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  1. Well, maybe he predicted our current owners
  2. I expected ”You’ll never guess what this big name did this morning”
  3. avfcDJ

    Dean Smith

    Smith called it badly today and it’s ok to say that, it doesn’t mean you don’t support the team. It means the mistakes, lack of endeavour and fight and the poor subs come from the team the manager picked and the formation. It’s ok to criticise.
  4. He probably fell to the floor in his living room to be honest
  5. I don’t think Tammy is better than Ollie, different, not better. So we would be wrong to shift Ollie out wide IMO
  6. Yep it’s brilliant, hoping more gets added, but it’s a great game. Can’t wait to get home so i can play it again.
  7. I haven’t seen it, I might have missed it. Not home till Tuesday so can’t check.
  8. Made by completely different studios but in the same style, so it’s a sequel but not, I think Didn't realise they call it as “official” sequel, weird! If they add online okay we should do some matches.
  9. Yeah it’s basically a sequel to it, Retromania, really enjoyable!
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