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  1. Cheers. Don't like boat shoes personally. Bit too preppy for me. I have one pair of shoes that I don't wear socks with, which VT found incredibly amusing @TheAuthority can confirm, however, that I look **** sexy in those shoes
  2. I only said that because it's a joke I quite like Superdry, although I don't think I own any of their stuff at the moment. I have in the past
  3. It's amused me no end. A load of old men on an internet forum laughing at a rich 16 year old's designer clothes. I wonder who has the better fashion sense?
  4. Well you were talking present tense so I looked at the current season. I’m not sure what’s wrong with that. I can’t find where they rank them over the decade so I’ll take your word for it
  5. No it doesn't appear so. WhoScored have him as a 6.5 this season in the premier league. Wouldn't even get him close to the top 300 players in the world this season. Even if you add Eruopa League in it only buts him up to 6.86 which is still outside the top 300
  6. I mean, they literally have though haven't they? Not the sold bit. But people have said he's failed to step up to this level, which I couldn't disagree with more And that he wouldn't have made an impact even if he'd been playing, which would suggest we won't be better when he returns.
  7. Yep. Like I said before if it wasn't for the fact he'd previously played here, we'd be openly laughing at this link. I love the guy, but he's been very shit for quite some time now
  8. Can anyone read the first sentence of that news report with a straight face? Embarrassing
  9. Given the recent performances of our other midfielders I think it's laughable to suggest he'd have had no impact if we still had him. He did seem to need a rest though.
  10. That he has failed to step up to this level. He stepped up to this level faster than anyone else in the squad and then his form dipped.
  11. Why do the Norwegian navy put barcodes on their ships? So when they arrive back in port they can Scandinavian
  12. A belly is just fat fat Skinny fat is more the kind of guy you'd see in the office and think he was slim. Then you'd see his holiday pictures and realise he's flabby all over
  13. Like someone who is slim but flabby. I know what he means.
  14. Stevo985

    General Chat

    Yeah but it's so good.
  15. Indeed. That is the question. And if you answer yes based on Bruce being "old school" then that's absolutely fine. But there's no evidence behind it apart from they have a lot of injuries. Marco Bielsa teams have shit loads of injuries towards the end of the season too but he's a genius, apparently. As usual it seems that VT slates Bruce for everything he deserves to be slated for, and then makes up a load of new stuff to slate him for too. I find it very strange but each to their own. Edit: to clarify I'm not saying there isn't a connection between Bruce and injuries. There may well be. I imagine if you dug into any manager's history you'd find them moaning about injuries at most clubs. But that's a hunch. I was addressing the more ridiculous notion that Bruce just ignore all of his data and sport scientists because he's a bit old fashioned.
  16. 1. You are wrong 2. You are wrong Granted they came in under Rafa but I can't see any evidence that Bruce has got rid of them. Here And here As usual this thread is full of lazy stereotypes. Bruce's football is shit. And there's plenty of stuff, including that, to criticise about him. But he'll finish above us, and he'll probably do better than the so called genius Rafa did in the same job. The VT obsession is real.
  17. Stevo985

    Pepe Reina

    Luckily signing a goalkeeper doesn't mean you can't sign anyone else
  18. Stevo985

    The Royal Family

    Not really. They've just both got beards and are wearing a hat
  19. Would you have said these at the time? I mean I don't disagree with the players mentioned being good enough, but just wondering if you'd have had the same opinion at the time? It's easier to say with retrospect
  20. I know they've already appointed someone else, but isn't it widely known that it would never be Pochettino at Barca? Having played for 10 years at Espanyol
  21. Forgot about that. I'll probably get that too given how good Witcher 3 was
  22. Yep. Don't eat it anymore, but I used to love prawns, lobster, crab etc. But it would piss me off in a restaurant when you got served unshelled prawns. I get that it looks nicer, but I don't want to spend half my meal peeling **** prawns. Especially when they were in a paella or something so it made a **** mess too.
  23. Stevo985

    General Chat

    Yeah this was only about 30 seconds, and if I’d been on the motorway I’d have had to carry on. But I was on a quiet road. But yeah, couldn’t see a thing. I feel very bad for @Chindie being stuck in it!!
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