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  1. Or Leeds way back, you must be proud of that.
  2. Hope this eases the mind of some people on here, one of my friends got COVID after being double vaxxed (final vax in May) and they’ve got a heavy cold. They were at high risk. Just hope this helps ease minds.
  3. avfcDJ

    Finn Azaz

    Same here if you solve it let me know. Tweets or anything else in quotes don’t load.
  4. Maybe I’ll be wrong but I don’t think he’s leaving. Can’t see it. Think we will see a bumper new contract but we need to progress again to keep him next season.
  5. “Wish we had Ashley Young on his Aston Villa prime now” well, this is as close as it gets.
  6. Causes a crash and wins the race bringing him back into the title race
  7. That doesn’t sound good
  8. It’ll be a racing incident and Hamilton will benefit with a race win.
  9. Think Lewis could have gone a little more to the right.
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