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  1. greenz

    Jordan Ayew

    Thought it was common knowledge that West Ham are in for Andre not Jordan
  2. greenz


    Just put some effort into pro clubs for a change EA......[emoji17]
  3. greenz

    The 2016 Takeover Thread [emoji630]
  4. greenz

    Villa Kit 2016/7

    Please tell me that this is a downloadable template.... please, please [emoji7]. Might just get me back onto ps
  5. greenz

    The 2016 Takeover Thread

    Must be true, then. Recently spotted... just the whole two years ago, eh?
  6. greenz

    Match Thread

    So many mistakes in 4-5 seconds
  7. greenz

    Android: General Chat

    I have the note 4 edge.. kinda glad they didn't release the 5 in the UK. By far the most functional phone I've had even if the seems a bit gimmicky
  8. greenz

    What do you drive?

    Nice one thanks, will take a look. Just had my '95 pension frozen and that'll be the bulk of my payout, so no biggie if it's salary sacrifice.
  9. greenz

    What do you drive?

    What is this NHS works deal in which you speak of? 😞
  10. greenz

    Pre-Match Thread

    Keema naan?
  11. greenz

    Pre-Match Thread

    I said 6... then a hammy
  12. greenz


    Mentioned this in the match thread last night. Makes sense to me..