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  1. I think they'll comfortably stay up. But I agree there won't be many who are happy about the football or with Bruce as manager. Unfortunately for Newcastle fans there will be one person who is happy with it. Mike Ashley.
  2. If it wasn't for FFP I'd agree with you 100%
  3. I'd agree. Guilbert is good defensively but doesn't offer much going forward. Targett is ok defensively and far far better going forward.
  4. Shearer moved to his boyhood club for a world record fee and they were genuine title challengers at the time. I think that's a bit different. I do agree. But for a team so lacking in quality all over the pitch, that kind of money could be very attractive.
  5. It won't though. They'll blame the EU, or Remainers. At best they'll blame the Tories for **** up the negotiations and transition, but I'd be very surprised. At no point will Brexiteers (at least most of them) admit it was a bad idea.
  6. The problem is, I think the kind of money we'll get offered for Grealish will be too good to turn down. If we stay in this league I think we'll be attracting £80m plus. That's a lot for a club at our current level to be turning down when we could be buying 3 or 4 more players with that money and breaking even (on transfer fees anyway) I'd be as happy as anyone if we kept him. Ecstatic. I just don't agree with this "he's not better than Villa" narrative. He is. And that usually means the player moves on. I can't think of anyone since Le Tissier where a club has held on to a player so much better than the level the club is at.
  7. But his teammates didn't. But in your book that's ok. It's his problem not theirs.
  8. This doesn't disagree with what I said. I rate him, I said he was the best fullback at the club.
  9. I dont' understand what's hard about the concept? Some players are better than the level of club they are playing at. They get bought by bigger clubs. This has happened for the past 100 years at every level of football.
  10. No. Where did I say that? Surely you can see the context with Jack is far different from those two players? Firstly Jack is better than both of those players. Secondly, Zaha has tried at a big club and didn't cut it so has come back for a second spell. Felipe Anderson has only been at West Ham for a season and a half. Jack is a player looking to make the next step in his career. It's totally different. What view? That Grealish is better than Aston Villa's level? That's just common sense. But it's not that simple. You know very well that's not how football works. If the player wants to go, he'll go. You mean like when Dwight Yorke wanted to move to a much better team because he was too good for us? Again, I'm not saying we shouldn't be fighting to keep our players. People seem to be reading my posts and thinking I'm saying we should just let him go. I'm not saying that. I was simply saying he's a player capable of a different level than Aston Villa are at.
  11. You seem to have confused my post with someone who is advocating selling him. I don't want to sell Grealish. I'd be over the moon if we kept him and I'm not for one second saying we shouldn't try to keep him. But I'm being realistic. Grealish is a top 4 player. People are saying he's not too good for Villa. He is too good for our current level. That's all.
  12. I agree we need to try and get there. But it won't be any time soon. Jack will have left before then.
  13. There are times when he loses his man too easily and appears to be ball watching.
  14. He's the best fullback at the club. Does have a tendency to ball watch, which is frustrating.
  15. Stevo985

    John Terry

    I might be wrong too. I admit I don't really know. But people (not you) have plenty of times in the past referred to him as the defence coach or similar. He has the same job title as Richard O'Kelly. Again you'd expect that, given he's one of the best defenders the country has ever had, that Terry would probably have a different remit to O'Kelly that would include some defensive responsibilities. But I think it's short sighted to suggest he should be sacked (I'm not saying you said that) because the defence isn't performing. His role involves much more than that.
  16. He's a top 4, champions league player. We are absolutely miles away from that. He's too good for Villa.
  17. Exactly. It's unfortunate, because other positions have the luxury of getting away with mistakes. If a striker has a great game and scores two goals, but misses an open goal for his hat trick, people don't really mind (ok unless it would have been the winner, but you get my point) Keepers and defenders don't really have that luxury.
  18. That was ridiculous. The "rules" around keepers are so strange, in both directions. When the ball is in the air the keepers seem to be allowed to do whatever they want. Because "the ball is there to be won" On the ground it's the other way round. Players can dive in studs up and pile into a keeper and it never gets punished because again "the ball is there to be won" Anywhere else on the pitch that doesn't happen
  19. Unfortunately this is fantasy. The reality is clubs at our level can't hang on to players at the level of Jack Grealish. He is too good to be playing for a team battling relegation. Take off the claret and blue specs. Jack Grealish is far far better than Aston Villa. If he was playing for West Ham or Watford we'd be saying he's too good for them. That is our level at the moment. We're not special.
  20. Stevo985

    John Terry

    John Terry is not the defensive coach. He's assistant head coach (assistant manager essentially) You would hope he'd still contribute to the defensive coaching, but that is not his job. I'm not sure it is. He has the same job as Richard O'Kelly. Assistant Head Coach. Maybe John Terry has been specifically designated as the defensive coach. It would make sense. But it's certainly not his sole responsibility.
  21. Stevo985


    Bit of flooding but Tamworth looks lovely
  22. I do agree, but much like being a goalkeeper, it doesn't matter how well you play, if you're making huge errors like that then you're performing badly. It's harsh but that's the way it is.
  23. Stevo985

    New York, New York

    It's definitely worth doing, but I found it probably the most underwhelming part of my trip to New York As v4e says, maybe int he summer when it's a bit greener it would be better, but I didn't think that much of it. New York in general is fantastic though. I'm looking forward to finding an excuse to go back.
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