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  1. Yeah we did. But not because away goals count double. Just because we had the most away goals. I don't think the rule has ever been "away goals count double". Merely whoever has the most away goals wins (Told you I was being pedantic)
  2. You've missed his point. You said you couldn't be world class if you didn't have 70 caps. Kane only has 45. So you're saying he's the best striker in the world but he's not world class?
  3. @sir_gary_cahill the irony of you hyping up every young player we ever produce and then underplaying the best talent we've produced for decades is amazing I love you
  4. Speaking of insurance companies My mom bumped her car before christmas. Nothing bad, just scraped the telegraph pole outside her house as she reversed. Garage said they could spray it and buff it out or replace the bumper. Her choice. £500 for the bumper and that's what she went for. She called her insurer to check if it would be worth claiming, which it wasn't so she said she'd sort it out herself. But they then told her it goes down as a claim. Despite the fact she didn't make a claim, was merely enquiring, they've now counted it as a claim so will go against her. Mad
  5. Stevo985

    Scott Hogan

    He'd probably be good up there. And people would be chirping up about how they always knew he was a good player, without realising how appalling the standard is up there. Sinclair was a world beater up there, and has just signed for Preston
  6. Saying a shit player is shit doesn’t make you a hater. Taylor is abysmal.
  7. Stevo985

    Dean Smith

    It also massively simplifies all of the factors that go into a performance, especially a one off. If you put me up front on my own but the other 10 players play out of their skins then as a whole we'd probably say the team performed well. If you put the Brazilian Ronaldo up front in his prime but the rest of the team played absolutely **** dreadfully then we'd say it was poor. The deciding factor between the good and the bad performance wouldn't be that I was a better option than Ronaldo
  8. Targett It's 2020. Defending is barely half of what a fullback needs to do. Preferring Taylor would be like preferring a keeper who is good at shot stopping but terrible at everything else. In the modern game it's not good enough.
  9. In the modern game I'd take the latter every day of the week.
  10. He's abysmal. Whenever he gets the ball in the final third my heart sinks and my brain just goes "Oh well, attack over". It's automatic And usually it's right
  11. He looked incredibly frustrated at times last night. Must be infuriating for him playing with some of our players at times. There was two moments. One we got to the edge of their box in the second half, played some nice passes, he created space and gave it to Hourihane and he just easily lost it and everything broke down. Grealish was fuming. And another when we were defending, won the ball, got it to El Ghazi in our own half, Jack was open for a pass right in front of AEG and he just hoofed it 50 yards towards the corner to nobody. Jack was livid.
  12. He was crap. In my opinion of course. And again this is form someone who likes the guy and thinks he's going to be a good player. He just had a particularly bad night. In his (and Nakamba's) defence, we were effectively playing two in midfield for large parts of the night, and with Leicester's effective press it wasn't an easy night to be a central midfielder.
  13. Also what he's saying makes no sense. The guy is a moron. Who seems to have a massive vendetta against vegans and anyone who tries to cater to them
  14. He misplaced 4 passes in 90 minutes and was dispossessed once. I think someone is exaggerating. (FWIW I don't think he was very good last night. He just wasn't awful)
  15. He's not a scapegoat. There's definitely a player in there. I still think he'll turn out to be a very good player. But last night he was absolutely shit. That's not making him a scapegoat. He was crap.
  16. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion. But this post is nonsense.
  17. Honestly if this is people's assessment of his time here then I'm lost for words. He was absolutely fine for us.
  18. Stevo985

    Scott Hogan

    He did well at Blackburn for one season. 19 league goals. He got 3 for them the following season. Outside of the Paraguayan league he hit double figures for league goals once in his entire career, and that was that season at Blackburn. In his 8 seasons in the Bundesliga the most goals he ever scored in a season was 5 I know some strikes don't score that many goals, but he hardly scored any. Again outside of Paraguay he scored 89 league goals in 381 appearances. 1 in 4 record. And when you consider almost a quarter of those goals came in one season at Blackburn, the rest of his career was really sparse.
  19. Stevo985

    General Chat

    Ha. I missed an opportunity. But clearly I don't even need to say it anymore
  20. Probably said please or thank you
  21. Stevo985

    Scott Hogan

    It wasn't' a defence of Hogan. Just more examples of strikers who had good form for a season and basically made a career out of it
  22. Stevo985

    Scott Hogan

    Marlon Harewood, Roque Santa Cruz
  23. Stevo985

    General Chat

    When you say you have nothing to do, do you mean LITERALLY nothing? And are your boss(es) aware of it? I don't know why managers would keep people at work under these circumstances. It's achieving nothing. Send everyone home and get them back in when you get the "green light"
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