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  1. Didn't quite know where to post this. Some lovely drone footage of the stadium.
  2. Fantastic footballer with the ball at his feet and great movement, as good as any in the squad. Also a really stable character. He's not quite there though when it comes to end product passing and shooting (anything further than 10 yards away from him). That will develop with a bit of coaching. He'd be awesome at 5-a-side!
  3. It's quite a dramatic difference when looking from the inside. Would be a great improvement.
  4. Ready made song for our new keeper... Get your hand sax's out...
  5. The biggest annoyance form yesterday isn’t about his ability. It’s the way he reacted to being replaced. How many times do you see bonded teams making tactical subs and the players sprint off, high five and give each other encouragement for the good of the team? Support your manager’s decision & give a 17 year old debutant your blessing. Hourihane did not react this way. Unfortunaltely this is not the only indicator that our squad has serious issues getting along with one another. The same thing happened when we got relegated.
  6. Sure he already knows Tammy pretty well?
  7. Echo this. Talking to a rags fan today they see him as CDM.
  8. It's true, Whelan is our best option in this area and reading the Stoke forums they would have him back in their starting line up tomorrow. There's no doubt Bjarnason is a talented player but Whelan offers more stability and experience (albeit without the legs). Jedi can be the difference when the game is physical but Whelan is the more intelligent footballer.
  9. Completely agree with this, although the system doesn't always help. I'm sure with a more dynamic midfield ahead of him he's capable. We would do well with more support around the first ball at the moment.
  10. Indeed... One for wearing and one kept "new in packaging" to give the grand kids in 35 years.
  11. Does anyone understand how FFP works with academy graduates? As far as I have heard there is a calculation used for player signings vs contract length to determine the value of a player in accounting terms. (Transfer fee / Years left on contract) How does this apply to academy graduates, that had no transfer fee, converted into FFP value? Or have I got this completely wrong?
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