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  1. Yep, Man United should have had 3/4 goals.
  2. Root is a brilliant player, he's just not captain material. I've played (when younger) with a captain who wasn't the best batsman or bowler, but he directed us well - lifted us when we needed it. Won game through having good vision on what to do. I've also played under brilliant batsmen and bowlers who couldn't cut it as captains, it takes a special personality.
  3. Brentford really struggling this season
  4. avfcDJ

    Tyrone Mings

    He's a captain in all but name, a leader, a mighty fine centre back, and he's ours
  5. We almost lost our club, I don't think we will ever be silent again.
  6. I've got to agree, I don't think we will turn up.
  7. The game against Ireland had me concerned. I put £10 on a 3-1 loss. Not sure we will even get one win. Pathetic.
  8. Fires in and around the homes of Hollywood celebs? - constant news feed. Notre Dame? - constant news feed. Amazon rain forest? - silence.
  9. We are a pathetic team. Root has to go as Captain, drop Roy.

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