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  1. Wes Not yet fulfilling his potential at VP. I was hoping to get to Villa Park for a game this season to watch him play, such a shame. Get well soon Wes.
  2. Strange he puts a picture under the article with Wesley, Engels and ... Palacios
  3. He usually played behind the AMC, looked a bit like a DM because he went back to steal the balls from the opponent and run forward with it. He's a real winner on the pitch, bit of a pitbull, but the teddy version. I'd say he is a bit of both, DM and CM.
  4. Was a very good and important player in his first season in Bruges. A key player that helped Bruges win the title. Got injured at the end of the season and wasn't back at the start of the new season. Despite that he started in about 12-13 games and 4 (I think) in the Champions League. Didn't seem to win back the level of his first season. His replacement played very well too, though I think Nakamba has much more potential and can grow out to a great PL player. I hope his focus will be back on football, he was no longer welcome in Bruges because he refused to come back and train or talk to the
  5. Keeping the ball was something he was very good at in Belgium. But there he played against Eupen, Moeskroen, Cercle Brugge and Eupen off course. Let's hope he can do it against the big PL teams too.
  6. I think he will. Team spirit in Bruges was and is always very strong, especially the last 4-5 years. If he's surrounded by a good team (off the pitch) he will fit in very good.
  7. Wesley worked on his temper in Bruges. It was a lot worse in the beginning, he has really improved very well through the years. Let's hope that moment yesterday was a one timer. In Belgium referees are so bad that you get frustrated about their way of 'blowing' the game. Defenders hung on Wesley like a lion on their prey, and mostly foul was given against Wesley. I think this is better in the PL and he can play his game better than in Belgium. There's just that adaption from the small Jupiler League to the big Premier League, but I think in the end he'll do fine.
  8. How much goals did he score for cercle bruges?
  9. What number is he wearing on his shirt? Edit: I guess 15, according to yesterday's game
  10. Concerning Nakamba, he still refuses to return for training in Bruges. No fee has been offered to the standards of Club Brugge either.
  11. I think that's Ajax' side, they were friends with Anderlechts O-side.
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