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  1. Since German managers are doing quite good, how about Heiko Vogel, currently at Bayern Munich 2. Apperantly free by mutual consent after this season...
  2. Im feeling optimistic, if the rumours about RDM getting his preferred staff (Clark and the Muscles dude from Inter), i think they have all been given a reason too trust in the new owners plan for the furure. I think a big change is needed and a lot of things needs too be built from the ground up, so they definately have a lot of work to do.
  3. I think he might bring some much needed professianalism and the right kind of experience and work ethics to the squad. What kind of a player he is now we Just dont know but it looks like he wants to be a part of a solution.
  4. Milenko27

    New manager

    I would be happy with Bob Bradley, i dont think there is anyone bether available for the moment.
  5. We should get Bob Bradley in as manager, he is awesome at building teams from almost Nothing. He lost almost his whole Stabaek team before the season and had literally no budget to buy but is still in second place Just behind Rosenborg, he is the One to get the best from the players we have.
  6. I think he will fit us good in pair with Vlaar. His experience and style of play is to get stuck in and this will give Vlaar a chance to control the defence better. As long as Vlaar is fit, Senderos suits us better then Hangeland who would be too simular too Vlaar. This also propably will mean that we will have an experienced cb at hand for each game and not having to burden Baker and Clark with so much responsibility each game. CB often have their best years around 27-31 when they are experienced and know how too read the game and before they loose too much of speed and strength.
  7. Havent Real Madrid sold their stadium and then afterwards been gifted it back twice to loose some of their debt?
  8. I just really want us to compete again and to be exciting to watch. A flock of seagulls could own the club if they were capable of giving us a team to be proud of again.
  9. Apparently the owners have sold the chairs and let Defoe out of the hotelroom
  10. I thonk it is a long time plan/investment and if we get relegated we get relegated, long time plan is still on. I think the plan is to completely balance the books and build again from scratch. It is a big gamble and i think the most worrying is that if we do get relegated and have a great season in the championship, players doing well, then clubs in the premier league will come sniffing around and again our best players will be leaving and we are back to where we are now but in the championship. Theres no free lunch in the championship either, will be a long way back to the premier league...
  11. This transfer window will be very deciding for the future of the club. But exciting at the same time, if Lambert does not add experience and ability espescially in defence and midfield he has to be the ballsiest, calmest, baddest mother of all times... If the money is available ofcouse. Our team desperately needs a couple of leaders on the pitch, someone with a winning mentality who can lift them.
  12. Just finished my leukemia treatment, 1233 days of chemotherapy finished To those of you being at every game, keep up the good work supporting Stan, i get chills every time i watch a game on the telly and see you guys standinding up at the 19th minute.
  13. I am looking forward to see Westwood in action, if the things i have red about him is true then he might fit our team very well.
  14. Mistakes will always be made, and i think he is the kind of player that learns from his... Newcastles next attack and he was chasing like a pitbull He worked his ass off against Newcastle, great player to have in our team.

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