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  1. Finally got to watch AEW, and it's so much more enjoyable than WWE. Storytelling done in the ring, great marches. Can they keep it up?
  2. 2K18 on the Switch was awful, so many bugs. Even on the XB and PS they are just awful. I had to do a career match where it told me to throw somebody into a car to get to the next bit, I did, then it told me to hit them with a chair, I did. And I beat them up terribly, then they knocked me down and pinned me with one move and I failed the objective. I haven't played the game since.
  3. Ashamed to say I've never played a Fire Pro game, I've looked at buying one, but have never gone through with it.
  4. I've always loved a good wrestling game. My interest started when I played WWF Super Wrestlemania and also Wrestlefest. Following this I didn't really play wrestling games, as I didn't watch wrestling till about 97, when I got Attitude on the PS1, but soon fell in love with WM 2000 and No Mercy (the best WWE game by far). The Smackdown games were hit and miss, Know your Role was decent, and Here Comes the Pain was good - with a few other decent games. The 2K games are sluggish and frustrating through, with over complicated career modes. A shout-out to Royal Rumble on the Dreamcast too, which was very limited but fun for a short time. Upcoming we have RetroMania Wrestling which looks really good, based on the old WWF arcade games, as well as rumours/leaks of an AEW game by the makers of No Mercy () as well. Where do you stand on wrestling games?
  5. Sounds good. I'll have a think about getting it, I've already spent £200 on games this month, and a new Switch
  6. Kane shouldn't be dropping deep, if meant we had nobody in a forward position as other attacking players cake deep too. Abraham would be better because he'd cause the defence problems and give somebody for Sterling to link with.
  7. It's called the Tim Sherwood syndrome. He's a great manager because he got us to an FA cup final.
  8. avfcDJ

    Ni no Kuni

    Nice one, thank you!
  9. avfcDJ

    Ni no Kuni

    Still getting used to the Familiar side of things, not sure I've got s strategy yet what is your main Familiar? And the going birth thing, me too, absolutely hilarious
  10. Deserved. They have been the better team by far.
  11. Barkley has actually done more than Mount so far.
  12. Commentators even said that the two subs who came on are going through a patch of poor form for their clubs. I thought Southgate picked based on form?
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