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  1. I have Rocket League on my switch. Happy to buy on another console. Definitely shame Fifa isn't crossolay. How do we do this?
  2. All PS4 for Rocket League? When is best?
  3. I'm crap at Rocket League, but **** it, I'm in for that GT I'll need to buy again as I sold it when my last PS4 broke. Forza Horizons 4?
  4. I've got all consoles, so happy to download games I don't have to join in
  5. Feeling a bit off today, slept for most of the day, got a bit of a sore throat, chest is tight. I'm not in a panic as I don't feel like I'm dying, I just hope it's not the dreaded Trump Flu.
  6. So... How about we have some online gaming sessions whilst this bastard of a virus takes hold? FIFA? Football manager? Mario Kart? What else?
  7. WhatCulture Wrestling put a lovely spoiler for AEW Dynamite in their thumbnail. clearings in the woods.
  8. NXT is good, I just enjoy AEW a litle more
  9. AEW is less than a year old tbf and still a better product than WWE at the moment. Give them a few years.
  10. I once worked for his school friend. He is also a word removed. Must be the school.
  11. My parents are the same. Hope she listens and stays in. Keep safe, mate.
  12. My parents are the same. Hope she listens and stays in. Keep safe, mate.
  13. Also, nobody believes experts. The generation which voted for Brexit are the ones ignoring how serious this is. Down here, at least.
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