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  1. Crazy how espanyol went down. Raul de Tomas was very good as was Adrian embarba. Think he could be a good squad player tbh.
  2. Anyone know who’s our rep? Player?
  3. Best comment I’ve read on here in a long time
  4. Hiya mate, still massively into this and have made about 2k so far since July. Feel free to shoot over some questions in a message!
  5. I think the Watford players will have known about these tooth problems and targeted him. Definitely one of my favourite players at the club right now!
  6. While you're all banging on about Benteke we've signed Bowen, Benrahma, Piatek and Vida. Oh and Messi too but I guess you all think he's past his best
  7. I think a big hindrance for Thomas cook is that a large percentage of their bookings were made through their own shops. High street travel agents seem to be a dying breed. Also increased competition and not developing anything unique in their brand. That along with many other things I’m sure!
  8. Not looking promising mate got a few friends working for them, one meant to be flying out of brum tomorrow morning, he's not too hopeful he will be needed for work in the morning.
  9. This is my new tactic Run and pushing the right analog stick to knock the ball past them, nobody has a clue
  10. I must admit I've not done a rum tour here. But one in Barbados and one in Grenada. Prepare to be just given lots of rum if those two are anything to go by! I was once there on a sailing boat as crew, so most of the time was spent on maintenance with the boat. ended up being in the marina bar most nights which was fun from what I remember! Another time we were in Marigot bay, beautiful bay, but just spent most time by the pool in the hotel. Cant say much else for the things to do as its either been a very boaty type of trip or a chill the f out at the pool bar getting drunk all day kind of vibe! I am staying at a Royalton hotel in a few weeks though so ill let you know how that is!
  11. I'd have to agree, I started off with £200 in it and was seeing no rewards really apart from the odd pound here and there. I've put a lot more in now and the rewards aren't too bad. Better than it sitting in a savings account however I'm starting to doubt its longevity. All it takes is some lack of confidence in the platform and the big hitters (£100k+ invested) to bail out for it to fall apart really. Not putting anymore in until it seems stable. Other than that, I much prefer it to conventional betting and find this much more interesting and fun.
  12. Was the most exciting player from preseason IMO. Has carried that on into the league. Very impressed
  13. Signing of the summer. Gets better and better every game.
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