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  1. Couldn't care less about the performance, just happy we got the three points. Last season we started well and kept losing, then it became a habit. UTV!
  2. granto

    Dean Smith

    Where were the subs when we're getting hammered by 10 men? It was obvious they were gonna score and fresh legs were needed. Piss poor.
  3. Our central midfield right now seems incapable of dominating games. Need to try Nakamba and Luiz together.
  4. Just came here to say, what an absolute beast of a player!
  5. granto

    Tom Heaton

    Yet he’s cost us one, possibly three points as per lexicons post above.
  6. granto

    Tom Heaton

    Owes us a big performance against Everton.
  7. Even after Jack lost the ball, was pure luck the ball dropped to Kane. Bounced off Mings and Engels.
  8. granto

    Dean Smith

    His team selection was surprising, especially the full backs, but it seemed to work. Jota for Trez sub didn't work, think it should have been El Ghazi off for Luiz and really thrown bodies into the centre of midfield. I wonder if he listened to too much noice from outside by not starting more of our new signings. Expect to see 1-2 more of them next game.
  9. Engels and Mings at the back, with Heaton behind, looks a great setup.
  10. Probably would do well if we play him against the lesser teams, but not against any team of real quality.
  11. This looks a done deal now. Good news.
  12. Was his wife's birthday according to his FB, fair enough she's 20 has a lot of energy I guess
  13. Regardless of "in our out" he has to decide what his best team and formation is, we are so far into the season and he doesn't have a clue. Rather than change it every week give the players a run, preferably something like the team we finished with rather than started with. No idea what that starting line up was today, but regardless of all the defenders, whenever I see Sinclair and Westwood in the team can't help but think we will struggle.
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