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  1. I've never been a BMW fan anyway. Some are ok, but in general I don't like them (personal preference) But yeah the new grills are a bit ugly
  2. This is perfect. I hate when people quote massive posts over and over
  3. I really like it except for the side bar. As someone else said it runs out a couple of posts in and then leaves a big blank space for the rest of the page
  4. 50% of the amount you've borrowed I think. So doesn't include the deposit. So a 30k car with a 15k optional payment at the end and a 5k deposit would be finance of 10k plus interest. If you've paid off half of that amount then you can give it back. I think!
  5. When I asked about termination on mine (audi but it's all VWFS) you had to have paid at least 50% of the finance to be able to terminate it for free. Then you just had to pay excess miles and any damage
  6. Yeah that's the one. Ashbourne looks nice but still miles for us both to commute. I dunno. If I get an interview I'll have a serious look at places. It's all pie in the sky at the moment
  7. I got a Blue Yeti when I was doing my short lived podcast and found it really good. About £100 so not very cheap but if you intend to keep this going long term (which I hope you do ) then might be worth a look
  8. Can't say I'm disappointed to see him go. I don't think he was anywhere near the standard we need and was a bit of a panic signing in January. Nothing against him though. Good luck to him and I hope it works out in Turkey
  9. Listened to the second one on Wednesday and thought it was very good again. One of you needs to change the batteries in your smoke alarm though
  10. The comparisons with Drinkwater are lazy at best. Not remotely the same
  11. Really? I think that's very naive. I think most people who complained would have been people that don't like BLM. They couldn't care what it meant for kids
  12. There was a meme going round not so long ago that sums it up that says "My boyfriend is the perfect person to gossip with about people from work because he doesn't know who any of them are and he wasn't listening anyway"
  13. I'd be very surprised if that was why the majority of people who complained were complaining
  14. Whilst this is true, 1900 complaints would put it as the tenth most complained about thing on TV (to Ofcom) since 2010 The Diversity complaints (24,500) would put them in second place, about 1000 complaints behind "punchgate" from celebrity big brother. Third place had only 8,002 complaints so the jump from that to the Diversity complaint is huge. So yes as a percentage of viewers it's very small. But compared to other complaints in the past these two incidents are right up there. Which when you consider they are anti-racism "incidents" is **** mental
  15. He's rubbish. Would like to see us sign someone else to give us another option though.
  16. I would do a #StevoITK joke but someone has beaten me to it
  17. Yeah they're having a laugh with the carpets. If they insisted on charging that then I'd be telling them "That's fine, I won't pay that so do whatever you like with them" You can almost guarantee they'll leave them. And if they don't, you have to buy new carpets anyway but you can get one you actually want
  18. I'm stunned. The Departed is one of my favourite films. It's **** brilliant
  19. Stevo985

    Jed Steer

    My guess is we went for a keeper of Martinez' quality because they're concerned about Heaton's injury given his age. If that concern is real, Heaton might decide it's in his best interests to be a number 2 and see out his big contract. I'm just speculating though. I agree that Martinez has most likely come in as Number 1
  20. Yeah this is the main reason it isn't really an option. My commute now is about 45 minutes but it's through backroads to wolverhampton so there's barely any traffic, I'm always moving and it's always 45 minutes. I've done motorway commutes before and when it's bad it's a **** nightmare. Not something I'd really want to go back to, or make my OH have to endure as well.
  21. It sounds like a shit situation. But it's probably not the best time for speculatively giving your notice without a job to go to. Might have to grit your teeth and get through it. But sounds like you should be on the lookout for other opportunities.
  22. Stevo985

    Jed Steer

    Neither Steer or Nyland are good enough to be our Number 2 to be honest. Harsh but true. I imagine the plan is to have Martinez and heaton competing for the gloves and whoever doesn't get them is number 2.
  23. In theory, yes. We live in a rented flat at the moment. We're looking to move anyway (obviously the plan before was staying in Birmingham), Manchester is close enough that I could still be regularly back and forth to see family, which would be important for me. The problem would be the other half. She loves her job and wouldn't want to leave it. She's happy for me to go for the job but is talking about moving somewhere halfway between the two cities and commuting but I'm not sure I want to live in Stoke, which is the obvious choice. I wouldn't make her quit her job though which is pr
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