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  1. Spot on. Especially as Bendtner will be back at Arsenal and apparently they cant afford Cole's wages. They must have one of the worst defences around. Just a bit worried they might fluke the season! I don't understand the Cole thing. Didn't they say if they were promoted they would spend big?
  2. General and mods Apologies, I think this, for a little while at least, is going to turn in to a congratulations thread. Today was....perfect, the atmosphere was fantastic, the result brilliant. You should feel justly proud that you made possible a truly memorable day at VP that people will say "I was there". I am seriously impressed with the level of respect that Randy, yourself and all the new administration have for Aston Villa. What a great day!
  3. You aint seen the shirt yet...its orange with pink hoops
  4. Its annoyingly attractively naff in a simply geniusly and creatively naive way...:-)
  5. I suspect that Randy will be led by MON and that a total is probably dependent on availability of players.
  6. Woodgate is a good defender and has the added benefit of looking like he has just walked out of a crypt!
  7. Its actually a "rerry gud" speech impediment.
  8. Er...evidence please...otherwise please use allegedly
  9. I think certainly Scrappy was endowed with great natural powers, he lacked restraint in using them.
  10. You are so knowledgeable when it comes to complete bollox
  11. That means that short ass Thelma is really 10 feet...lanky cow
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