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  1. Had plenty of chances, the 2nd goal killed the game, another mistake from mings, never known a defender to make so many that has cost us
  2. That was so easy that 3rd, mings defending is laughable
  3. Yet another mistake from him has cost us, was looking good at getting it back to 1-1 soon as that went in was game over
  4. That sub makes no sense, 2-0 down and keeps 5 at the back
  5. Will be no one to buy on next season’s Football manager at this rate with all the wonderkids signing for new teams this season Moriba is a bargain for Leipzig
  6. Another loan? Was hoping someone would buy him as he has no future with us and rather cash in them letting him go on a free once his contract is up
  7. After another crap game from cash, don’t know how guilbert doesn’t get a chance, at least he gets forward and offers an overlap to the wingers
  8. rbcuk

    Matty Cash

    2nd half he was all over the place, still not convinced on him, was a winger converted to a right back but going forward he’s rubbish
  9. I know a few of us have mentioned koopmeiners, bargain they have managed to get at that price
  10. Best game for ages, tracked back got stuck in, hope it continues
  11. We just park at star city and walk it doesn’t take long and can get out without being stuck
  12. Rhodes, Burgess are not good enough to be in the T20 team, we need to get a specialist overseas opener, as that’s where we always lose the match, Hain has been the only decent run scorer again in this comp, Took lintott to show the rest of them how to bat
  13. Watching the bears T20 another shambolic batting display so far 78-6 all southern teams in finals day so far unless we turn this around
  14. rbcuk

    Wesley Moraes

    Hopefully does well for them and they end up buying him
  15. rbcuk

    Cameron Archer

    Took all 3 goals well, could never see Wesley or Davis scoring them tonight, has to be on the bench for sat
  16. Played well I know it’s only barrow, but he offers lot more going forward than cash does
  17. Good performance all round, Guilbert and archer have to be on the bench for sat with the 9 subs
  18. Lovely cross from Guilbert and another good finish again
  19. Would love him at villa, but we have no chance with the other teams after him
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