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  1. we are great on the initial break but our final decision lets us down
  2. we look good going forward but loads of nervous mistakes
  3. There was a couple of times he battled and won the ball back when the looked lost but other than that he was quiet.
  4. Im not too down. Plenty of time and we're playing ok.
  5. Was a bit concerned he wouldn't get a chance. It's easy to not give Scots a chance in favour of the more expensive players when they come down but I knew if he did get the chance he would excel. Can't say I expected him to be this good this quickly. Amazing stuff
  6. It.... was not a pleasant watch.
  7. Genuinely think he'd be great the way we play now.
  8. No I mean the loads of fans who gave up on him after a game
  9. Further proof that fans writing players off after a single game is ridiculous. We're living in the most reactionary time in history
  10. That is a great shout. PJS is one of the most underrated premier League players ever too. If he gets to that level and we keep him for a while then ooft we are onto a winner
  11. Goalkeeping 101....cover the near post.he wasn't even close
  12. This forum was full of praises for him not long ago. Fickle bunch with very short memories.
  13. Despite what you're led to believe yea there are lots of talented players up here.
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