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  1. Good on you to trust our scouts, Tim's connections, our sporting director and our entire club staff. If you went and watched every game these new lads played in maybe you could formulate a non speculative opinion? Lambert is gone is and so it the completely lack of backing from the board. These are all excellent players who are young and are very, very fast. We have a forward who likes to carry the ball at his feet, a striker who likes it in the air, we have proper wing backs, a real core of a midfield, micah richards, cieran clark and okore... can you not just allow yourself a second the fe
  2. guys... wtf happened out there? regards, Villa Fans Watching on TV from other countries.
  3. I remember the day we got a Billionaire chairman and Martin O'Neil... turns out those were the last two decisions of Doug Ellis. We're going down. And I don't think if we returned we'd stay for long. We have so much pride that we won't ever survive the experience. I want to say I'm going to stop supporting football, but Villa are my love, she's been run into the ground by this guy who was known as a terrible sports owner. Should have backed Martin. Never should have hired Gerard, Alex or Paul. Villa are falling apart in a humiliating fashion. Randy did this, with every decisi
  4. Lambert has now surpassed McLeish. Wow. Now that's an achievement.
  5. **** me. Ellis appointed O'Neil. (and Taylor, O'Leary, Little, Gregory) Learner and Faulker appointed McGeish, Houllier and Lambert... Who do you want making the choice?
  6. Signed 15 players. Worst Villa team we have ever had. GET LAMBERT OUT. GET ELLIS IN PURELY TO APPOINT A NEW MANAGER
  7. Let me just update myself with Lambert's signings.... Ryan Bertrand * Left-Back 23 Chelsea FC Premier League 31.05.2014 Grant Holt * Centre Forward 32 Wigan Athletic Championship 31.05.2014 Libor Kozak Centre Forward 24 SS Lazio Serie A
  8. Nobody wants to win for a manager who has lost the dressing-room.
  9. Don't give Lambert any money. He's just trying to find that one player that will make him look like a genius - that one bargain player that bangs in the only goal to keep Villa safe - he's tried it so many damn times. Our side is now littered with worse players on lower wages so at least we're getting what we paid for... uuugghhh. You know, why are we surprised? MON-->Houllier-->McLeish-->Lambert....
  10. The only way to get Paul Lambert out is for Villa to be relegated, but with some irony, we would then have a team and a manager suitable for that league. But considering that Faulker and Lerner have appointed nothing but dross (Doug brought MON in, don't forget that) - I really don't see the point. Lambert is all there is... Maybe we should just stop caring as much as he does.
  11. My base is that I'm an award winning director of cinema - I have studied the art an am paid to do so. I'm glad that your level of intelligence is able to judge such a castly shadow upon me - I'm idiotic because I do no agree with you and rather then discuss and use objectivity you choose to belittle and dismiss - what frightens you so? Idylic is the correct spelling, my mistake - a concept of an ideal situation. Ideal-lic - not a far stretch. Colin Firth is a great of British Cinema - remember that it's a cultural representation. Colin Firth was Mr Darcy, an iconic character that represe
  12. Without going too off topic, and starting a debate about mental health (there is a thread for discussing such issues, I believe), you can have all the money in they world, be able to do what ever you want and still be depressed / have another mental illness / have an addiction. It's a disease that has no respect for wealth. I agree, but that's what i find most disturbing. Look at our society - we're under the impression that money and fame will cure everything - and we never reject this idea, we embrace it. I hate to say it, but this is why religion was so popular before the mass co
  13. Who do you think is a "true hollywood great" {insert usual Eastwood, DeNiro, Pachino references} There isn't a single bad PSH movie, his characters are incredibly intense and viseral. Just because he wasn't in Scarface doesn't mean you can pass judgement on what response the art community has. Magnolia, Capote, Almost Famous, Boogie Nights, Punch Drunk Love, The Savages, Synecdoche, New York, Mary and Max, Mission Impossible.... Really? Not a great? The only actor I can find who beats PSH in terms of ideallic supporting roles is Paul Giamatti. PSH wasn't a handsome leading man, he was n
  14. I'm completely at loss with this. PSH had been an addict at 20. He relapsed last year and now he's dead. Debate the drug laws all you want but the source is that someone didn't want to be conscious to the world around them and eventually the body just gave in to the minds demands and shut down. If Phillip Seymour Hoffman can win an oscar, have millions of dollars which would allow him freedom to exist outside of our slavery, and he still killed himself? Well, my own life feels pointless.
  15. No mate, it's saying that's how much he has spent on players and the facilities. Which is true, but what they aren't saying is how much the club turns over every year to justify that amount.
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