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  1. Feel free to join in. Sword fight?
  2. More chance of my bedding Nadine Coyle
  3. We have a better team and squad than last season.
  4. For months (even during COVID) I had some issues that wouldn’t go away, but they didn’t cause any problems. My mental health has deteriorated since I had COVID, but more so as I found out that I have MS (relapsing, reoccurring) and my confidence and mental health is smashed to pieces, I don’t know if I know who I am anymore
  5. The problem with WWE isn't the talent the problem is VKM.
  6. This hasn’t gone away (I’ve seen what the club has said)
  7. Stale, boring, the break from the Corbyn era before the next person comes in and wins votes?
  8. I hold my hands up I thought Starmer would be the right man to lead Labour forward, I was massively wrong.
  9. Yep, when the chips are down it’s Ty making the noise.
  10. avfcDJ


    Delighted for you mate, don’t put it all on Arsenal though - you took the game to them, it was impressive.
  11. avfcDJ


    Not looking forward to it, impressed by you!
  12. I hope it’s Ty, but the fact he has held back makes me think it’s McGinn or Martinez?
  13. JGMC10 he’s a new user, keeps saying “no disrespect” before almost shitting on anything positive.
  14. I feel nervous about today, our lack of any real pre season worries me.
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