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  1. Not only is he a really good keeper, he's nasty and a born leader. He's a winner too. What on earth were Arsenal (Edu?) thinking.
  2. I get the official's walked on the pitch but after that? Help!
  3. I'm glad your wrote what you did. Is it the Dean Smith factor? Steady hands? I just don't feel the anxiety of years past. We can't go three or four games without picking up wins but I feel like Watford are kind of an anomaly. They could just as easily go out and lose to Burnley, then take points off Chelsea or City.
  4. MY city, my club, my release clause
  5. Fair play to him for training at Birmingham airport. The baggage from Ryanair flight FR420 from Corfu will be available shortly....
  6. That's very much an Ollie Watkins problem, he has to bang em in, keep his place and continue to smile.
  7. If youre based in Qatar stop the discussion!
  8. There's plenty of clubs in the PL and below who would perceive the Aston Villa of 5 years ago, to today, as being Man City-esque. We can now raid fellow PL teams and take their best players. Not quite Galacticos levels, certainly not as brazen as City but in the grand scheme of things, only a few select English clubs can operate as we can.
  9. "Am told" blacklisted for being dumb as a brick. It's right in the "could of" domain of ignorance.
  10. We're finished replacing Grealish, but I think there's a few pound sloshing about still.
  11. Messi would probably be slightly cheaper over time than Grealish but he's a depreciating asset. He's pulling in $100m+ pa between salary and image rights. Man City would be able to shoulder this, but it feels a fools errand.
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