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  1. 6 hours ago, The Fun Factory said:

    Might be a bit late to mention it but I was disappointed about the pride rewards and how they got rid of several seasons of points. I could be wrong but I felt there was  minimal communication by the club for this. I suspect they are winding down the pride rewards and we will get something else next season. I think the whole system whilst a good intention is too confusing and has not been enough interest in the support base. Villa cash was a lot more simpler.

    Also I was not a fan of the recent commique on pravda  which said along the lines that season tickets are the property of the club and all resales must be through their system. Handing your season ticket to a mate if you cant go has been going in since time immemorial. Happens all the time in supporters clubs- would they rather have a empty seat? They want you to use their resale system so they get another slice of the pie through a commission.  I just thought it was  a bit high handed even if technically they  could be in the right.

    Agree with the first paragraph.

    On the second, I believe the terms and conditions of a season ticket have always referenced they were non-transferable. It's understandable that the club would want to know who is in each seat to help identify anyone abusing regulations such as racial abuse. The answer to lending a mate your season  ticket is as it was decades ago. Keep stum.

  2. Pride rewards have been pants. I had over 5000 and got an email just a few hours that I didn't see until just after over 2000 points were deleted from my account.

    The actual rewards are either pretty useless (a PC wallpaper!) or very difficult to obtain. For two seasons I wanted to spend 600 points on the pre-match meet-up. Checking several times per day for each of 40+ matches went as follows: 'coming soon'...'coming soon'...'coming soon'... 'sold out'. So infuriating!

    I can tell you that the current rewards process is NOT a suitable way to reward the loyalty of someone who has had a season ticket for 30 consecutive years. Please ask the club if they genuinely believe it is and if not, what plans they have to do better. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, Rob182 said:

    People definitely left near me (Upper North) when the 3rd goal went in. It was probably only 1-2k across the ground, but there were easily 10-20 people from rows near me that left for good at that point. Either that or they spent the remainder of the first half and all of the second half waiting for a pint.

    Certainly a massive difference to the Upper Holte.

    Going back to the media BS, there's absolutely no way it was 5000+. Possibly one tenth of their guestimate, but '2000 fans leave seats during VAR check and only 1500 return' isn't good clickbait.

  4. 7 hours ago, Zatman said:

    a lot of the mainstream media seemed to make a big deal saying 5-6000 fans walked out after 30 minutes

    Just more social/media BS.

    VAR typically causes a 2 minute delay after each goal. Upon conceding, some fans use the moment to take a leak or buy a pie.

    Of the half dozen fans around me that I noticed get up on the third goal, everyone of them returned.

    Based on that, I estimate the media are 5-6000 out.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Seat68 said:

    This thread is that fella at work you say morning to on a Monday and ask if they had a good weekend only for them to detail how bad their weekend was and not say anything along the lines of "yeah not bad, yours?"

    In fairness, @maqroll’s original post questions do seem more detailed and interested than the dreadfully rhetorical ‘Good weekend?’ question.

  6. Much doom will be predicted; significantly less doom will actually happen. Political and economic events will occur and seem massive at the time before quickly fading in to history. I was a bit of an activist in my late teens but another 3 decades have taught me that things usually work out okay - with or without my protest and worrying. I’m not expecting anything as major as my grandparents and parents had to live through - now 80 years ago.

    The continuing news theme of the decade will be the world climate whilst the single news item of the decade will be the death and mourning of Elizabeth II. I also expect the benefits and concerns surrounding artificial intelligence and privacy will be significant news.

    On a personal note: in the first half of the 20’s I’ll be helping settle my two children and their partners in their first homes, seeing my son get married in late 2021 and a year or two later, walking my daughter down the isle. It’s very possible I’ll be a grandad in the next 5 years.

    I hope to retire mid-decade, around age 55, when I plan a couple of years overseeing the total refurbishment of my home and then to spend my days visiting family and friends. Hopefully I’ll be researching world holidays to be on with my wife a few times a year. *insert angry Greta gif*

    Personally, my worry for the 2020’s is possible redundancy cutting my income and either delaying my retirement or forcing an earlier retirement with fewer life options.

    Personal fears for the 20’s include the inevitable decline in the health of my parents and wife’s parents. I lost my stepdad last year and it’s possible this decade could see me at up to 5 more parent funerals. I can’t contemplate health issues concerning my wife or children.

    I expect the 2020’s to be a decade of huge personal highs and lows. It’s sure to be eventful!




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  7. 1 hour ago, mjmooney said:

    Ooh, 'Please may I have...?' was drilled into me from infancy. Probably why 'Can I get...?' sets my teeth on edge. 

