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  1. If anyone is after a medium or large home shirt, classic football shirts have it for £44.99
  2. Starting to show what he can do, which is good to see
  3. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    Superb today, we have been playing well this season just not taken the chances like we have today
  4. rbcuk

    Wesley Moraes

    I’m glad with what I said the other day, he’s certainly shut up a few that was slating him midweek, needed time to settle 2 goals will do him the world of good today, puts him on 4 now
  5. Just shows you, no Taylor and targett gets an assist aswell
  6. Glad Wesley has already got 2 will do his confidence good
  7. rbcuk

    Wesley Moraes

    Hope he scores tomorrow so some can get off his back, he’s easily our best striker we currently have
  8. Big Sam on goals on Sunday was slating his defending for the 1st goal and he’s correct was dreadful
  9. Plays it simple, gets stuck in, looks a good player so far
  10. rbcuk

    John McGinn

    Said exactly the same today
  11. Should have won, game changed when targett went off for that rubbish
  12. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    Another game we should have won, didn’t help with targett going off to be replaced with that rubbish, that changed the game today in my opinion
  13. Played well and the game changed once he went off, offered width and going forward with decent crosses, hopefully injury isn’t to bad and back in the starting line up nxt weekend, as can’t be dealing with Taylor again
  14. One free kick that’s about it from him today
  15. Game changed once this charlatan came on, he’s one shit footballer
  16. Hoping to see him start, need him playing at home as Taylor offers nothing going forward
  17. Guessing Lansbury must be injured, shocked McGinn is playing, need him fresh for sat
  18. Shocking 2nd half exactly like against spurs sit back and invite them to just attack all half, subs was baffling, what did elmohamady actually do when he came on as didn’t hear his name on the commentary
  19. rbcuk

    Tyrone Mings

    Awful header that has cost us
  20. He’s crap, that chance he had when we was 3 on 2 sums him up
  21. When will we see the end of him
  22. Now back in the **** relegation zone, after this awful 2nd half, poor subs yet again
  23. rbcuk

    Dean Smith

    This sitting back against teams don’t work, didn’t they learn anything against spurs, now again against 10 men arsenal, 2nd half has been a disgrace
  24. Don’t these **** learn anything when we played spurs
  25. **** sake mings, this sitting back was bloody obvious we would concede
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