like a dead leg to me.
  6. This kid isn't going to the Arsenal/Spurs types of this world. If he leaves it will be for the elite.
  7. av1

    Dean Smith

    This. I hope he is here for a long long time.
  8. av1

    Wesley Moraes

    Playing very well today I must say.
  9. This season UTD have played well against the big boys that have took the game to them, but have struggled against the teams that have sat deep and been organised in defence. Fans always want to see their team go toe to toe but I think the best way of winning today maybe sitting in and trying to hit them on the counter.
  10. So the shittest stat ever has just got even shorter
  11. What on earth is a "expected assist"
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