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  1. No Sven Please. Too old fashioned for modern football. Also he hasn't been successful for number of years now. Failed with England, failed with Man City, failed with Mexico and failed with Ivory Cost. No thanks.
  2. So KK has finally quit "New-Joke-Castle Un-United". And the manager position there is vacant, so if anybody here at VT is interested, interviews are currently going on at SJP.
  3. Apparently I was set to take over the job from Keegan but currently my agent is negotiating some complicated issues regarding my salary, so NewCastle haven't officially announced the departure of Keegan yet. Hopefully everything will be sort out today and I'll officially be announced as new Toon boss for a mega deal of 2 months by tonight.
  4. Why Joey Barton isn't an option? and didn't I just officially announced that I was in the poll position to sign a long term cotract of "3.5 months" ? This poll ain't fair. I'm not voting.
  5. Milner should realize: - that if he plays for Villa, his chances of breaking into England 11 'within a season' are extremely high. - that if he continues to play for NewCastle, he'll never be able to break into England 11. and Barry is matured enough to know that move to NewCastle is a suicide for a professional footballer.
  6. Agree there Ian. Liverpool fans absolutely love Rafa, which is the pressure that's holding back Tom/Dic/Harry to sack him. If "there are people at Anfield who would gladly see the back him", the percentage would be less than 5% IMO.
  7. Happy with both of them. But I prefer fit Ashton over Santa Cruz.
  8. It's actually 50.32% and 49.68%. I knew that already. My point was something else which you didn't get.
  9. 50-49 ? where's remaining 1% ? and I'd have preferred an honest poll result.
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