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  1. I was the same just 3 days ago. Now the butterflies are back!
  2. The cover should prevent the pitch from being waterlogged.
  3. Pfft... when has a boggie ever got anything right? Oh... hang on a minute...
  4. Whilst it feels like an all or nothing game, I need to keep reminding myself that, whatever the result, we’re not guaranteed to stay up or be relegated, although with fewer and fewer games remaining and the possible physiological effect, the result will have a sizeable affect on our odds. Removing my claret and blue spectacles, the chances of staying up as I see it: currently 45%, win against ShefU 55%, draw 40%, loss 30%. No certainties there but the result will feel significant. According to my guesses, we’re almost twice as likely to go down with a loss against a win. Eek! COME ON VILLA!!!
  5. After my troubled experiences with Yodel, any chance your ‘fragile and expensive’ item they are handling for you is akin to Novichok?
  6. Schooling in south Birmingham from 1974 to 1985, my Mom gave me ‘me dinner money’. My secondary school had so many pupils, the kids were split into different ‘dinner sittings’.
  7. I assume the bank account, that your monthly payments were deducted from, will be credited.
  8. See what happens if, without checking, you try to put it on back-to-front.
  9. They’ll see it as yet another opportunity to wear black armbands!
  10. I have a friend who is convinced the extra non-COVID related deaths and economic damage caused by the lockdown is worse than the COVID deaths under lockdown. I keep pointing out the current COVID death toll would likely to be 5 or 10 times higher without a lockdown.
  11. C & A labelling to ensure it’s not worn back to front?
  12. Can’t beat that winning feeling when one has the last laugh.
  13. That is most likely to be achieved by Villa overvaluing and the bidding club(s) undervaluing before meeting somewhere in the middle. Whilst Jack has a significant length of his Villa contract remaining, it’s possible the ‘accurate’ valuation by your definition is not obtainable.
  14. The correct value will only be established when another team matches Grealish’s worth according to the owners at Villa. That could be £50m or it could be £100m. Who knows? Whatever values are bid and rejected or possibly accepted, fans will argue whether it’s a correct value, but how is ‘accuracy’ determined?
  15. Just been on to Amex - completely different customer service experience. No hold time, spoke to a real person (not automated) who immediately understood my issue and has temporarily credited my account with the amount that Amazon stole. Amex are going to raise the issue with Amazon but the I should receive the refund as a permanent credit to my account within 10 working days. Thank you Amex. Up yours Amazon.
  16. Because Amazon took money from my Credit Card company that I never authorised them to. Amazon have forced me to claim a refund from Amex but the theft is by Amazon. Hopefully Amex will be easier to deal with than the shysters at Amazon CS.
  17. Spent two hours on a web chat with Amazon customer service, politely chasing a refund of £134 they initially promised after I had 5 emails confirming orders I had not placed. I immediately informed them of the issue, so they froze my account to enable a password change, cancelled all 5 orders and said my credit card would be refunded. Despite changing my account password, a week later, five different 5 star reviews were written, supposedly by me, for the products I hadn’t ordered. I changed my Amazon password again. 2 weeks and 2 further nudges later, Amazon have refused the refund because my credit card authorised the payment for the fraudulent orders! It took over 2 hours of web chat for them to log my complaint because they insisted I would need to claim a refund from my credit card company, despite Amazon taking the money from my account. Disgusting customer service from Amazon.
  18. Lack of fitness is behind the proposal that the match is started with no players - ‘The officials will occupy pitch positions to ensure that no player from any side shall enter the field of play to gain advantage until 10 minutes remain of each half.’ It could ensure that our team doesn’t run out of steam, at least until the last 5 to 9 minutes.
  19. I believe she’s undergoing, or recovering from, chemotherapy.
  20. Cheaper to defend or settle against teams that haven’t yet earned promotion than against teams punished who haven’t yet failed.
  21. brommy

    Dean Smith

    'Premiership' was Doug Ellis' absolute favourite word. I envisage it was his last.
  22. Pretty sure the ink above his eye translates to k.r.o..
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