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  1. Thought he had an ok game but two huge errors giving away two goals. THat can't happen
  2. I don't see why players find it so hard. If you're teammate is getting so much racist abuse that he wants to walk off, why is it so hard to walk off with him? Even if you're trying to convince him to stay on, if that doesn't work, then just **** walk off with him. Disgusting really. At least @screwdriver will be happy. It's "up to the black lads" after all. Marega walked off so job done, right?
  3. That was a heavy defeat! Unfortunately their run now is very favourable. I don't think they'll be dragged back into the fight
  4. I know this clip is 5 years old, but this sums up a lot of what turned me off of WWE. Maybe my memory is deceiving me, but back in the 90's it seemed like the crowd were hot for everything. Didn't matter if it was a midcard or lower card thing, the crowd got into it. And if the crowd were subdued the commentators, even if it was Michael Cole instead of JR, got you hyped because they were so excitable and seemed so invested. They made you care. But look at this clip. The crowd don't care. And the commentators sound like they've just got it on in the background while they're doing something more important.
  5. He had about 3 quarters of the goal to aim at and put it the only place the defender could get to it. It was a horrendous miss
  6. I thought he did well yesterday, but that miss that would have put us 2-0 up was criminal. That could have won us the game.
  7. I disagree. And we'd be livid if it wasn't given. It was a penalty. But I agree the El Ghazi handball one was too
  8. Stevo985

    Joe Lolley

    We'd be overpaying if we paid that for him, but we'll have 60 million in the bank from selling Grealish. I'd be happy to have him in the Premier League, I think he'd be an excellent signing in the Championship
  9. Stevo985

    General Chat

    Fair play, that gave me a genuine lol first thing on a Monday
  10. Stevo985

    Joe Lolley

    I was at the Baggies game yesterday (My mom is a Baggies fan so took her to see the game), and I was 5 rows from the front so had a up close and personal view of Lolley, particularly in the second half when he was basically playing right in front of us. First half he seemed to be playing up front centrally with Grabban but definitely had more luck when he moved out wide. Probably not one of his best games as he didn't get on the ball much, but he looked so dangerous when he did! Just drives at the defenders as soon as he picks it up. He probably should have had two penalties, looked like strong cases from where I was and he was livid he didn't get them. Seemed to be carrying an injury as well. Was interesting to see him that close up. I thought about shouting at him but given I was amongst the Baggies fans I didn't know if it would go down very well! Should be the first name on the transfer targets if we go down this season.
  11. Stevo985

    General Chat

    See the thing is, some people outside of VillaTalk have this thing called a sense of humour...
  12. He was the best player on the pitch. I don’t know what games you’re watching mate
  13. Stevo985

    Pepe Reina

    Some great saves, and his distribution is on another planet compared to any goalkeeper I think we've ever had.
  14. Stevo985

    Dean Smith

    We play in the Premier League
  15. Stevo985

    Dean Smith

    Good thing we don't play in the Premiership
  16. "Straight through" might have been the wrong word. But he clearly makes significant contact with the Spurs player, both legs, before he's anywhere near the ball. To me it's a clear foul Like you said, we'd be fuming if we didn't get that.
  17. For me this is why it's essential that the same ref review his own decision. You're right that we'll never have consistency, but we could at least have consistency in the same 90 minutes. Letting someone else decide to overrule the ref. The on field ref might have reviewed that and said something like "I can see why it was referred but I don't see it as a penalty" Instead he's been overruled with no say in the matter.
  18. Really? Looks like he goes straight through him to me. And the only reason he eventually gets a but of the ball is because it's played into him. It was a desperate lunge and he **** it. His first big mistake of the game.
  19. Stevo985

    Dean Smith

    Amazing how quickly you post in here after we lose and how long it takes you after we win.
  20. It was a clear foul. If it was reversed and we didn't get it we'd be absolutely livid about it, and rightly so.
  21. Stevo985

    Gym Routine

    @kurtsimonw, I'd rate @JB as one of the most knowledgeable posters on here regarding this stuff, so I think this is a very good shout.
  22. I can’t imagine enough people have ever stayed interested for long enough for it to be worth them finishing the printing.
  23. I’d be interested to know if any of these magazines had EVER completed their entire run of issues
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