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  1. We shouldn't be surprised, Everton and to some extent Newcastle and Spurs have been up for sale for the last five years. Billionaires aren't stupid, they don't want to pump money into a closed shop league (unless you are Qatari's who are off the charts rich). It's just throwing away cash to get a Champs League place (at a push). Doesn't matter... Feel like we are getting better back on to a level place! We go again!!
  2. In my view the club has been crying out for someone (for want of a better word) who is a 'winner'. I'm tired of the 'we only lost three nil' attitude when we play big clubs. I like the thought that he isn't looking lovingly over to Mourinho thinking what's great manager he is. Keane wants to win and if that runs off on the other staff and players while he's here then I will be pleased!
  3. As Roy's such a fan of the song Dancing Queen ( in his autobiography he refers to it being played in Sunderland's dressing room), and it rhymes with his name surely room for some sort of song? Annoyingly not that easy to chant: Could be something along the lines of "Roy Roy Keane, big and mean, Villas wrecking machine"...
  4. Further to my earlier message, I asked whether FFP would affect the chance of a club like Villa being be sold, as it might put off new owners. Keith wouldn't get drawn on specifics, however he feels there is a lot more demand for 'aspiring premiership clubs' than there was three years ago. Back the Championship clubs were more appealing as their books were in order and investment could get them promoted.The influence of a strict FFP regime in the Championship has pushed investors back to Prem teams. He then said again that he could assure me there was strong demand for these 'aspiring teams'
  5. Off to a talk tonight on FFP which is being chaired by none other than Mr. Keith Harris. I will report back if I hear anything.
  6. Think a refloat would be very unlikely. Due to the number of financial institutions that would be on board, it would be a miracle if it wasn't leaked to the financial press! The City types like to let the journalists know that their firm is working on a big deal, especially if is a Premiership team. Maybe if it was in the US it might not get out as we have less profile there! However if Randy is struggling to find a seller though, it is an option that would make sense. Give the club to public ownership, making the whole organization more accountable! Don't think share prices did that well la
  7. Looking for Palace or Swansea if possible. Annoyingly can't do City. Overall have just been surprised by the speed they have gone. I remember easily getting tickets in MON years when we were third and pushing for a top four finish!
  8. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post (although have asked this question on specific away match threads) but I wanted to see if other fans have struggled to get hold of away tickets this season? Over the years I have never had any trouble getting tickets to away games (non ST holder, but strong booking history home and away), unless it was against the Blues or at a newly promoted team i.e. Blackpool (due to size of allocation and infrequency of fixture). Normally most games even go to general sale, however this season the vast majority of away days have sold out before non-season ticket
  9. I am excited yet also nervous. It obviously worked for PL at Norwich, but if we continue to lose games, the fans and the media will use this window as a major attacking point e.g. 'Why didn't he sign more experiance etc.' In my eyes this is PL putting his ball on the table and saying "I'm a good enough manager to make these youngsters into a good premeirship side!" I bloody hope hes right, because if its goes wrong wer could be in trouble. Anyway its better than palying 6-3-1 under the ginger long ball merchant.
  10. Think its just a case of footballers/men in general not great at dealing with emotional situations.
  11. My concern with Rafa is the strong links to Liverpool. I can't handle another manager who flirts with other clubs and general blows smokes up their arse. Saying that, I can't imagine OGS would have given the Stretford End the middle finger if he had taken the Villa job. He would have been calling Fergie the gaffer, and talking about how great it is to return to Old Trafford. Is it too much to ask to get a manager in who has Villa as their number one priority? Look at John Gregory, not saying I want him back, but he put AVFC number one. Its the same with the players, that’s why we love La
  12. Wait..... Orlando Bloom is going to be our new manager! I'm not sure about this appointment. I know he worked under one of the best ever, Peter Jackson, and his involvement in the Lord of the Rings treble will go down in history. However he is still learning his craft, and let’s face it Kingdom of Heaven and The Three Musketeers isn’t the experience he needs for a club like Villa.
  13. Agree, sorry being down this end of the table has got me on edge. Can't wait till this nightmare is over.
  14. Thank you Tonyh29, that’s all I was trying to say! While I got slightly carried away and contradicted myself, I didn’t think I warranted briny’s heavy handed response. Don’t worry, will go back to non-posting again!
  15. Make your mind up about the probability! I think the "unlikely" judgment is the right one. You are wrong to argue that Man C could go into the QPR game with no chance of winning the title. Oh I’m sorry briny_ear if you couldn’t understand! Yes, while I did say easily and then unlikely, what I meant was that it is still possible that we could go down, and wouldn’t be a complete freak set of results. Yes, it is unlikely but much stranger things have happen in the Premiership. I personally don’t think its nailed on certainty. If you want me to make it any more basic for you I can try
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