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  1. The referee should have set questions he can ask the VAR official to look into, for example; 1) I'm not 100% sure if that was a 'foul' - VAR can you confirm if there is any reason why I cannot/should not give a penalty/free kick? 2) I'm not sure if that foul warrants a red card - VAR can you confirm if there is reason to provide a red card? 3) I'm not sure if that hit his hand or his head and went in the goal - VAT can you confirm if there is any reason I cannot award the goal? 4) Off the ball incident not seen by the ref? - VAR either contacts the ref to stop play, or play cont
  2. Birmingham received their 9 point deduction in the same period. So they have actually collected 9 points in the last 10 games and then been deducted 9.
  3. cudoz

    The NSWE Board

    But Abraham isn't out player so I don't understand how we went toe-to-toe against Wolves? Their stance on Grealish was admirable and desperately needed, but I don't think they be given credit for Abraham. If Chelsea had decided to recall him as per the apparent terms of the loan agreement, there is nothing they really could have done?
  4. This guys first tweeted today. Take anything that account says with a huge pinch of salt.
  5. Ah yes. The season where we conceded fewer goals than we scored because we wouldn't cross the halfway line after Bruce was appointed. Back on topic. I wish him the best as Wednesday, but I think he had taken us as far as he could and I'm not entirely sure his appointment will be a success.
  6. Yes, but there's a slight difference between being a coach on the sidelines and being on the pitch covering up the issues.
  7. Firstly, my point about never seeing the documents is that we will never see Wyness's service contract, that is commercially sensitive and is not a matter for the public record, so we will never know exactly what was changed. Secondly, it might just be how I'm reading your posts, but they read to me as if you were saying that the share resolution was filed was in reaction to the playoff final defeat (as you continually referenced the filing date), my point is that the filing date (and indeed the playoff final loss) is irrelevant in respect of this resolution, if that is not what you were
  8. Re. Your first point. The alteration to share rights was a resolution by shareholders sought under the Companies Act and was made before the final. This resolution would have been filed whether we were promoted or not, as legally it couldn’t simply disappear should we be promoted, it would still need to be filed with the Registrar. The important date is always the date of the resolution, not the date it was filed. It seems we were being prudent and planning for both eventualities, we don’t have to issue new shares because of these documents but we now have the power to seek
  9. You made specific reference to these not being filed until after the playoff final & I have seen others making reference to a delay in these documents being filed. The only delay appears to be that caused by royal mail and Companies House. The timing of the playoff final and these documents appears to be irrelevant. You cannot remove a specific director's authority to appoint Administrators as that power is covered by both the Insolvency and Companies Acts, not a director's contract. It would also be gross negligence and a breach of the insolvency act to do so as, once insol
  10. Just to note that all of the now available forms were received by the registrar on the 31 May (look at the sticker on the top left). Companies House usually operates with a 7-10 day turnaround time so I think people are looking for something that isn't there. P.S. You also cannot restrict a directors rights to place a Company into Administration. The Insolvency Act allows anyone with a registered security, or the board of directors, to file for Admin. I am not aware that these rights can be fettered by any other act.
  11. cudoz


    Wishing everyone who is running VLM all the best. The hardwork is done so enjoy the atmosphere etc! I have my first track meet of the season tomorrow. It's only a early season test of where the training is, but I can't help by battle the nerves!
  12. cudoz


    I've been part of my local running club for two years now and I've had a bad habit of getting to a certain point, feeling a niggle and ending up with a full blown injury. However, I've learned to try some adding dynamic stretches and drills to your warm up routine to your runs. Toe walks, heel walks, lunges etc. Once you have finished your run make sure you get some static stretching done. I would also look at your hydration prior to running. Also, have you had a gait analysis done? Poor footwear can lead to issues in the calf in particular.
  13. Any deal with Boro in this window will effectively be Gestede plus £x though. Just not in the same deal.
  14. He made a couple of good runs into the box yesterday which went un-noticed, and should have had a penalty if not for the diabolical ref.. However, for the rest of the game he was largely giving the ball away and generally being ineffective. That being said, he performed well for Forest last year, so there is a player there somewhere. It's just can he produce it here.
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