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  1. Lock the thread! Signed a new deal!
  2. How would one get onto a waiting list for one? Albeit I’m sure it’ll be 10,000 before me in the queue!
  3. Rodrygo is considered the much better all round player to Vinicius by many real fans and pundits. Hasn’t yet established himself but think he will surpass Vini. Would be happy with either be very surprised if we were able to mind you
  4. In a selfish way I hope this doesn’t happen, I bought 5000 shares at 4p in him on football index. Probably would’ve shot up by a quid if he moved to Europe, now that football index has gone bust it’s worthless
  5. I watched a lot of sociedad last season, spent some days in San Sebastián so had a bit of an affiliation to then! Boy odegaard is good! Won’t happen though, unless Lange can work his scandinavian magic
  6. Jacob Ramsey starts! Big chance for him. No Trez
  7. Yeah good point! My knee is worth about £1.50 so nobody cared less! Defo looked, when I saw the picture yesterday, like it could be serious
  8. First time I did my ACL I managed to walk home from the football pitch, the initial tear is excruciating and then you're able to put some weight on albeit still painful, then the week after it eases up
  9. This would be remarkable if we were able to get it done. Barcelona were in for him before his injury
  10. No Neil Taylor, no el ghazi, makes me happy, makes me feel this way
  11. Erick Pulgar potentially going to Leeds for a steal at £15m. If you believe the tittle tattle on Twitter. That’s an absolute steal and the CM we would need. Watched a lot of him this last year as I hold a lot of football index shares in him
  12. More importantly, where on earth is a deal like that!
  13. I have quite a varied port. But I watch a lot of European football so that helps haha! Trent is more expensive because of a few reasons, he tends to score higher PB than Robertson so therefore will tend to beat him to that. He has England potential for PB and is in the media more!
  14. Yeah man still on there. Port took a huge hit yesterday with this new system. However its turned it much more into a proper market and I'm still confident in the product!
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