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  1. Yeah, it's a ludicrous argument. He's very very good at managing very big teams. He doesn't need to drop down to a lesser team to prove himself. And Pep's defences will always be dodgy in certain scenarios, because he doesn't defend in the traditional way
  2. Assuming the scoring is the same as in the normal game there are also bonus points for the 3 best players in the game, based on all sorts of criteria. But shots that hit the bar or post are off target so I doubt they contribute to that much
  3. VAR still isn't great, but it's a lot better this season. The handball thing is a **** farce but as others have said it's the rules more than VAR that is the issue. VAR is just enabling them to spot more of them. If they corrected that and the minute offside decisions which I still think is a big issue then I think it would be close to a workable system
  4. With VAr that goal would never have stood so it's a moot point
  5. Excellent signing. Lovely news to have today being pretty much out of the blue, despite the strong links. Really excited to see him playing. I imagine having a regular starting spot is going to be great for him and us. Really hope there's an option to buy included
  6. Hahahahaaaaaa Look at the guy at the very end with his two kids. You can tell he is **** livid
  7. Obviously I don't mean literally something incoherent. I mean the nonsense Trump always spouts. Untrue, shite that doesn't answer any questions. It doesn't matter if it's true, or if ti makes sense, or if it answers the question. If he appears to have won, then he's won.
  8. I get all that, but my point is they literally cannot hear what the person is saying. So my point is it's all about how the person comes across. If Trump appears to be winning the debate over Biden, visually, then he's won, even if what he's saying is total and utter nonsense
  9. Cheers! That confirms the same as Rightmove. They don't appear to have been sold. It's crossed our mind to write to the homeowner and ask if they're still interested in selling. perhaps even suggest doing it privately so they don't have to pay estate agent fees. Is that the done thing? Or would that be seen as a bit dodgy? We would hate to go for a different house and then spot this one was back on the market a month later. (that's question for everyone, not just you Davkaus )
  10. Surely it implies exactly that? They literally can't hear what the people say, but they always choose the winner of the election based purely on how they look and perform visually during those debates.
  11. Cheers. Doesn't appear to be free unfortunately (although only £3 so probably worth paying)
  12. Does anyone know of a way to check if a house has been sold or not? A couple of houses we were viewing back in February/March have been taken off the market. But according to Rightmove they haven't been sold (you can view their sale history). But I don't know how reliable or accurate or timely that is. Is there like a definitive source that would tell you that? Basically we're back looking again and if we thought those houses would come back on the market any time soon we'd be more inclined to hold out and wait for them to be on sale again. If they've been sold i
  13. On the "No Such Thing as a Fish" podcast they talked about a study on presidential debates. I may have the details slightly wrong, but the jist of it was they showed groups of people the debates with the sound off, and asked them who they believed "won" the debate. Every single time they've done it, the person the group has picked has won the election. So I guess it adds weight to your opinion (that i agree with) that it's all about who comes across as stronger and more charismatic as opposed to what they actually say
  14. Hopefully that’s his mistake out of his system at no cost! great otherwise
  15. Like the look of him. His goal will come
  16. He’s shit. Sooner Traore is up to speed the better
  17. One of the podcasts I listen to were discussing Dark (very positively) and gave the excellent quote "The only way Dark could be any better is if I had a **** clue what was going on!"
  18. Ouch! I've got rid of Werner after that blank. Got it done before any price changes. Went for DCL. Really wanted to go for Jimenez or Ings but the extra money is useful and DCL keeps rising in price so capturing some of that value.
  19. I've moved back to "Dark" Watched the first series when it first came out but I'm rewatching it because it was so hard to follow, and from what I've heard season 2 and 3 get even more complicated. So I knew if I didn't rewatch the first I'd have no idea what was happening. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it! Can't wait to get on to season 2 and 3
  20. Well, this is a shit week Congratulations if you have Vardy or Ings. The rest of us are pretty ****
  21. That kit is about 1000 times better than any of this season's efforts.
  22. I don't think anyone has a problem with wearing the poppy. The problem is with the obligation to wear one, imo. And the attitude of some people towards those who don't wear one. To the extent that, as demonstrated above, people have to put a poppy on the **** Cookie Monster because they're afraid of people complaining about someone not wearing one. There's also all the fake stories every year about people being offended by the poppy and being told not to display the poppy etc. It renders the symbol itself almost meaningless.
  23. I agree that the UK is right wing. The NHS is celebrated, but if it didn't exist and was proposed now I don't think it would be approved/voted in/ accepted by the population/whatever We're lucky that it's been established for so long
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