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  1. Did you notice there is no strips on the shirt, and a Nike shade of Claret? I have a good feeling about the next shirt..
  2. I thought "Libor has good feet for a big man"? But really, that idea of #9 Kozák, Tekkers as a number 10 with a winger is an intriguing option.
  3. The Marcon kits are simply made for maximum profit, plastic fantastic, ultra safe designs. Boring? Is it not time we opened the door to a new era, moving on a little... Maybe to a good value; well made shirt that doesn't look like an after thought in similar colours. That said, I don't have the design answer, but hopefully it involves Claret, Blue and Under Armour.
  4. Do people think that Sid could do the job? or is it just the Ex Player rose coloured glasses? What about Glenn Hoddle, didn't work at Wolves, but that was ages ago. In all reality, who is better than Lambert that you would risk our Premiership place on? is Harry's Knee better yet?
  5. Sorry Paul, but its time to go. We need some fresh ideas and motivation, something you no longer bring to the team. Glenn Hoddle is my realistic pick as the replacement, now. Andre Villas-Boas would be my long term target.
  6. Putting on my seat belt and crash helmet. Mario Balotelli? Teckers and Mario front two. when need something massive and new... and he would have a point to prove!
  7. Kieran, welcome to Villa. I'm sure you will be great for us!
  8. In the last year of his contract... Next season he will be great just before going for Free...
  9. For Sale - "Proud History, Fickle Future"
  10. sne = I got in my car, the Mrs. had left one of those Positive Thinking CDs playing. The guy that tricked my Mrs. to pay >$20 of my money to buy his CD, told me "You get what you look for"... Maybe we can get him to buy us? We aren't That bad, and Lambert isn't That bad... Its easy to be negative, and sadly that is contagious! I'm from the Left Side, so I'll Keep the Lion's Flag flying high. I fear that horse is more likely to be put down looking at the team Lambert will be limping to the barn with
  11. The Sun says Jack Rodwell is linked with 9 clubs, do you think we could possibly get him at Villa, on loan maybe? Don't forget he was a Defensive Midfielder to begin with at Everton... I have a dark horse feeling about us next season, all the kids are a year older and a season more experienced. Up the Villa!
  12. In the future, I believe we will see three men at the back, when we are back at full strength, Guzan Vlaar, Okore, Clark Lowton Delph, Westwood Moon New Player (Wide/AM Role) Teckers, Gabby Ideally we would add Lescott, Barry and De Bruyn,
  13. Ok, far from the perfect answer. But considering the window is closed, he is a know quantity. I believe Nig could see at his last big chance, having a massive part to in the squad.
  14. This is way to fishy... It was a minor groin strain that he played with at Euros, but it has kept him out all season. We really really need him on the park!
  15. Is it true that Faulkner said. "Randy does business honorably. He's not putting in his money, so why should the fans? Season tickets holders can have a 50% refund for all remaining matches. Basically everything is now what we'll Quiters half price, so tickets, shirts all things Villa. The Discount doen't include the price of Beer and Pies," Can't remember where I got the alleged quote from... Can anyone confirm this honorable admission of failure?
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