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  1. Why does that make freedom of movement within the EU a misnomer? And if there's very little outside of the EU, doesn't that make the freedom of movement within the EU even better? I'm still struggling to see what point you're trying to make here... unless it was genuinely a straw poll on how many VTers reading this particular thread were going to move to a country in the EU?
  2. I've thought about it. And I'm getting my Irish passport to ensure I keep my free movement so i can do so in future. Although whether I'm going to do it or not has basically zero relevance unless you're going to expand on your point a little?
  3. Yeah what Zat said. It's like they wanted to fix problems that didn't exist and made it ten times worse in the process.
  4. Exactly why they should use the screens. It gives the same ref some help by giving him extra angles and slow mo, but it's still him giving the final decisions.
  5. True, but have you watched them lately? I'd argue they look like the best team in the league since the restart. They're scintillating going forward.
  6. I've jumped on the Bruno FPL captain bandwagon so I'm hoping this prediction is right
  7. I’m sure the factual accuracy is what the offender was going for there. He’ll be so embarrassed after that dressing down
  8. I agree with the sentiment here but it’s not comparable to the Zaha incident
  9. Yeah I’m not suggesting that the current system is right or wrong. Just that within the context of that system, expulsion for something like this isn’t a disproportionate punishment
  10. If I'd done what he did and the school was made aware of it I have no doubt I'd have been expelled.
  11. You may be right. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but part of the school system has always been to expel kids who do stuff that is really really bad. And whatever way you look at it, sending racist abuse and threats to someone is easily bad enough. It's not like expulsion is a harsh punishment in the context of the school system for something like this.
  12. I guess. But that's how expulsion works.
  13. Started "The Fall" which I realise I am very late to. But it's great stuff so far. Onto Season 2 tonight
  14. He's actually a full back, which helps. He's never been amazing, but he knows what he's doing and crucially he can cross a ball. When your other wide players are Neil taylor, Trezeguet and El Ghazi, it's pretty crucial to have someone who can actually cross on the pitch
  15. If I'd been sending racist abuse and threats to anyone, let alone a prominent celebrity while I was at school, I'd have been expelled immediately and I imagine most schools are the same.
  16. Remember when I said the right thing to do in this kind of situation is to try and educate yourself as to why something might be offensive, or inappropriate, or just of it's time, and then understand why a decision like this has been made; rather than decide immediately that they're wrong and dismiss it as silly? Yeah. You should give it a try some time.
  17. Kurt finally replied. He's ok. Not in a good place and very fed up but he's ok Edit: I don't mean to put his personal stuff on here so if he sees this I'm sorry, Kurt! Just thought after my previous posts people might be worried so wanted to assure them you were ok
  18. They'd have been relegated if they didn't sack Ranieri. Said it at the time. Sacking him was the best thing they could do for him. He now is still remembered as the guy that won them the league and was repaid by being cruelly sacked soon after. When in reality he was going to get them relegated and his reputation would have taken far more of a hit if he'd led defending champions into the championship
  19. He's been ok since the restart to be fair to him. He still absolutely kills any attack that comes down his side. I'd have Targett over him for that reason alone. But he's not been bad lately.
  20. Stevo985

    Dean Smith

    Fair play. Decent showing today and we’re still clinging on. Beat Everton on Thursday and I’ll start believing.
  21. I still think he’s utter shit. But to be fair to him he’s always had an instinct to be in the right place to nick a few goals. He did it when it really counted in the semi final and he’s done it again today. Cant fault that and can’t fault the effort he puts in
  22. Just picking names out of a hat in midfield at this point. Next match it’ll be Lansbury nakamba and jack in the middle
  23. All of the above in varying amounts
  24. Yeah. I meant if they both get two more points we’re still down. But doesn’t matter. My original post wasn’t serious. There’s no way we’re winning 3 more games
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