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  1. Disappointing but let's write it off and concentrate on beating the likes of Southampton, Everton, Burnley etc and finishing mid table. I'll take that first season back.
  2. Biased Sky commentators jizzing themselves at the equaliser....
  3. We've been very good so far, but Wesley needs to stay on his feet and we've had lady luck on our side too as they've missed a couple of good chances.
  4. Wesley is spending more time on the ground than a Boeing 737.
  5. This is going exactly how I thought it would. We're soaking up the pressure and hitting them on the break when possible.
  6. Right let's see how much money our owners are willing to spend. One of my best mates bought me a £100 bottle of single malt whisky for my 50th last month. I think I may make inroads into it
  7. This SKY commentary team are willing them to equalise. clearings in the woods.
  8. Where the F*** has he got seven minutes from????????
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