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  1. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    Thauvin deal? Bought him for 12m, send him back on loan the following season with option to buy for much less? Player has apparently been on fire too.
  2. Grand Turismo Sport

    Not really sure what to make of this... what exactly do they mean by 'Sport'? I'm guessing all track cars?
  3. General Election 2017

    Think it's an Isle of Wight thing mate. We're a bit... behind
  4. General Election 2017

    This is it. Exactly this. I don't have the exact stats, but I helped with some SM research during the 2015 election and we found that most of those interacting (likes/comments) were aged 25-34 (35-44 year old women were also one of the highest). The % for over 60 was below 8% (7.4 I think). Of course, where I live has a high number of 60+ residents, so it will be a little different elsewhere. Women were more active than men across all ages and ranges.
  5. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    Congratulations on a hyperbolic reply based on my opinion of a shit hate filled paper. Have a good day.
  6. Villa fans harassing two people on a train

    It's childish. But I have seen MUCH worse from football fans. If they reported everything that happens, it would be a paper full of shit every day....oh...
  7. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    Looks like the other club is West Ham. What a day for you BOF!
  8. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    This is the most Newcastle thing. Ever.
  9. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Although we were drawing at the time, unless they went 2-1 up and then had it deducted? A new rule perhaps, or clutching at straws to praise a player.
  10. Paul McGrath

    Yeah the transfer window period is a little bonkers, loads of retweeting of stupid accounts on twitter.
  11. Paul McGrath

    Didn't have you down as a twitter user Trent!
  12. The Tim Sherwood Thread

    Stop have ago at Sherwood. He got us to a cup final, something no man has ever done, and yes it was the most one sided football match in the final since Man United - Millwall, but we are only Aston Villa. Best thing to happen in out history. A miracle he got us there! Reckon we should build a statue of him destroying team spirit, or of him using only one tactic which fell apart and he had no clue after? Can't decide.
  13. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Four decent performances and two goals in two years, we need more players like that.
  14. Neil Taylor

    I like him, he is a good solid left back.