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  1. I had a dog walking job when young, found a magazine, reading it on the walk, the owner comes out of nowhere and says "ever seen a real pair?" I was like, "no" she said "if only you were a bit older" I need to go back and claim that offer.
  2. At the time it blew my mind, but now - because of games like Sunshine and Odyssey, it feels dated. But that always happens with time and better tech with better games coming out. Even classic films do.
  3. avfcDJ

    Tyrone Mings

    #StevoITK is the one to trust
  4. avfcDJ

    Tyrone Mings

    As I said a week ago, they do want 20m. We won't pay that. I expect 16m, maybe 17m. A lot will be made up of future bonuses. - And I know **** all about any other transfers, just lucky I know somebody with v high Bournemouth connections.
  5. Sorry. Had a lapse of memory. Started looking at what transfers are lined up in the Championship. Sorry. Forgive me.
  6. Aye, and he was left feeling isolated by those in charge. A few players during that time were treated the same. A lack of communication, empathy, and understanding. Then ask why the French players didn't settle. Top to bottom the club was a mess.
  7. I wrote a quiz the other day, as I'm quizmaster for a few here. Anyway, one of my questions was "who won the EFL championship" Every **** team put Villa
  8. All those who have put designs in this thread. Really enjoyed reading the last 30+ pages. Also, thanks to @NurembergVillan for the insight. I don't have a **** clue how this all works, so it's nice to read the view of somebody who knows it all.
  9. The H is for Hutton, right?
  10. Currently got an S10+ - and honestly, it's brilliant.
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