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  1. Why the psychoanalysis about enjoying a good performance? Jeeezuhs.
  2. I'm with terrythevillan, think people are overly critical of Ireland.
  3. Interesting signings. This is a rebuilding job and we're taking a risk by investing in youth. You sense that if the relentless negativity of some posters becomes the majority view, things could go south. Premiership fans are hardly renowned for their patience.
  4. I thought he was one of the best players on Saturday, and probably the only one capable of making a forward pass of any distance and accuracy.
  5. Nice write up. I recorded the game and saw it after reading the storm on negativity here! I agree with a lot of what you said. But I'd say Nzog and Holman were poor and, as a result, there was just no service to Bent. That said, Ireland really looked sharp and is capable of passing accurately forwards (wow, a Villa midfielder who doesn't just pass sideways) and the passing was impressive. There's absolutely no way it was 51% possession to Villa over the whole game, no chance! If we can just work on the final third, and if the astonishing impatience of some fans doesn't become overwhelming,
  6. Wish we could have that 12million back... what a waste.
  7. McLeish was certainly given a chance. The protests to him at the start were pretty small and he got applauded already after the first home game. In any case, it's ancient history now.
  8. With the squad as it stands - 14th. The midfield might have some passing and flair but could get outmuscled, and the same is true for the defence if Clarke is going to the mainstay at centre back (can't get over how Carroll destroyed him when we lost at Newcastle 6-1...). And I'm not sure the goals will be flying in either. Hey ho, in Lambert we trust.
  9. Fantastic news! It takes a while to beat this but this is the way to start.
  10. They were both so horrible for us that DOL - who virtually everyone despised by the end - has people being all reasonable and understanding about!
  11. It was actually pretty surprising - to me, anyway - how bad Houllier was. But I suppose that was all MON's fault!
  12. Love that some folk want to include MON. Amazing, really.
  13. It's one of those riddle/mystery/enigma things. I think Lambert will do OK, a **** sight better than McCleish.
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