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  1. VBM

    Christian Benteke

    Yeah like Brexit, without the racism though obviously.
  2. VBM

    Christian Benteke

    It is funny how one player can split opinion so much. I literally can not fathom how anyone could possibly think this is a good idea.
  3. The Amex stadium is a mile from my house - so this is the easiest game ever for me to get to, and I can barely be arsed.
  4. In his ten tweet response he likens some guy on Sky getting confused about our fans reaction to appointing a a former Birmingham City manager, to the Sun's coverage of the Hillsborough disaster. That takes a special kind of person.
  5. That article is just some guy saying we should sign him, not a link.
  6. I've seen an decent amount of Brighton games and tend to agree, were he at a sightly more "fashionable" club I'm sure he would be in team by now. He is certainly good enough for us.
  7. VBM

    Pre-match thread

    I don't know why but I have a bad feeling about this game. I can see us getting turned over, although this is based on nothing but the fact every time I become optimistic about our chances we get smashed. So if it is a heavy defeat then I will shoulder the blame.
  8. Well this is more welcome news. We needed a clear out and it looks like we are getting one
  9. VBM

    FIFA 15

    Right sorry for being a dumbass, but where is 'friendlies' ?
  10. VBM

    FIFA 15

    So can anyone tell me how to play friendlies vs the computer on Fifa 15 ? I haven't played Fifa in 10 years or so, I just want to play as Barca vs some shitty teams while I get used to the controls, learn the skill etc. It seems I have to play a tournament or online, there must be a way.
  11. So second assault then, opinions ? Firstly I am underwhelmed with the maps. Firestorm wasnt that great first time around, Oman is a map I liked but that sandstorm can piss off. Caspian is great. Metro well, I used to hate that map but now have grown to love it. But I can now see what all the PC players hated about it. 64 players is a murderous cluster **** of grenades and bullets. I like a meat grinder every now and again but damn son.
  12. Defour would have been unthinkable a few years ago (before his serious injury), but now he is seemingly out of form and out of favour it could be possible.
  13. Right then which one of you **** VillaViilain123 or something like that kept C4ing my tank on Gulmud Railway?
  14. I didn't hate domination from CQ in BF3, as it was just conquest on a small scale but I don't like it at all in BF4. It really does just feel like a COD map, and infantry isnt my game at all. It just plays like TDM. The only non standard game more I have enjoyed is CTF and we have to wait until second assault to play that mode now.
  15. Also BF2 is available for £3.49 on steam now
  16. Not really feeling the CR maps at all. Shocked to see I have already played 110 hours....
  17. VBM

    Playstation 4

    Really impressive piece of kit. The first console I can remember where the graphics haven't been a huge leap forward. Clearly better, higher res, more frames. But nothing compared to the jump in previous gens.
  18. VBM

    Playstation 4

    What I need is DNLA support. I also have a launch p34 and wanted to remove it from the lounge as it is so loud. Other than that I am loving the PS4.
  19. If he stays fit it will still be a good while before he gets back to his best. This time last year both Delph and Ramsey were players who looked like very bad injuries had taken their toll. 12 months later and both have come back to playing at a much higher level.
  20. Well I have to say I was enjoying BF4 on the PS4 until PSN decided to crash. 64 players really does make the difference
  21. There are more flanking routes in Metro this time. So it wont be quite the cluster **** around B flag. Not too keen on Firestorm and don't know anyone that is. Hopefully it will be better with 5 flags though. They should have brought Arica Harbour back imo
  22. That would be Metro by far the most popular map ? The one with 100's of 24/7 1000 ticket servers ? I think they did learn from it. Caspian Border looks amazing on second assault.
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