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  1. The seemingly widespread opinion among football fans and pundits that the further down the leagues you go, the more "physically demanding" it is. Nonsense.
  2. My go. Only Connect style again, but this is the second round, where you have to guess the next in the sequence Kilmarnock Everton Newcastle United Tottenham Hotspur Vauxhall Motors Ipswich Town Liverpool Leicester City Arsenal Notts County Inter Milan Sheffield Wednesday Accrington Stanley Nottingham Forest Eastleigh Town Rotherham Rochdale Racing Santander Red Star Belgrade Redditch United Ross County Rangers ????
  3. Fantastic Mr Fox and Isle of Dogs are the best things he's done. Everything else is meh.
  4. Finally some movement for me. Invested quite heavily in Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) months ago and it’s finally rocketing. Google signed up as a council member yesterday and it seems to have kickstarted it. Don’t know whether it will last but nice to see something moving in the right direction for once
  5. I generally dislike Wes Anderson movies. There. I said it.
  6. Man U fans on RedCafe reckoning they could get Grealish and Maddison for £100m lolllllllllllllllllll might get you one of them.
  7. I feel like it's something to do with vowels
  8. Parks and Rec is superb. The US Office is really good too but I think it loses it's way after a few seasons. I'd got bored long before
  9. Certainly if Stephen did do it, it didn't happen the way the police said it did.
  10. I'd say Chernobyl is better than all of them
  11. @kurtsimonw again sorry if you've already gone down this path, but another thing recommended to me was Birmingham Healthy Minds. You can self refer to them, it's what my GP recommended. I'm ;ucky that my employer offers private healthcare through Bupa so I didn't use Healthy Minds in the end. but might be somewhere to start.
  12. I "liked" this for the news that you're on the mend. I've met you and you're a top bloke and I'm glad your attempt to end it didn't work! Sorry things have got so bad. I guess the silver lining of your attempt means you're now getting the help you need. Hope things keep improving mate
  13. For me a lot of it is his (Steven's) absolute willingness to talk about it, do any test you throw at him etc. I find it so utterly fascinating how many people are involved and how much mystery there is with these things and it's just one man. If you knew what he was thinking the whole thing would be solved instantly.
  14. If I was going for a drink with one or two mates I'd probably go to a pub. But if it was a night out it would be a bar. Agree on the music. I like a dance and music when I'm on a night out, but I take more pleasure in being with a bunch of mates and talking/getting drunk than being in a proper club these days.
  15. I'm 100% sure that But as I always say with these things, my opinion is based entirely off the documentary. And it's very easy to be swayed by a one sided point of view.
  16. I go out fairly regularly drinking and rarely go to a proper pub either
  17. If it's limited to stand alone mini series, then I'd probably agree. It's the best.
  18. I haven't played my PS4 for a while but I'll happily fire it up and get a few games of Rocket League going if it will help
  19. Stevo985

    Scott Hogan

    Fair play to him. Hopefully someone will buy him now
  20. This is a great idea and I was thinking similar. If the gym is causing you more stress than it's taking away, then it might be worth swapping it with a more social exercise. PLenty of areas have 5 aside leagues or kickabouts where you can just turn up and play, or contact the organiser and they'll add you to a team or whatever. You'll get exercise, have more fun with it and meet new people.
  21. @kurtsimonw I know we're just blokes on a football forum, but you absolutely have an impact on our lives. Look how worried we all were when you stopped posting for a while. How we tracked you down on Twitter and facebook to make sure you're ok. I think about you all of the time. I've recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I'm lucky that it's relatively mild, but I often think about how hard it must be for you to have it more severely and worry that you're ok. I think when you feel like this it's easy to convince yourself that nobody cares and you don't matter. But it's not true. If you really feel like this is rock bottom then things can only get better. Imagine how much better things can get if you really feel like you're as low as you can go. Sorry if you've already been down this route, but have you tried talking to anyone like the Samaritans or Mind or tasc or anyone like that?
  22. Is this like when they kept making Fantastic 4 films even though they were all shite?
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