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  1. I was just thinking the very same thing!
  2. Right, I'm off to YouTube to reminisce.
  3. From the Beeb "From darkness to light" A brilliant musician and composer. RIP Jon
  4. I'm sorry, but I draw the line at Mary Poppins. And Alec McLeish. They're actually quite similar in a lot of ways. None that I can think of just at the minute, but still. They both slide down household objects; Mary Poppins the banister, Alex McLeish the table.
  5. :shock: mesmerized by that freekick Thats insane!!!! :shock: How did he do that? Just......how? :shock:
  6. Me too, Ginko. Another along those lines is "Also available in sober." Mildly amusing on a 17-year old, totally twaaaattishhh on a bloke 20 years older (no, not me, I'm even older than that unfortunately.)
  7. A superb character actor. Fully deserved his oscar in 1955 for Marty. RIP EB.
  8. We're going to look like a box of highlighters when we play away from home. True At least they'll be able to see each other. It might help in other ways, like being able to pass the ball to a team mate rather than an opponent.
  9. Got to agree with the last two posts.
  10. Got to agree with the last two posts.
  11. The cannon would take out the Eagle... The Phoenix would just sit there and burst into flames (and I'm sure our Lion has a fire extinguisher somewhere for safety reasons)... and the Elephant wouldn't be able to move because of the big ass Castle on its back. Plus you’re all forgetting our Lion also has a Kung Fu Throwing Star to use… WINNER!!! Brilliant stuff! I don't know what the **** you lot have been taking but I want some!
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