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  1. Money is tight and a lot of teams dont have the money we have.
  2. I think if Chelsea sign rice then Loftus Cheek will goto west ham on loan which would make sence. So we would be in for Barkley but would he come to villa?
  3. I have a feeling its rlc who will be coming not Barkley. Loan to buy see how he does this season.
  4. Yep playing for Kosovo not WB. I keep saying the same thing it's about money if he plays he stays. Simple we would not be doing business with them just like Watkins didnt play just like benrahma hasn't played. If you are close to a deal just like BT when we made a offer and they rejected it he didnt play the match that week. Too much of a risk if you want to sell the player.
  5. So risk playing him gets injured? Nope not gonna happen not in this day and age maybe years ago but not now. Money is at play so no way just like Watkins didnt play. If he plays he wont be coming to villa we would of moved on. Simple.
  6. You think if he plays on Saturday he will still come to villa? I think it's more the fact we will move on I dont think we are gonna wait till the window ends to then be left with no back up do you?
  7. If he plays then I would say we would of moved on and maybe the sarr rumours maybe true.
  8. Imo I think this may happen soon.wb post the update of MR then villa are linked to Sarr. I think the fee maybe there but the payment is what's the problem would think wb want a lot upfront so they can get players in.
  9. One shot on target wow it feels like last season all over again.
  10. Yes he said a few more coming in so shows the media dont even listen to what Smith says lol
  11. That's what I think I really dont think the media know what we are doing.
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