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  1. He's been too busy accepting contributions from Saudi Arabia.
  2. Had our work Christmas lunch today, i had the leak and mushroom pie. So good
  3. Swinson spends more time attacking Labour than the Tories, no chance would she side with Labour.
  4. avfcDJ

    General Chat

    Awful. I am so sorry
  5. The Toys That Made Us, and also, The Movies That Made Us - both on Netflix. The toys one covers things such as Transformers, Action Man, Star Trek, WWF, Lego, and more. The Movies version currently has Ghostbusters, Home Alone, Die Hard, and Dirty Dancing. The series takes a look at what made the toys/films a success.I really enjoy it, a lot is from my childhood.
  6. Please, if you can, listen from 40mins onward. You'll hear some of the things I have previously mentioned. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000bx1t?fbclid=IwAR0F5XFnP8r6Ma_Df4SSZzwEg2jN2kNU3BS4F-Ymnh-UrnkOBiXWOFchLmk
  7. Thick as shit and appealing to people who believe everything they say.
  8. There were no questions about what I'd do to Liz Truss, so it wasn't easy.
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