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  1. He is quality. I was just concerned at the workrate he'd need to cover for Jack and Maddison in a three.
  2. Still happening. My friends just managed to get one for our mutual friend through these odd ones popping up. Anyone with a 5 game reference who is still after a ticket should still be trying.
  3. Stevo985

    Louie Barry

    "Just because these three players I can name were ready when they were 16, out of the thousands and thousands of footballers that make it as professionals, Barry should play"
  4. Stevo985

    Louie Barry

    Because they were good enough and ready. If Barry is good enough and ready then he'll get used. That decision shouldn't be made just because we want to tell El Ghazi he's a word removed
  5. Same with Fantasy Football. If you captain a player playing on Friday and he doesn't do well the rest of your weekend is **** miserable
  6. Play Jack wide then like he does for us and drop Sancho as cover for Sterling (or vice versa). Or put an extra man / different man in midfield to make up for the lack of workrate. Maddison and Grealish are possibly (and certainly potentially) the two best players England have. It could and should work.
  7. He eats Ready Salted crisps, except for when he's being extravagant when he eats slightly different Ready Salted crisps What a boring word removed
  8. Like I said, defence is a problem. I don't really have much confidence in anyone back there. I had a brain fart. Switch Trippier for Chilwell. My bad. Maguire gets in for his previous performances for England, and Stones for his ball playing ability. I agree with the Henderson thing. I'd rely on the manager to find something that works. but I have no confidence in Southgate to make that team work, like I said. If Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp had that first XI they'd be winning trophies. With Southgate we'll probably be out in the round of 16
  9. Obviously they can. But it makes it far less likely.
  10. Assuming everyone was fit and on their current form, my XI would probably be something like ---------------------Pope Trent - Maguire - Stones - Trippier ---------------Henderson ------Grealish-----------Maddison Sancho---------------------------------Sterling ----------------------Kane Defence is an issue. Apart from TAA nobody gives me much confidence of the current crop. Saka could get a look in at left back. Not sure is Maddison and Grealish would need more protection/defensive cover in midfield than Henderson. But I'll go for that.
  11. Don't think it's necessarily to contain it. I think that ship has sailed. Probably just trying to lessen the impact as much as possible.
  12. Yeah but having thousands and thousands of people travelling to and from the country and congregating in large crowds from all over the world probably isn't the best way to stop it spreading.
  13. The Italy Ireland match has been postponed so it's looking more and more likely unfortunately
  14. A front 5 of ---------Maddison-Grealish Sancho------------------------Sterling --------------------Kane Or something to that effect is frighteningly good. But I have zero confidence in Southgate even picking those players, let alone playing them effectively. Said it before, but the England team should be being built around Grealish and Maddison. They're excellent players.
  15. Exactly this. And if the answer is "yes" then they review the footage together.
  16. Because a monitor allows the same ref to review his own decision. That eliminates inconsistency within the same game It should be a conversation between the on pitch ref and the VAR ref, both looking at the footage. "I think you've missed this" "No, I saw that but I didn't give it because of this" "Ok, but what about that?" "That's true but also that" "Ok I agree with that" "On field decision stands then?" "I agree" One ref just overruling another with no discussion is shit. Edit: obviously sometimes that's appropriate. Offsides or mistaken identity or whether a foul was in or out of the box or something doesn't require the conversation
  17. I think it's fairly common for this kind of thing to be appealed and punishments reduced. I'd be very surprised if City managed to get off completely though.
  18. Stevo985

    Louie Barry

    We have this discussion whenever the team is playing badly. People clamouring to play the kids exclaiming that "it can't be any worse than such and such!" It's usually bollocks. I'm all for giving kids a chance. But not just throwing them in willy nilly, especially just to use them as a tool to send a message to other players.
  19. Most clubs on the planet sell their best players. It happens. We should fight tooth and nail to keep him. But everyone saying "just don't let him leave" know very well it's not that simple.
  20. It's a very good point. The situation in my office I Described earlier took a funny turn. I messaged my gf about it and HER boss sent her home. Even though I'm still in the office. She was told to stay off for 2 weeks or until the woman in question was cleared. As it turns out she has been cleared now and my colleague is now back in the office. So my gf can go back to work tomorrow. However, if she did have to stay off for 2 weeks, she only gets 1 week full sick pay. So she would be out of pocket. Now a week of lower pay wouldn't be much of an issue for us, but it's easy to see how people might be reluctant to self isolate if they're going to be seriously out of pocket.
  21. Well the Swine Flu pandemic lasted almost 2 years and was apparently around for 4 months before it became a pandemic. That ended up infecting a billion people or more. The death rate of that was less than 0.1% If Coronavirus death rate of about 2% is accurate then you're looking at 20 million deaths if it infected a similar number of people
  22. Stevo985

    Louie Barry

    This. I never understand this. It's one of my pet hates. "Put him in" - based on what?! "Can't be any worse than..." - yes he can! "Won't do any harm" - it very much could do harm. If he's good enough to play, Smith will play him. I very much doubt that will be in a cup final against one of the best teams in the world.
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