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  1. No problems. What I meant was the physio would be checkin in with him on his rehab schedule. But he wouldn't be there putting him through his paces . It's pretty rare for a physio to cause an injury....a good physio get results - where as a poor one only makes limited progress (maybe by being over catuious)
  2. Physio won't do rehab schedules. They will give the player a program to follow. After the player is finished with physio - he will step up is training with the first team. For long injuries - the player may be physically fit - but not ready for the intensities of the first 11. I really don't think you can put any of this on the Physios.
  3. You have to ask why would one club attract more injuries than another:- Overtraining - Unlikely DS has been our head coach for a number of years now - IMO he is wise enough not to suddenly up the training workload Poor Rehab\Physio facilities - this stuff is relatively cheap in the context of a multi million pound industry - unlikely we would skimp here tbh Buying older or Injury prone players - nope - we don't do this Rushing players back to soon - maybe some very limited evidence of this - but not a major factor IMO Too Many Games - no I really think we magnify our own injury list - whilst scarcely looking at other clubs. Injuries are part and parcel of any top level sport - I don't think we fare any worse.
  4. Personally I think he came here carrying an injury. We signed him in Jan - he had been out injured for a few weeks in December prior to this. When he first arrived he wasn't selected for the first few games. Then when picked he picks up what looked like an ankle injury in his first few games. Then out of no where (presumably training) he gets quite a serious knee injury. Which takes longer than expected. No he has a hamstring injury. Effectively he has been injured and unable to play for close on 10 months.
  5. I didn't think it looked too bad. He looked gutted to be coming off...but hopefully he was just erring on the side of caution.
  6. Agreed. Apologies if I misunderstood your opening comment. "At the end of the day players don't get to decide when they are fit enough to play" I also pointed out were discussing semantics in my second reply.
  7. Sorry but yes they do. Ask any medical professional what the patient is telling is the vital information you can have. I watched a consultant bollock a group of junior doctors who looked at the patients image work whilst not asking the patient about his symptoms. It might surprise that 80% of medical imagework gets reported as normal un unremarkable. If a player doesn't feel ready to play -he won't play. Just think about how that conversation would pan out . "The medical staff say your fit Morgan" -"sorry boss my Anke doesnt feel ready.". "sorry Morgan you're playing anyway" The analytics you refer are fitness levels, performance indicators. That quite different from recovery from rehab.
  8. Semantics. If the player doesn't feel recovered enough to play - he won't. What a patient tells you he is feeling - is possibly a better measure of recovery than scans , strength assessments etc.
  9. He was returning from injury just before we brought him.
  10. Actually the finally decision on whether to play does rest with the player. Sure the medical team sign them off as fit. But the player then says whether or not he is ready for selection.
  11. Football has become a multi million pound business. Crucially we took a few years out under Ellis and Lerner. Quite frankly I'm amazed we've got back to where we are. We might by the law averages sneak a cup win. But regular silverware is going to take many more millions. I try not to look at bigger picture and just enjoy each game. Tonight for example was a belting game of football - it was like a 1970s match - gone was the drab possession, sideways , slow game. Fast paced, tackles , crosses, headed goals - loved it.
  12. Underestimate us at your peril. toe to toe with the European champions . We win that at Villa Park.
  13. never mind penalties - they should give it to the underdog.
  14. hippo

    Cameron Archer

    Cameron "the salmon" Archer !
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