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  1. You have decided all that based upon a 3-game sample size?
  2. Deadline day is the worst day to be a buyer, look at all the mad prices. Once yesterday passed without activity I had a suspicion our business might be done. I held out some hope that since Brentford bought as if they expected to lose Benrahma they might capitulate to our offer, but they held firm. Fair play to them.
  3. Hmmm... I’ve got Smalling to Manure for 92M. Not exactly sure how that would work.
  4. Is it a French striker, or a striker who plays in France?
  5. We’ve wondered multiple times throughout this thread who we could sign as a young, squad striker behind Wesley so this sort of signing wouldn’t surprise me at all, really. All this big time striker talk has skewed our perspective on it, I think.
  6. Looks like Chelsea made a bid for Diagne in January.
  7. I strongly suspect we will have 10 million available (at least) in January, no matter what we spend now.
  8. As the manager has had just shy of a year to watch those players play and train and he’s still decided to get rid, I think the far, far riskier approach would have been to hold onto them. I also trust in his judgment more so than anyone on an internet message board.
  9. Thats2

    Dean Smith

    I agree that Lampard was the right kind of brilliant player to make it as a manager, more willfully excellent than a born talent. Terry too, I think, and they both played a ‘thinking man’s’ position more conducive to management. I expect there are far more midfielders and defenders in the coaching ranks than strikers and wingers, no matter the level. That Klopp quote sums it up quite nicely for me. I think there’s this sort of belief that says the better your players are, the better your manager needs to have been to gain the respect of those players. Not only is that nonsense to me, I t
  10. Thats2

    Dean Smith

    I’ve always found this a quite interesting facet of football management. Here in the States, there’s a belief that the best players don’t usually make for the best managers. The thinking goes that the game comes too easily for them and to impart that greatness to lesser players is difficult (‘just do what I did’). Across the most popular leagues, there have been very few great players who made great managers. Larry Bird maybe. Mike Ditka. Forrest Gregg. It’s far more likely to find managers who never reached anywhere near the highest levels as players and if they did, they usually did so as ba
  11. I don’t like these buy-back clauses. They’re simply another means of control for the largest clubs, and they’ve got advantages enough already. As it stands the penalty for hoarding youth talent is only to sell them on for a large profit, now we want to weaken it further by giving them a way to get them back if they turn quality? To hell with that.
  12. It’s agent tactics. Creates interest by keeping his name in the news, exerts pressure on Brugge, makes anyone who is actually interested think they need to move quickly and potentially up their offer. These agents have teams of social media experts and will know how to best manipulate it. Surely this isn’t surprising, agents are the source of 90% of the names we’ve seen in the transfer news for the past month.
  13. The Nakamba link has always felt like agent-driven nonsense to me. He just wants a move and is using the window’s most active participants to get it. To be fair, his agent is doing a good job.
  14. Some of my favorite options would be: - Nedim Bajrami, Grasshoppers: Just turned 20, should be cheap as Grasshoppers have just been relegated. Might be too young/inexperienced for the squad but worth a punt even if only for the future. - Eugeni Valderrama, Huesca: 24, was brilliant on loan last year at Albacete, more attack-minded but can cover the McGinn role. - Andres Tello, Benevento: Only 22 and 1M on transfermarkt. I think he’s class, best days to come. Might be work permit issues (he’s Colombian) but he’s been in Italy since 2015. - Iddrisu Baba, Mallorca: Would have
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