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  1. Just now, Mantis said:

    Still find it downright bizarre how much Leeds are hyped up by the media.


    An incredible Leeds performance saw them score twice whilst their opposition, somewhat unfairly, denied them scoring hundreds more. Leeds’s’s’s opposition were totally overwhelmed as the Leeds rock solid defence restricted them to just two (dozen) clear cut chances and a mere 6 goals. Leeeeds march towards the title continues as their points per game now totals a massive 1.21428571428571428571428571428571428571 per game, A number so large yet so unfairly not recognised in the Premier League table. Every football fan in the World is now sure to acknowledge the champions elect as their first, second and fourth favourite team.

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  2. 24 minutes ago, Enda said:

    They hit the post, Dondecker should have buried his chance, and they had 3-4 other half chances in that second half.

    We had Ollie’s good effort and a late, late penalty. It was even enough but Wolves deserved at least a point IMHO.

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda doesn’t win matches. Wolves were poor in front of goal and I’ve seen penalties given for the hand ball. With the distinctly average quality shots on target and the off target post shot, Wolves didn’t do enough to win and then made the glaring penalty area error. Also, having been the better team in recent defeats, we were due a result.

  3. 5 minutes ago, The_Steve said:

    Great leadership from Jack at the end to get the lads to run to the corner flag to celebrate instead of in the penalty box to help the clock tick down more.


    I spotted that too. Ran towards the corner whilst waving to our other players - let’s celebrate way over here!

    Despite some somewhat negative views by others in the thread, I don’t think this game was a ‘smash and grab’, indeed Villa’s expected goals exceeded Wolves.

    Last season we looked a class below but this time I thought we matched them well. Wolves had a few more half chances in the second half but if they had scored any of the shots I think we’d be looking at our keeper. Wolves are a very doghead (!) team and together with an over officious referee, it prevented the game from being a decent watch. However, we easily did enough to deserve the platform that gave us a chance of a win, should the opposition make an extreme defensive error, such as an obvious penalty.

    Oh, and well done to Villa for buying a keeper who saves everything he should. Martinez in goal is so reassuring.

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  4. 29 minutes ago, foreveryoung said:

    So we are going to have a big problem.

    It’s a problem that could lead to our progress being limited to mid table this season but I think many of us expected that.

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  5. 13 hours ago, Greenfly said:

    Nobody's ever explicitly denied it, which you'd think they would've of there wasn't one.

    One thing I'm not clear on is whether the clause was agreed with City or Luiz. Exactly how much of a say does he have in it?

    Moving to citeh will require Luiz signing a contract he is happy with so Doug has a lot of say. Money won’t be the issue so it could be down to how confident Luiz is in his ability to play regularly at a new club. Hopefully citeh will decide Luiz isn’t quite the right player for their set up.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Skruff said:

    Now that he's becoming a media darling there will be more free kicks, penalties and yellow cards going our way . And players will be far more careful with how they defending against him. He'll get that extra second. It'll snowball from here on, if it hasn't all ready. 


    I think it started towards the start of the season. In fear of numerous free kicks, teams aren’t fouling Jack as often. Perfect for us as we’ve swapped out Hourihane’s free kick prowess for Barkley who together with Watkins and others can thrive on a key pass or assist from Jack.

  7. 20 minutes ago, Phil Silvers said:

    It may be just my mind wondering having had a job where I had to read body language, his face when he scored said something to me, he had a bit attitude in his face and eyes.

    Was it VAR, or just because it when in off their player, or was he pissed at Traore starting the last game (hope so), is he annoyed at forums and social media, what what, I dont know.

    Trez’s face told me he knew it was an own goal. I liked his reaction because seeing a player celebrating like they’ve scored a worldie when they didn’t get a touch can be annoying.

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  8. It seem Ole as manager is to ManUre what Hogan is to sha. Decent as a temporary measure and then only good enough to produce an occasional result/goal whilst the overall return remains poor. Similar to a decent takeaway meal that has now turned into something that won’t quite flush.

  9. 2 hours ago, omariqy said:


    Please can I ask you all subscribe to our YouTube channel. We need 100 subs so I can personalise our own YouTube link!


    Subscriber number 11 here!

    I’ve had a 4 hour daily work commute for the past 8 years and fill much of that time with a variety of Villa podcasts. Villa Talks is now my favourite. A big thank you to Omar and the other contributors for your work and output.

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  10. 1 hour ago, OutByEaster? said:

    Beautiful restored Archibald Leitch designed wooden seats? 

    If only we'd done something to keep ours in the Trinity Road. :(

    Except they didn't seem beautifully restored on that close up of Sawiris. Unless the 'burnt out stand' look was intended.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Stevo985 said:

    It was hilarious. Bowie :crylaugh:


    Especially after saying that Bowie had such a beautiful slim face and then the cake looked like a an overweight wrestler after his 1000th bout.

    Freddie Mercury was more Frank Sidebottom!

    I thought Matt Lucas did well for his first show.

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