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  1. This sounds even more ridiculous now! ☺
  2. Given how shit we are with 11, I don't think we should start playing with 10 men!
  3. I'm resigned to us not reaching the play-offs now. I like to think we'll win more than we'll lose between now and the season's end. I just don't see a turn around in our results that's gonna trouble the top 7 or 8. If results and performances don't improve significantly, given the signings just made, then there's a decision to be made on Bruce come May. I say that as someone who was accepting of his appointment. The one issue that's bugged me, and it was RDM's undoing also, is our failure to match our opponent's intensity and desire, week after week. This seemed to have improved initially under Bruce. We've seemed very passive of late, however. Not like a team determined to turn their season around. The manager can't be blameless in all this, however much he likes to transfer blame. He's now got a squad capable of play-off results. I'd like to see them display that in the remaining games. Rectify this crippling deficiency by the end of the season please SB! Otherwise we should look for someone who can.
  4. ...Maybe your 8-a-side team are taking it too seriously!?!?!?
  5. This only makes sense if we're on the verge of signing a starter up front. Could do with 2 forwards coming in now. Leaving it late! He tried as much as anyone last season. Which I respect him for. He hasn't had the impact I expected him to have this season, for whatever reasons. I'd rather keep him until the summer but he probably fancies the move. The club probably fancy the money. Good Luck to him if he goes.
  6. Yeah, a loan move will be good for him, he needs to get games under his belt. More chance of that at Forest. I think he's got potential. I'd like to see him go and show it on loan. With his lack of opportunities under Bruce, I do wonder about his commitment in training, his motivation. Will he be motivated at Forest?...Or has he not had a fair chance under Bruce? Either way, we've got a few better options right now.
  7. That's the spirit! Maybe he's had a growth spurt.
  8. I posted "utter madness", maybe a little hyperbolic on reflection...maybe just madness! You talk about making an assumption about his trajectory, but that's precisely what you seem to be doing. Yes, he's been an idiot off the field at times. The lad is still only 21 though. Whatever else anyone thinks of Grealish, I'm convinced he wants to succeed at Villa, really bad. I think you and I are both saying let's wait and see. In terms of potential where would you rate Grealish, compared to other academy players? I don't know your time of reference. Barry looked like a future England international at 17. I'd argue he's possibly the most exciting since then.
  9. It would be utter madness to sell Grealish at this moment in time! UTTER MADNESS!!! When I read comments by Villa fans such as...massive liability, gets fouled to much, (how dare he!) surplus to requirements, bit part player, championship will remain his level...well, I just despair! I feel, rightly or wrongly, that he's being judged for more than his footballing ability. The stand out moment for me, surely ALL Villa fans, in this last half a decade off relentless shite, was the Liverpool semi. The day when our best two players of that half a decade and a raw, homegrown 19 year old dragged us from a goal down against the hot favourites. The pride and joy of that day was magnified by the performance of Grealish. One of our own! Nearly two years on, I'd have expected to have seen a lot, lot more from him by now. Let's look at the whole picture though. His detractors keep banging on about "no end product". No end product in a team that was one of the worst in the history of PL football, under managers with no clue, surrounded by players with very little ability, and even less desire. On to this season, similar problems, playing in a team that has weekly failed to match the desire of their always "up for it" opponents. Couple this with their frightening inability to do schoolboy soccer basics like move into space, keep the ball moving. Someone posted about his end product for the U21s. Compared to his statistics at Villa, it's like they're for a different player. 6 appearances, 2 goals, 4 assists, 2 motm, I think. Is this end product acceptable??? This is why selling the, probably, most naturally talented player we have developed since the days of Yorke and Barry at this moment in time would be utter madness and, for me, unforgivable. I'm not going to say he's definitely going to be the Messiah, there are no guarantees, and he's got a lot of hard work ahead of him but, ffs, if you can't see his massive potential...well, I can't help you there. Let's judge him in a team that has Lansbury and Hourihane at it's heart, not Westwood and Gardner. Edit. Just noticed similarities with markavfc40's post. I wasn't plagiarising mate.We're just great minds, I think!
  10. As he's the linked player I've wanted us to sign the most I'm feeling uneasy about this delay. The Villa's propensity for disappointing of late has me imagining a late gazumping by some relegation fighting PL team. The signings so far are promising, but Hourihane is the one that would have me believing we could sneak into the play-offs.
  11. Sad, sad news. It's hard to explain to younger Villans just what a saviour he was first time around. As has been said, he brought Platt, McGrath and Yorke to our club. Arguably the only 3 world class players we've had in the last 30 years. Incredible memories from the 2nd division days to pushing a fearsome Liverpool team almost all the way. Damn you England for taking him from us too soon. The booing he received on the pitch at the end of his second spell was one of my least favourite afternoons as a Villa fan. Of all the people that didn't deserve booing in the history of our club.... R.I.P. Sir Graham.
  12. According to Bleacher Report "journalist?" .....chortle, chortle.
  13. Aston Villa are THE greatest club in all sports of every country in the world to me....but I also believe Delph contributed a lot for our great club. A proper leader. I never felt Delph was as bad as people made out in his post-injury days. At least he always tried, and he became a leader by example on the pitch....we sure missed that when he left! We will agree to disagree.
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