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  1. Online would be awesome on this. I agree.
  2. Yet to play the first one. Might see if it goes on offer. Massive fan of Dynasty Warriors so it’s no surprise I like this.
  3. Really enjoyed the game. Maybe I might find the camera easier on the big screen, no real issues really, looked great and was a lot of fun. I loved how it used some of the BOTW mechanics. Might preorder it now.
  4. @Demitri_C did you just boot up the Hyrule Warriors demo? What do you think!? I really like it, although some of the camera angles are annoying, and also I find myself accidentally launch jumping off rocks.
  5. Fans from all other clubs have found the same as us, so no, it wasn’t the abuse on Villatalk.com, he was playing the victim for years before that.
  6. A few friends of mine have been asking me to play this. Very tempted.
  7. Glad she is ok. I tested negative 10 days ago, but have continued to have the symptoms (up to last night) and it has subsided. Today the first day I can sense smells and tastes. I have once again tested negative. It's all a bit weird.
  8. avfcDJ


    Coady is a top defender
  9. When I log in on incog I can’t access off Topic, but I can when I’m not. On main Chrome I can access OT when logged out.
  10. I just reset the app on my phone. Could it be an advert that only shows in Ot?
  11. I am logged in on the most recent version of Chrome on the IOS. When I click to load Off Topic it gets stuck as a white page. I have tried this on Incognito and I can access OT. I have also logged out and removed all data on Chrome.
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