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  1. Really helps Small Heath to be playing under such normal conditions for them.
  2. Hates us because Xia backed out of letting him move, I can’t remember the club, but Xia wanted money for him after originally letting him look for a club for free... I think.
  3. I almost said Roma but doubted myself. Cheers
  4. International rights done collectively, but in the UK it could be done on a season ticket basis, only for people resident in the UK. An e-season ticket. That was it keeps if more equal. If this is about tv rights, I jumped in on these comments.
  5. Strangely, there were 7 mins injury time in that game too.
  6. I think he signed for another team, can’t remember who, shame... I agree he’d be ideal.
  7. Lampard likes losing 2-1 at Wembley as a manager
  8. I’ve loaded up 2 hours worth of fart sounds on YouTube to play alongside the BBC images, it’s actually called the game correctly compared to Murphy.
  9. Pathetic decision, Bournemouth will sue.
  10. First aim is to pick 8 clubs we need to finish above. Then keep building. We are in a different position compared to even when Lerner took over, this is a unique opportunity where our fall from grace ended up working in our favour. So little crap in our squad now, room for wiggle on wages, good TV money, a really good spine to the team. As long as we buy sensibly we will grow.
  11. He is always nice about us. Was even looking to come in on a takeover 6 years ago.
  12. It’s a bit of both. It always was. It wasn’t just the players and it wasn’t just the manager. It wasn’t binary.
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