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  1. He definitely wasn't born before 1977. My guess would be geeky parents. Maybe it wasn't his real name, but honestly if you'd seen the way he reacted when I asked it was as if he'd been asked a thousand times and it really was his name.
  2. Saw a stat last week. IN the previous week's episode, more than twice as much time was spent showing adverts as was spent showing people sing. X Factor used to be good with the intimate auditions where you could laugh at the awful people, and tip your cap to the talented ones (but mostly laugh at the awful people) It always got shit when everyone was actually good and it was the live shows. Now that the whole show is that format it just isn't entertaining anymore. Obviously for some people it is, I can only speak for myself.
  3. Jokes aside, I met Jodie Marsh on a night out in London once. She is actually minging. And that was before she turned into something from a peperami advert
  4. I ate at The Orange Tree in Chadwick End once. When we got the bill, it declared that "your waiter was: Luke Skywalker" Obviously I had to ask if that was really his name. Judging by the sigh and the look of frustrated sorrow in his eyes as he replied "yes", I could tell that was ACTUALLY his name.
  5. Says who? Well it was supposed to promote England 2018 not the foreign fans and players of the Premier League Well I don't think it was a promo for the premier league as such, but it shows the worldwide influence of English football, as well as showing the passion of English football fans (because even though you seemed to have missed it, there is footage in there of English fans) I think that's a decent message. Personally I think the only thing to be appalled at is the shockingly bad article that contains the video (not that I'd expect anything less from the Daily Mail)
  6. Am I the only one who thought the video was pretty decent?
  7. I get called Steve on email. On VT I can excuse it. NOt by email! as you say, my proper name is in the email!
  8. Don't really see what the big deal is. It's exactly what they did with the 3G and 3GS.
  9. Got it! 5:04. Disappointing
  10. I got 10 of them in 1:30 Still can't get the last one. Left CM 3:30 and counting
  11. She looks like she's been whittled from a dog turd
  12. Stevo985


    I went and injured myself 2 weeks ago haven't been able to run since PLaying football on Thursday so hopefully if I get through that I'll be able to try a run on the weekend. Pretty sure I won't be doing the half marathon on 23rd though
  13. Download "Dump-o-meter" on your phone and work out how much you get paid to shit at work
  14. Don't be ridiculous. She'll be paying extra rent for the pleasure of noshing me off!
  15. "Holy Global Recession, Batman!! We better start some enterprising businesses to create jobs and inject growth into the economy, then we can lower taxes!" "Good thinking Robin. To the VAT Cave!"
  16. Fair enough. Like a man in orthopaedic shoes, I stand corrected.
  17. Could be a blessing in disguise mate. 2 of my best friends brought a house together, the amount of grief it caused them was unbelievable! 1 of them fell behind with payments etc. and caused a big rift. In the end, them selling it (loosing a good chunk of cash on it) was the only thing that saved their friendship. It wasnt only the money issue tho mate, when you socialise and live with someone it means you can pretty much spend 24hrs a day with them and its not always a good thing, you may end up wanting to tear their eyes out...thats what marriage is for! :winkold: You've already bee
  18. ICO is a beautiful and incredible game! I'll be picking these remakes up (if that's the right word) never played SOTC myself, but ICO is one of my all time favourites so I'm very interested.
  19. rubbish, he is almost the complete player at the age of 19, i think he will go down as a modern great, he is that good He's back!
  20. 1) How much would you say you like Newcastle United? Hate them. Not as much now as a few seasons ago, but I still hate them. Sending them down was an awesome day! 2) How would you describe a typical geordie? no comment 3) If you could be mates with any of our team, who would you pick? Faustino Asprilla...or has he left?
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