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  1. I've recently got a 360, my gamertag is mjkane - Playing Gears of War 2 mostly, looking to pick up a few more games to add to my collection, however.
  2. Superman's only weakness is Kryptonite. James Milner laughs at Superman for having a weakness.
  3. Hawthorne Heights - Silver Bullet into Anterior - Dead Divine
  4. mjkane

    FIFA 10

    I will pretend that I didn't see that... :winkold: I'm gonna put the game down for a while I think, let it collect a bit of dust before going back to it. I've a few others to get on with for now anyway (Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2). I had to get that out of my system, though. I know that there are plenty of people over at the EA forums who've experienced similar things, but was still curious to see if any VT'ers had encountered things like that - and on more than one occasion.
  5. mjkane

    FIFA 10

    And on Amazon for the same price right now, for PS3 at least. I'm having a lot of trouble with FIFA 10, to the point that I'm actually contemplating getting rid of it. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things about the game that I absolutely adore, and yet for each one of those there seems to be a factor that is pushing me away. It's not too often that I curse whilst playing a video game, but I've been calling the referees 'words removed' quite often due to so many inconsistencies with decisions given against me and for the CPU, which ultimately seem to cost me games. The wo
  6. Silverstein - The Sand Will Turn To Glass into... My Chemical Romance - Helena
  7. mjkane

    FIFA 10

    Yep, just got it myself! It's on the PS3 as of today, I've read that the 360 patch is to be released tomorrow but I've no idea how true that is.
  8. mjkane

    FIFA 10

    Someone else with sense I see Pretty miffed about one of the trophies for the game - To obtain it, you need to win a cup with a one star team in Manager Mode; Just my luck that, two games prior to the cup final my Bournemouth side jumped up to one and a half stars! I switched the players around to field as weak a squad as possible but the rating wouldn't budge :x Still, I'm on for the treble having defeated Fulham to lift the League Cup. I've got past Villa and Everton in the FA Cup and I'm now set to face Chelsea in the next round, whilst holding a glorious 20 point lead at the top
  9. mjkane

    FIFA 10

    Well I laughed :winkold: Really starting to enjoy manager mode. I've just got to the transfer window as Bournemouth, hoping to make a signing or two to bolster my ridiculously weak defence. Player interest seems to be coming in at roughly 30%-40%, so I've a lot of progress to make despite being top of League 2 by 14 points after 25 or so games. Highlight of the season came in the League Cup quarter final at Old Trafford. Having gone down 1-0 to a goal from Paul Scholes, Tindall (my midfields weak link) banged in an equaliser, with my pro netting a sweet shot to seal the victory, 2-1.
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