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  1. I agree (that it's likely fake), and actually the stuff on Lowton feels like a villatalk assessment after we've lost a game
  2. Who knows. I've seen this posted a few times and i still am not able to read it even when i zoom in. Anyone a better copy? Guzan - Good, comes through bodies to penalty spot, distributes quickly for counter attacks, will distribute long or to holt and is accurate, frequency he comes of line means hes prone to error and doesnt like physical too much Lowton - Average height, lightweight, poor defender, does not get tight enough. lacks aggression. lacking in confidence. struggles in tight spaces, out of his depth Vlaar - good mobility, quick change of pace, probably best defender, does
  3. how is he getting away without wearing shin pads?
  4. Because in those teams they are playing along side vastly experienced players. You can't throw kids in along side other inexperienced players, who have they got to learn off? I would like to see them a bit more off the bench instead of Bowery/Tonev but it is very risky to think about them starting games.
  5. the hyperbole on here is absolutely **** ridiculous
  6. I think that's completely incorrect. the Bottom half is better, that's why it's so competitive now. There's no whipping boys anymore, it's never a given any more that the top 4 teams will beat the bottom lot as has been proved over and over this season, gone are the days of teams winning the league with 1 or 2 losses. Disregarding the top 8, the rest are very even, just look at some of the players at Fulham who are bottom. Heitinga, Risse, Sidwell, Richardson, Hangeland, Parker, Rodallega, and before January, Berbatov. Experienced Premier League players as well as dangerous players like Dejaga
  7. Liverpool should be everyone's most hated club. No club has an arrogance like them. The belief that their club has an atmosphere of romance unlike any other is completely invented by them and I can't believe people fall for that shit. Man Utd were ruthlessly successful for a long period of time, have a lot of deluded fans who've never experienced anything but winning and are despise-able, but there really isn't any competition between the two.
  8. I've never seen him play but I'm confident he is better than Lowton and Bacuna combined. Bearing in mind the common criticism of those two is that they can't defend, another attacking right back should be a priority. If we don't sign the guy, Lambert Out.
  9. haha, exactly, Con get in touch with Brazil because they should know that Hulk won't be able to cope
  10. Winning the ball on the half way line, skipping past a player that hasn't missed a tackle all season and playing the 1-2 before that finish is a big part of why it's such a brilliant goal
  11. The problem lies with the fact that MoTD don't pick the 10 best goals of the season they just use each month's goal of the month. That's how Lowton's wasn't even in contention despite easily being one of the top 3 goals of the season. that's what I mean sorry, the offside was ignored twice. so Lowton got denied the opportunity to be there and they then even gave it goal of the season despite having had however many weeks to finish wanking themselves stupid over it being Van Persie and look at it objectively. No goal where there's been an incorrect decision from officials should win any a
  12. The Van Persie goal was offside and it really irritates me that it not only cost us a goal and Lowton GOTM, it also got ignored again to get GOTS. Any time it was discussed it pissed me off that not one pundit went "hey, he's actually beyond the last defender when that ball is played to him..."
  13. He gives a sh!t, that means a lot. That's one of the things I really love about him, he seems to genuinely care about the club, or at least the squad (if that makes sense). I think its fair to say that its one of the things I really love about our entire squad. They all seem to give a shit about each other and the club, they really fight for the badge, even if we play badly you can't fault them for effort. I know I sound like Lambert but it is true, they give 100% in every game and it is clear that it is for one another rather than themselves. Bacuna hasn't even been at t
  14. No, it highlights how idiotic it is that some people are seemingly unable to give him any credit whatsoever.
  15. Goalposts change. You can improve and stay where you are. The league is vastly different now to even 4 years ago. Ask Man Utd fans.
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