    If I worked as a food or drink server, I would make it my mission to educate everyone that said “Can I get...” by saying “No, you can’t because you don’t work here; however I can get it for you, if requested correctly. Would you like to rephrase your question?”

    I expect I’d be sacked within the hour.

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  8. Why is it okay to criticise someone for displaying wealth in public (perhaps ‘waving’ a valuable phone or watch around or having an easily accessible wallet or purse) as “asking to be mugged”,  but not okay to suggest dressing more appropriately may reduce the risk of unwanted attention or even assault? Putting it another way, if someone ‘has the right’ to dress how they want without criticism and fear, why does that not extend to being able to have items of value on one’s person in public?

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  9. Was paying £48.50/month after my previous 18 month contract (£30/month) had expired a while ago.

    Rang saying I wanted to cancel and got put through to ‘retentions’. Said I thought it was poor value for what I was getting (just the Entertainment package, box sets and HD), was too much money for my budget and that my current box locked up at least twice weekly and needed a power reset (true). Friendly Sky guy said they really wanted to keep me and immediately gave me ‘Diamond VIP’ status with a free film to download, free prize draws and instant customer service access (better than the 20 minute wait I had!). I remained unimpressed as ‘VIP’ status didn’t help my budget or my intermittently faulty Sky box.

    I kept refusing his offers of a new contract (£38.50, £34, £29) and I let him fill any silences. I was offered a 1 TB Q box but I knew that couldn’t give me TV in another room which I currently use via the RF out on my old Sky box. To replace that I’d need the 2 TB Sky Q with a multi-room box. Eventually I was offered the 2 TB Sky Q box, a multi room box, the Entertainment pack and HD for £24/month for 18 months (installation fee of £40).

    I have halved my monthly fee (a saving of £401) and upgraded to Sky Q with multi room. Definitely worth 40 minutes on the phone.

    5 week wait for installation though. Not sure whether to question and push this??


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  10. 4 out of 10 for first half. 6/10 for second half. Not good.

    Obviously not helped by the injuries before and then during the game but we were below acceptable in the first half. At least we have a manager that won’t hide from the issues.

    I thought we were better in the second half, so whatever Smith said at half time, it helped. Trying to find a positive here!

  11. 2 hours ago, A'Villan said:

    Urban dictionary is your friend. Slang term for something wonderful or great, used commonly in Melbourne.

    Struth, Ruth, that was a fair dinkum grouse feed, chuck some more shrimp on the barby (BBQ). Is the kind of bogan language you will find down under.

    The one word you chose to clarify was the most obvious! 😆

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  12. 32 minutes ago, ml1dch said:

    The risk is obviously how the drop in the Labour vote translates into seats.

    It's very easy to see dozens of seats that are say, 15,000 Labour, 12,000 Conservative and 3,000 Lib Dem suddenly becoming 9,000 Labour, 10,000 Conservative, 7,000 Lib Dem, 4,000 NF. Conservatives lose a sixth of their vote share and still gain. A lot of people are going to have to hold their nose, but there has never been a more important election to make sure that people are voting for whatever stops the Conservatives taking the seat.

    Hopefully the people actually voting are better at it than the people in charge are at organising it. 

    Couldn’t put it better myself. As I have no faith in your last sentence, your example figures are an illustration of what I fear will happen.

  13. 38 minutes ago, StefanAVFC said:

    My prediction is:

    Tories make some gains from their position now - around 305?

    Labour lose seats - 250

    Lib Dems make big gains - 35/40

    SNP roll Scotland - 50 

    Hung Parliament, nothing happens again

    Quite possible.

    My concern is that JC’s perceived lack of clarity over brexit, and his subsequent fall from his peak popularity in 2017, will cost Labour more seats than your prediction. In comparison to the above, 20 less seats for Labour, together with Lib Dem just missing out in 10 or so seats, could see a majority for BJ; I assume followed by a January Brexit.

    A lot will depend on how big the tactical vote is and if there is a significant difference between the amount of Tory and Labour votes that Brexit party take. I’m currently unconvinced it will be significant enough to be effective in lowering the current Conservative ‘majority’.

    If the current polls are to be believed it could be a difficult night. I’ll be driving and listening to the results come in between 4am and 6am on the morning after. Perfect timing for many key results but I’m unsure whether I’ll be shouting ‘Oh for fox sake!’ at too many near miss results or revelling in a shock result.

    Proportional representation would avoid the danger of persistent ‘near miss’ results and also mean my vote genuinely counts. Frustratingly for 30 of my 32 voting years, it hasn’t.


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