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  1. coda


    Expected a closer fight. Sad that he's retired but understandable.
  2. Dune pushed back to Oct 2021. The spice must flow
  3. Watched three episodes. First two are great with the third dipping a little, maybe 7/10. You can see some of the reveals coming a mile off.
  4. Is anyone watching The Third Day? It's unoriginal at times but has ambition and a certain flair.
  5. Just the first two episodes and then a weekly wait.
  6. Liking the new season of Fargo. There's a lot to take in and it seems to be dealing with contemporary issues.
  7. WTF Wolves! This isn't part of the plan.
  8. Isn't this bad news re the Great Filter? We're doomed. DOOOOOMED.
  9. We're doomed. Bleak look at how we're being manipulated.
  10. This Chunkz fella can't be any worse than Tim Lovejoy.
  11. If I have a problem with the trailer it's the lack of Harkonnens, they're the more interesting characters!
  12. Didn't see Sting in that trailer
  13. coda

    U.S. Politics

    This was on the news last night. It's not looking good for November.
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