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  1. I really like dean and i want him to get villa to the next level but its worrying the way we are playing at the moment. I really do hope that this is just because of the so many breaks we have had and not down to the system we are playing.
  2. I think bailey was injured when he signed for us if i remember from jamaica so not suprised but still frustrating just like with sanson but lets hope we can see them soon.
  3. He would scare all the teams in the prem when he is 100% class
  4. just class 100% what a player we have.
  5. I think we need to change the formation we need to have more attack.
  6. We really do need to watch everton here they are waiting for us to make the mistakes.
  7. You can see with the coaching staff we are now bringing in that dean know what we need and is making sure we are stronger this time great to see.
  8. sorry spend but yeah its getting silly now we had to pay more wages for better players so fans need to stop with the net spend. Just lets enjoy the coaching staff now is getting stronger and i love it.
  9. wages too so think we need to stop with net speed crap.
  10. I think we may do better now that we have Aaron Danks really good coach will push us more.
  11. I think 13th will be good and would be happy with that so we can build next season. This season will be trying to find who fits and who dont plus the fact we just lost our best player with the ball will take time simple really. lol
  12. Its my opinion ive posted why so get over it ok. wow lol
  13. Its my opinion we have internationals coming up players missing we have also the fact of injuries and still trying to deal with the main player we had last season leaving us plus the fact we have to give players time to fit into the premiership. so 13th is a good bet.
  14. I would say 13th need the mid to step up though so lets hope they do.
  15. Hes been out for a few months and he is not ready yet for the prem i just hope he is not rushed give him time he might need a month or so better to be slower then rush and he get injured again.
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