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  1. This is Scottish football outside of the old firm......no fees will can or will be paid!!
  2. Sorry it's going over my head bud, what am I missing?
  3. We've been in for him before haven't we?
  4. Ah interesting, Seems a very good guy and is getting the best out of our players. Giving the youth a chance too. Hope you enjoy following Utd!
  5. You too bud. Pleasantly surprised by our start this season. Pretty much the same team as we had in the championship and Micky Mellon has us playing with loads of effort and pressing. We've been well organised but are just missing that bit of bite up front because our star man (Lawrence Shankland) is carrying a knock
  6. This is the problem with people who are obsessed with stats. Players mature and hit their primes at different ages. Surely not every single player we want to buy is a youngster with sell on value....every club wants that in doses but you need some sort of experience in the team. Such an ignorant comment to say "someone would have snapped him up by now" there are loads of players who have stayed in their country for years and the done well elsewhere.
  7. deary me when did football fans become so ageist?. Any links to anyone over the age of 25 and it's a disaster. Couldn't care less if it's Kazuyoshi Miura we're signing at 53, if they can do a job they can do a job
  8. In liue of any actual news I'm hoping we are keeping an eye on 17 year old Shoji Toyama who just broke through at Gamba Osaka in the J league. Highly highly regarded at youth level and just scored two on his senior debut. One to watch for sure.
  9. Hickey has visited Bologna and Bayern so if we're in for him we need to send out an invite soon
  10. Works for me. He's out today and it's probably only for one game and I'm shytting myself
  11. It's Dundee Utd. Wrote a post about him a load of pages back. Incredible goal scorer to the point where he got an international call up whilst in the Scottish championship. Last player to get that was John McGinn. Big season for him as everyone is waiting to see if he can do it in the top league. We (Utd) played two prem teams last season and he scored against both of them. Scores all kinds of goals but isn't particularly fast or anything, just a natural goal scorer. Before us he was at Ayr Utd and had an equally incredible record with a much smaller team so basically....the boy knows where th
  12. I've always been a fan of Victor Moses, incredibly underrated player.
  13. Fyvie's knee injury ruined him sadly
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