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  1. Now at the point where I’m sure I won’t die. I must just be lucky and - thank god - for the fitness work I started in March last year. I think the chunkier me might have struggled. The me in 2016 would perhaps have been really bad. Don’t want to get too excited, my nurse friend has been such a great help over the phone. My oxygen sat levels are normal, my temp normal, I can taste now - so yeah, that was cat shit in the fridge. Hope returns! Even if I still think it’s too early, about 12 days since I got my + result.
  2. By making things as bad as they can be and putting fear into us, they can quickly turn that around and be heroes.
  3. Bit of a brain melt I think as I cannot remember those (not denying it, just honestly can't) but yeah fair enough. From what I remember his game was good - although what you mention sounds bad.
  4. He was putting things out of play today - well, he usually does, but wasn’t taking any stupid chances. Good to see. When he does that he steps up his game and becomes a very very good deeender.
  5. avfcDJ

    Ezri Konsa

    Reminds me of Vincent Kompany
  6. avfcDJ

    Dean Smith

    He did!? edit: Sorry I thought this was the Steve Bruce thread.
  7. I’m sure Klopp wanted him and said he’d be one of the signings of the season.
  8. Boris Johnson being a man you can meet at the pub for a drink.
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