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  1. Of those 2 options I would choose beating Chelsea and going out of the cups as the League is the number 1 priority. However, I don't think we will beat chelsea and go out of the cups. I think we'll go through in one of the cups, probably UEFA, and draw with Chelsea.
  2. The question isn't "Which of all the viable options would you choose?" otherwise everyone would pick win all the games. The question is which of these two would you prefer? If someone asked you "What would you prefer, a ferrari or a porsche?" would you say "I don't want either of them, we haven't considered all viable options, blah blah blah" No you wouldn't (unless you were a penis) so lighten up! If you don't like the question don't answer it.
  3. That was Cheryl, Tony. Lets leave out comments that may be libellous. Ta. PB
  4. tell us more maybe, but thats why we think she'll be filthy in bed. :? 8) Nothing to tell. Met 3 of them in Newcastle in a club that my mate runs the night to. Nicola mings, Nadine is short and kimberley is strikingly pretty. Didn't say much to them to be fair. NNadine and Kimberley seemed nice enough. As for the filth, my mate's gran might be filthy in bed but I wouldn't sleep with her.
  5. I've met 3 of them in the flesh, and I can definitely say that Nicola does not "ooze sex". She oozes miserableness and face like a slapped arse-ness. Also, Nadine is deceptively short.
  6. Hahaha, the boys are going to have a field day. Even I was slightly aroused by that. A Cheryl, AG and AVFCLaura 3-way. O my
  7. I don't understand anyone's list if Nicola isn't bottom.
  8. Cheryl Kimberly Sarah Nadine Nicola In that order.
  9. James Milner has never showered in his life. He just looks at the dirt and it **** off.
  10. It's shit. Rihanna is fit and has some decent songs, thsi was not one of them, imo.
  11. Is the answer to this question "no"?
  12. The Pittsburgh Steelers have sold out every home game since 1972.
  13. Stevo985

    school days

    I absolutely loved school. I'd go back in time in a second. I can see why people can hate it. I think it helped that I went to a good school and was pretty academic and was in the rugby team which made school more fun.
  14. I haven't read any of this thread so forgive me if my post is wayyyyy off the current theme of the topic. I would be all in favour of an opt out scheme, and I wouldn't opt out. This is strange as I don't currently opt in, but it is something I intend to do. I'm a blood donor and a bone marrow donor so I have no problem with people using what I don't need when I'm long gone. Opt out for me isn't the government dictating what to do with your organs. You still get the chance to say you don't want to be included, it would just mean that all those people, me included, who intend to become an organ donor btu never get round to it, wouldn't have to. In this way, people who don't want to donate their organs have ample opportunity to opt out annd the end result, I believe, would be more organs being available. So I'm all for it.
  15. Stevo985


    Definitely no prizes for you!
  16. Stevo985


    i have to say,that is the one thing i do miss about smoking..its the going outside and having a bit of crack with people you dont know. it's brilliant. Also, never light your own cigarette, that's my rule of thumb when I smoke. Easy way to start a conversation is by asking for a light. No prizes for guessing which sex I normally ask for a light first
  17. Stevo985


    I smoke when I'm out and even I think the public smoking ban is brilliant. Just makes places more pleasant. Bit of a shitter in the winter when you have to go outside for a fag, but in the summer it turns smoking into a bit of a social event. i like it.
  18. Stevo985


    Depends what you're talking about. A mammogram is a breast scan to check for tumours. Total or partial removal of the breast is a mastectomy. No joke, as my missus could tell you - she had one four years ago.radiotherapy i thinl is the one he's looking for.. Nope, Mastectomy was what I was looking for. Don't know why I said Mammogram, as that obviously isn't removal of the breast (although no doubt she had a mammogram at some point) But yeh, she had her breast removed, so Mastectomy is the right answer.
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    I understand where Paddy is coming from. And for the record I woudl never smoke near anyone who wasn't a smoker, unless they came over to me when I was smoking. But on Paddy's note, my cousin got breast cancer a couple of years ago and had to go through chemo and a mammagram (is that what it's called) Anyway, she was just finishing her chemoo and was visiting my gran (I was there too) and my Aunt was also there, and my Aunt just sparked up a cig and started smoking right next to my cousin. I know smoking would have no effect on her cancer, but I still thought it was highly inappropriate.
  20. Stevo985


    I smoke socially. End of last year I started to smoke when not out drinking and was afraid I'd get properly addicted so I stopped all together. Back to normal now, never smoke unless I'm out on the piss. For some reason once I start drinking I'm gasping for cigarettes.
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