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  1. Hassan Kachloul Promised much but was a total disappointment.
  2. Now we have been promoted can we afford to pay the ransom fee to get Dale Stephens out of Julie Bs wardrobe and a cheeky bid for Migual and Januzaj ?
  3. Blair only did what any British pm has ever done and that is to cosy up to the US and do as we're told military wise.
  4. On the match commentary i see Steve Hodge is still a word removed then
  5. He should be sacked purely for the double goalkeeping recruitment
  6. And the small matter of a goalkeeper who wasn't a total calamity
  7. Not confident going into the season with our GK choices.
  8. 100% this . Is it that difficult to scout a half decent GK, instead weve ended up with these 2 clowns
  9. Need to get him back asap if hes up for it. We need his organisation skills as we look a total shambles. I know tonights match is a 2nd string but im not getting too much confidence from the 2 league games weve played either.
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