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  1. Nobody really above a 6 maybe Guzan , Holman and KEA 6.5 but early days yet . Football a lot better was always gooing to be like this , this season imo
  2. As another poster has already said was his best game in a Villa shirt he was execellent last night very very impressed but it's just 1 game ! That was the best midfield peformance though from a midfield player I have seen in a Villa shirt in 2 seasons ! Let's see if he plays Sunday and how he does but looked the player we thought he could be when we bought him .
  3. Decent last night and had me out of my seat with joy instead of frustration with him for a change but one swallow and all that . Very good though last night though


    It was always going to be about survival this season and still maintain anything above 14th will be over achieving. There is nothing too choose between many of the teams all capable of beating each other easily like Saturday . With young players it's up n down until they find a level . Keep the faith and don't go over the top Swansea performance was decent but too many thinking our troubles were over .
  5. After saying allegedly ( I will put that in until he has gone then might be able to share some light on it ) what he did about the club / fans / area to the Management after the Blackburn game in Houliiers regime HE should have never played again , but the economics of the situation stopped that from happening . Same part of the world as Tony Morley but differrent mentality Word in the game supposedly is that he is past his sell by date and too expensive wages wise . Another Beye
  6. It shows, it really shows. Honestly we look like the hardest working team in the Premier League. That goes a long long way for me as a fan and in terms of the team getting the ball back. All the old players yesterday were raving about the workrate especially Holmam Weimann and Lowton . I still am being cautious as I think against better sides we will be found wanting and until we string a few wins together it's hard to judge where we will finish . But last 3 games have been very encouraging
  7. How do you mean Mysteryman? Will he have similar funds to what he has had this summer? And... Whats the clubs opinion on the other new players? Is there a buzz around the training ground now? Have no idea on budget at all but yes the whole place Bodymoor/VP is totally different . The thing with Lambert is don't matter how much you cost or what your reputation is if you don't put the graft in then you are out . It's going to take time but if we can get through this season I can see us challenging for 6th place again maybe next season or the one after . It stands to reason not all of t
  8. Spoke with Sid after the game he was raving about Bennett in training and saying PL has a real eye for players . So far looks as if he has used the budget wisely but it's extremely early days . Still think if we finish mid table it's over achieving this season but next season if we stay up will be very different
  9. I think there will be nothing announced on a testimonial for a while but yes Villa / Celtic is the obvious one and under consideration . I went to the Rangers game in 76 and think they just have to be tad careful about the fixture probably not the right thing to say in the context of what we are talking about here though .
  10. No think once his contract runs out he will announce his retirement . We are insured very sad all round but as the previous poster has said not a chance he will play again but he will live . That has to be the most important thing . As a professional few equals maybe Barry and Milner but a real genuine love for the club even prior to his illness
  11. He will not play again :!:
  12. What does he owe us for, being frozen out without getting a proper chance? Accepting high wages that we offered to him? I haven't seen one performance from him worth highlighting due to him being the worst player for us. But because of his playing style he's deemed lazy and scapegoated. What sort of antics are you talking about? I'm genuinly interested because if its the Shisha thing its hardly anything serious considering his next performance was the Chelsea one. I don't want a replacement for him as I think we won't be able to find a more talented player. Yes he doesn't score enough g
  13. Better but he still massively owes us . I think PL though won't stand for any of his antics and it's up to Ireland to show a lot more to win PL over . Yes he has been a lot better in the last 2 games and has a good touch and awareness but 1 goal from an attacking midfield player since he came to the club and how many assists ?. Come on let's get real he is hardly a worldbeater and needs to do a hell of a lot more consistently to win me over . Still maintain he will leave next summer as we won't need him .
  14. AM's best signing :oops: Des Bremner like performance
  15. Yesterday was a top 8 performance... If United had the same chances we did, they would have won it 4-1. Bent, ireland and Weimann all should have scored. If we start finish off our chances, we will be absolutely fine and in the top half of the table... I am just trying to be realistic watched Southampton in 2 games and to me they look a decent side and have that hunger about them . I see a clutch of clubs where they are about where we are at the moment . Asking 8 young players to maintain consistent performance in the prem is a lot . I never got carried away with the first 2 games and I am
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