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  1. Backed with a fortune for the Championship of that era, or at the very least some bizarre player ponzi scheme from Udinese.
  2. We could give it to a duck at this stage, just see how things go.
  3. Depth charts make a welcome change to last season's depth charges.
  4. This gave me a little chuckle.
  5. I feel you've committed the preface of poor/bad/dire/rubbish/comical in relation to quality. Given the repeated nature of the post, I am most certain of this now.
  6. ccfcman


    10/10 Terminator impression though.
  7. Being linked with a striker who is clearly in demand by some relative middle weight teams in Europe & the PL yet, still have cannon fodder on the books who want away. It is incredible that blogs and shitshow newspapers are allowed to pass this kind of tosh off as fact. It's loosely based around fiction let alone fact. Unless 'Arry's dog or "a source close to" turns up, I will be disgusted, once either or both appears I will turn my focus to be appalled.
  8. FFP would come into question to a degree but I think we would be able to absorb the cost itself. I'd put the lads out to pasture. Enjoy the reserves, let their agents orchestrate a way out.
  9. I would suggest even some of our more senior citizens, diabetics, asthmatics and cardiovascular surgery patient members could still given Odemwingie a run for his money.
  10. There's better players on this forum that Odemwingie
  11. Actually they're a little more pragmatic you'll find. People hated Bush and Blair, not the US and the UK.
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