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  1. Today's statement is a big f... you to the fans. Unless you act quick and do the right thing, you're going to look very foolish when 99% of the fans are ultimately proved right and the board were wrong! The naivety shown by the board this summer has caused you all considerable embarrassment. You're clearly out of your depth.
  2. General, how many tickets have been sold for the Bolton game?
  3. General, Will the club demand to Nike that we keep the kit for 2011/2012 season? I hope we don't just accept the situation is crap but do nothing about it? Thanks
  4. General, Like others on here, I think it's a disgrace that the kit won't be out until November. Now I know it's not the club's fault, but for the club to make out they are doing us a favour by reducing it from £50(!) to £45, is insensitive and disrespectful to the fans. As it stands, the shirt will be current for 6 months! Will the club have a backbone and go back to Nike and demand we keep the kit for 2011/2012 season, or will we just roll over and accept this rubbish? Many thanks!
  5. General, Have you considered appointing KM till the end of the season and making a permanent appointment then? Does Houiller fit into the grand plan?
  6. General, I ordered my Wembley ticket on Monday, payment was taken straight away. My ticket was not posted until Wednesday, and still hasn't arrived! I now have to re-book another train and go to straight to Wembley to collect my ticket, ruining all my plans! Can you please find out WHY it took the club 2 days to post the ticket, knowing the time constraints. Once you've heard off the ticket office, I'd be obiligied if you could reply on here. Many thanks.
  7. This isn't the place for discussion only questions to the general. Thanks Trent.
  8. General, further to my above, if MON has scouts outside the UK...how do they justify their wage? I don't like to criticise, but if they do exist how do they justify their wage since MON came in?! I'd like to think you could provide a direct, honest answer...
  9. General, With respect, You keep saying that MON sees what we see....etc etc. But we are so one dimonsional going forward... and we have no defence! We haven't invested like the top 4... MON knows what we need you say.....zzzzzzzz. I have faith in MON but if we don't spend like the top 5/6 do you REALLY believe we will finish in the top half?? I am starting to think that MON doesn't have the know how to buy smartly to keep us up there! Does MON have Scouts outside the UK? If he does, they need a kick up the backside!
  10. General, how many tickets have we sold for our away game at Wigan next Sunday?
  11. General, are there any plans to build executive boxes between the upper and lower tiers of The Holte End? When it was built, it was said that it was in such a way that could allow for boxes to be included there at a later date?
  12. Thanks for that, General. Any idea when they'll report back their recommendations/plans? Would Randy consider pulling down the Doug Ellis stand with the North Stand, or will it just be the North Stand going? Thanks
  13. General, apologies if it's already been asked recently, but any idea when you'll have some concrete plans for the North Stand development?
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