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    In The Know. Knowing Me Knowing You....Saha (summer '08)

    Both stayed at New Hall Hotel Sutton Coldfield last night. My source works there and will be back in work later today. More news later hopefully. :shock: :shock: :shock: Forlan and Sidwell. So they are the new Defoe then.
  2. MustaphaShag

    The complete and utter chants thread

    Anyone hear the Kop voicing their hate of Gillett & Hicks the other night. Dont know the tune but it went; "You dont care about Rafa, You dont care about fans, Liverpool Football club, Is in the wrong hands." What if we did our own version; Randy cares about the Villa, Randy cares about fans, Randy cares about our history, Aston Villa are in the right hands" It ws a brill chant by them and sounds great when sung non-stop for 5 mins or so. Just a thought ..........................