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  1. jamesvilla


    In here now mate, good call!
  2. jamesvilla


    Thanks mate, we'll give it a go!
  3. jamesvilla


    Where's everyone drinking pre match tomorrow? We're getting into Euston at 11am and will head straight to the nearest Villa pub!
  4. jamesvilla


    I've just got ours. About 50 queuing but they opened the doors and started selling at 8:10am. They were only selling blocks 533 and 534. It appears they've left these blocks free until now as they're selling from Row 1.
  5. jamesvilla

    Holte Pub

    Just wondering if it's still first come, first served for ST's at The Holte Pub? Have they got Sky and do they still do food? Looking to get there about 1pm. Thanks in advance!
  6. jamesvilla


    Just been and got my tickets. The bloke in the Ticket Office said they're likely to sell the initial 5,000 today, and will make a decision later as to whether they're going to take the full 9,000.
  7. jamesvilla

    The General's thread - do not respond to other posts!

    Today's statement is a big f... you to the fans. Unless you act quick and do the right thing, you're going to look very foolish when 99% of the fans are ultimately proved right and the board were wrong! The naivety shown by the board this summer has caused you all considerable embarrassment. You're clearly out of your depth.
  8. jamesvilla

    2 tickets wanted, please.

    If anyone's got 2 spare tickets in the Villa end that they no longer need, please PM me. I can collect from anywhere local to Birmingham. Many thanks in advance.
  9. General, how many tickets have been sold for the Bolton game?
  10. General, Will the club demand to Nike that we keep the kit for 2011/2012 season? I hope we don't just accept the situation is crap but do nothing about it? Thanks
  11. General, Like others on here, I think it's a disgrace that the kit won't be out until November. Now I know it's not the club's fault, but for the club to make out they are doing us a favour by reducing it from £50(!) to £45, is insensitive and disrespectful to the fans. As it stands, the shirt will be current for 6 months! Will the club have a backbone and go back to Nike and demand we keep the kit for 2011/2012 season, or will we just roll over and accept this rubbish? Many thanks!
  12. jamesvilla

    Confirmed: Houllier is the new Villa manager

    Phil Thompson to be assistant.
  13. jamesvilla

    General Krulak (part 3) - Questions

    General, Have you considered appointing KM till the end of the season and making a permanent appointment then? Does Houiller fit into the grand plan?
  14. jamesvilla

    Confirmed: Houllier is the new Villa manager

  15. jamesvilla

    General Krulak (part 3) - Questions

    General, I ordered my Wembley ticket on Monday, payment was taken straight away. My ticket was not posted until Wednesday, and still hasn't arrived! I now have to re-book another train and go to straight to Wembley to collect my ticket, ruining all my plans! Can you please find out WHY it took the club 2 days to post the ticket, knowing the time constraints. Once you've heard off the ticket office, I'd be obiligied if you could reply on here. Many thanks.