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  1. Got to be honest, not shocked at all that you're a Reader's Digest subscriber.
  2. The charity I work for won a national award this week. They've been going nearly 50 years, but were a bit shy, looking within and not outside. Been working there for nearly 12 months and they have started being s bit more focused on telling their stories, and it's working. I'm so proud. With everything going on this was a massive boost and I shed a few tears.
  3. Whatever it was, they certainly had it pumping through their veins. From no fitness to incredible fitness levels overnight.
  4. We need an injection of what they had.
  5. This defeat is one of those which hurt a lot more than it probably should have.
  6. Even if there was an election soon, I'm sure the public will fall in love with another slogan
  7. Anybody struggling I am happy to do £10 here and there. Just DM me if you need help.
  8. - He didn't ask medical advice about the trip - He did not ask for help locally - He was not tested for C19 - He can't use "reasonable judgement" based on the above. - He drove to the castle on his wife's birthday - He didn't remember a petrol stop.
  9. Looks like "time to move on" is the new Tory tweet.
  10. I don't think they had symptoms at all. I think it was a jolly to see family and a birthday treat.
  11. Safest option. So is it still the safest now? I mean, you don't know you had the disease and apparently you are still harassed in London.
  12. "shouldn't expose themselves to a deadly disease" Results of your test m8?
  13. He didn't ask anybody local for help
  14. Remember, he has thought about what he did constantly.
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