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  1. avfcDJ

    Dean Smith

    Madison is class (but that's for another thread)
  2. avfcDJ

    Tyrone Mings

    **** beautiful. From the poisonous rat Lescott to the love this man has for us, and he isn't a fan!
  3. They probably could have had 5 goals. Imagine what City will do if we get to the final
  4. avfcDJ


    I bet it would be different if there was the chance to play a lucrative friendly during the off period.
  5. Liverpool missing VAR for this match, he's been essential for them this season.
  6. It's because I'm not watching
  7. Just bought Northguard & The Touryst for the switch.
  8. Copy > paste > Aston Villa match thread
  9. I remember speaking to some Spurs fans when they were linked with Grealish and most were excited to be signing another striker who was under 19. Spurs fans
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